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La Sueede

Alnö, Västernorrland, Sweden | SELF

Alnö, Västernorrland, Sweden | SELF
Solo Rock Classic Rock


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I was born in northern Sweden and began with music in my young years.

I had a lot of ideas and a lot of creative thinking about music, but I could not focus on the music in that time. Due to existing environment, then skills and knowledge because for me during that time, it was more important with education and to fit into society and be like everyone else. By the way i had not gone through my journey either. So i had nothing to tell with my music writing...
I followed the structural behavior and acceptance of authority thinking, materialistic society, and fixed structures, and became quite good at it for a while. Especially when i combined my adventurous mind, curiosity, free spirit and body (today its equal to psychic diagnoses in children for those reasons) in connection with new experiences and challenges.
After a rather messy childhood, and teenage years, partly because of my wild mind.
I moved around to many places in Sweden through education, military service. Later education and work in Norway, Sweden and other European Countries. Also through my different work positions in different geographical areas and global areas and I became a part in the "growth" of the general globalization and digital globalization from early 90´s.
But, I did not know and was not able to know, and feel, who I really was and what my destiny and purpose was in this life. 
Who am I? What defines me?
I just thought I needed to get high external status (money) and fill my higher ego to gain power and recognition for my own ego's sake. 
I was still lost in myself and the connection to the rest of the world.
I felt depressed and lonely, even though I lived a "good life" with a wife and three children, nice house, according to the norm and how everyone else around me lived their lives.
Still, there was something missing in my life.
I felt so different in society's hierarchical thinking, materialistic structure. I had the music sometimes as a way to feel better, but always in a state where I believed i was creative, with alcohol.
After a series of, for me, life-changing events. The loss of my father who was my only mentor in my life and a new unprepared responsibility over my 2 newborn twin boys. As well as an Internet company that started as bankrupt after the Internet bubble in early 2000, the problems started gradually.

Later, after a total collapse with broken family in another country, alienation and detention. Almost everything was taken away from me. Somewhere to live, somewhere to stay, my kids, etc. I had to take life changing decisions that forced me to search for my true self.
Who am I? What is my purpose in this life?
What happens to my immense loss and love for my children? How can I move on?
How can i found genuine, real happiness ??? ???
In order to even be able to survive in this world...

I was forced, then guided from within, to start with a new life.
This life was / is an inner and outer journey based on more cultural understanding and new experiences and new knowledge, feelings, philosophical and spiritual thinking and then learning about addictions, human strength and weaknesses and open mind and freedom for fears. I also had a near dead experience through a fatal crash on a motorbike in South East asia and I was hospitalized during 4 weeks and then a long recovery period...
This is what I am trying to convey / communicate through my music and music writing, especially through the lyrics.
I also feel very dissatisfied with today's music conveyed to us through all possible channels. Everything is based on, is controlled by fixed structures and power and money. Where the ego reigns!
In my world, the music and the lyrics can be involved in creating "good" ideas, reflections, feelings, beliefs, etc ...

Anyway this is my very brief biography and history and why I started my new career as a free-thinking artist.

My music is inspired by many artists and genres. From Roy Orbison,The Beatles, John Lennon, Eagles, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, Billiy Joel, Queen, Journey, Def Leppard, Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, U2, Robbie Williams, Coldplay and many artists among them. My lyrics is inspired from my own experiences and from enlightened, awakened people from the past until today. From Buddha to Eckhart Tolle and mostly from Jesus and the bible.
Mostly Singer Songwriting, acoustic, rock, ballads and today indie and adult contemporary. I call it a melodramatic side with my music and thoughtfulness that creates reflections with my Lyrics...
I dedicate my inspiration to GOD, my incredible love and absence of my three wonderful children, and to my close family and loved ones.

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