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London, England, United Kingdom | SELF

London, England, United Kingdom | SELF
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"Tomorrows Warriors"

With two days ahead, there was something for everybody, but there was one band that provided something for everybody on their own, Electric River. Giving a punky edge to rock n roll, fuelled with passion and energy, Electric River gave a live performance to be remembered. The percussion element made for an interesting and thoroughly enjoyable set. However, a larger crowd would have heightened the intensity of the energy. Had Electric River been further up the bill, this would have been realised. But you win some and you lose some. - Jodie Shepherd

"Electric River Live Review - Islington Academy 2"

So picture the scene: The islington Academy on what is supposed to be a spring Friday evening and its absolutely bracingly cold outside on the stony pavements of London.The atmosphere inside the venue couldn't be more different: an absolutely packed crowd are huddled around the front of the stage screaming for a band that hasn't even appeared yet. When they do take to the stage, singer 'Sponge' informs us he just got stuck in a lift en-route to the stage...very spinal tap. But they all made it, and tonight's line-up is augmented by a full brass section and the latest edition to the band, a percussion player slash general stage party conductor. Electric River then proceed to tear through a blistering thirty minutes of blindingly good punk with ska and political overtones. The highlight of the set was undoubtedly 'Monsters Ball', made spectacular by gravel-flecked vocals and popping bass lines. I was constantly amazed by their relative youth (they're all twenty-ish) and the talent these five guys possess. The lead guitarist doubles as an occasional rapper - there isn't an ounce of wasted energy in this band. My favourite unsigned band around, though surely not for long?!... 5 out of 5
- Hazel Savage - Big Cheese

"Band to watch in 2011: Electric River"

"We just want to share our music with others that we know are feeling anxious about the shit they see ahead of them and around them."
"Music brought us together. We came together from different places. London, Kent and even Singapore! When this line-up formed six or seven years ago we were inseperable. It was our gang and we have grown up like brothers. To this day we are still very much like this and our experiences have helped us become a tight unit. The passion for what we do is why we still are a band.W
"It's an ecliptic mix of punk rock 'n' roll dance beat cannonball pop jamming and friendship-binding soul."
"It will be much of the above, an honest, hook deep, passion-fuelled effort from a common ground. There's a lot of shit going down that hasn't really been commented on by the bands and that to be honest is a shock. There is this massive call in a lot of music press for a band to come out who are accessible but reflect these crazy times we are living in. It is really surprising that the charts are full of sterile, soulless pop, none of which reflects the times we are living in. This may be escapism but really is gonna hit home soon."
"It's kind of old news but everyone knows that the face of the industry is changing all the time. With the internet's involvement everything is at light speed. Artists and bands are coming and going so rapidly it's like an out of control rollercoaster. It may be fast and convenient but it takes away all the feeling of being involved in something special. Let's face it, what is charting today will be forgotten tomorrow, replaced by another load of battery farmed pap." - Big Cheese

"Radio No Go Review 2"

UK quartet Electric River arent just the latest in a long line of bands claiming to be influenced by punk luminaries The Clash. They've got the gravely, throaty vocals, the urgent, incessant guitars and the pounding drums down to a tee on latest album Radio No Go!,whilst all the way keeping a strong sense of melody and an appreciation for a solid hook alive. It's an album full of ideas, dabbling in horn sections and almost pop-like harmonies inbetween snotty punk cuts and massive singalongs. It delivers clear nods to idols but remains satisfyingly diverse enough to keep songs like Rolling Past Your Guard and 3 Minute Warning sounding absolutely brilliant. There's an appreciation for the music they listened to growing up, but never does it come across as copycat pandering or tired pastiche, instead the raucous gang vocals on show here simply grab you by throat and pull you along on a ride through some truly excellent - and distinctly British - ska-punk cuts. It's slick, sharp and completely spot-on in every department, a thoroughly enjoyable album offering more than it's fair share of entertainment. The Clash, would indeed, be very proud. - Alex Nunn rock midgets

"Radio No Go Review"

Hailing from Kent this spirited quartet do The Clash and Rancid proud with their mix of gritty yet melodic punk rock and dose’s of reggae for good measure too. Their are plenty of bands doing this style at the moment but Electric River have the passion to go the distance and any hell cat loving punk needs to check these guys out now! - Big Cheese Magazine

"The Darwinian Flush Review"

The Darwinian Flush' is a 6 track EP from UK's south east lads Electric River. Released in 2009 the EP features 4 original tracks and 2 radio edits, which will no doubt comes in useful based on the quality of this recording. Opener, Dr. Nation is a ska-punk stomper with gritty determination that sets out their stall; angry young guys who are taking umbrage with injustice. The stand out track from the EP is undoubtedly Monster's ball, which with its full sound and full brass section is the most captivating track by a mile. The whole song is underpinned by the throaty vocals of singer Sponge who informs us the “countries going to the wall”. Amongst the punk standards the lads throw in twists of rap and supreme guitar shreds giving the whole EP a contemporary and party feel. It is easy to compare ER to greats like The Clash and Bad Manners, but there is also so much more to them. ~ Hazel Savage. Copyright (c) Shazam Entertainment Limited 2009. - Shazam website


Still working on that hot first release.



Decided to form a band one night when we were pissed in SOHO