Last Year's Resolution

Last Year's Resolution


Imagine a knife fight between the Goo Goo Dolls and Taking Back Sunday being broken up by Ben Folds.


Last Year's Resolution began as an acoustic act in fall 2005 when founding members Nick Whitaker and Josh Davidson finally discovered a use for their passion in music. After playing only one show together, Josh and Nick caught the eyes of a phenomenal musician named Blake Jarman. Jarman made an offer they couldn't resist and henceforth developed an exploding chain of thoughts and ideas. LYR saw 8 months of energetic shows. After a split with former drummer, Alex Munson, they recently added Austyn King to be the backbone of their lineup. LYR has shared the stage with several well known artists including Halifax (drive thu records), June (victory records), So They Say (fearless records), The Classic Crime (tooth & nail records), Pensive, Falling for Yesterday and many others. Check out their debut album, There's Always Next Summer.



Written By: Nick Whitaker

Verse 1:
Am I dreaming of watching what I truly want ecape
My hands tied around this slowly spinning maze
I'm floating in a daze of nauseous freezing air
I'm breathing I know this but I'm feeling unaware

How long should I wait till you save me
How long till discontent overtakes me
Is it the shimmer that just simply takes me away

Verse 2:
Defining a haze in a mirror
Do I really want to know
What comes into being from here
Does anybody care
At least in this subtle moment I feel prepared
Best savor any light that's show cause will soon turn to dispair


From voiding emotions I wish to dispose of
From purposeless worry
Accomplishing nothing

Chorus (x2)


2006 Self produced album, "There's Always Next Summer"

"Shimmer" - featured on "Homegroan" Z104.5 The Edge

"No One's Holding You" - featured on "Homegroan" Z-104.5 the Edge.


"I give them two snaps!" - Amber (Z-104.5 The Edge)

"His (Whitaker's) voice has an honest quality to it, but he has enough range and clarity to keep it varied."
"Whitaker's band doesn't slouch either. Jarman's tuneful guitar playing at times sets himself apart from other players in his genre." - Matt Elliot (Tulsa World)

"I'll buy the cd if he comes with it." - Random Girl

Set List

Too Close For Comfort
High Infidelity
Obvious Season
A Breath That's Pure
Have Fun Cutting Hair
Grow Up
No One's Holding You
Keep Dreaming
You Win
Wasting Time
In The Name of...
Good Time For a Goodbye
Empty Smiles

one hour + set for headlining events. Song selection varies.