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Brooklyn, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Brooklyn, NY | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Pop Synth




"“Take Me Away” feature"

"Congrats to our friends Pete and Severine on their debut single “Take Me Away”. Looking forward to hearing much more from LNC with their upcoming EP release." - Bearly A Sound

"“Take Me Away” track feature in “Need to Hear”"

"Bright, sparkling, sythn-pop track from Brooklyn-based duo Late Nite Cable. ‘Take Me Away’ is the duo’s debut single. Co-produced by Anthony “Rocky” Gallo who in the past has worked with Yeasayer, John Legend and Cat Power. ‘Take Me Away’ is taken from the duo’s upcoming self-titled debut EP, which is due for release September." - I Love Pie

"“Take Me Away” track feature"

Brooklyn-based synth-pop duo, Late Nite Cable, announce the release of their first single, “Take Me Away.” Listen HERE.

The track comes from Late Nite Cable’s upcoming EP, slated for release this September. The EP was co-produced by former Cutting Room chief engineer, Anthony “Rocky” Gallo, whose credentials include Yeasayer, John Legend and Cat Power. - Vents Magazine

"“Take Me Away” track feature"

"The chorus in this song is the electro-pop equivalent of the sun coming out from behind clouds after two days of rain." - Independent Clauses

"NYC's synth pop duo Late Nite Cable premieres 'All Nite Girl' from upcoming debut EP"

Pete Roessler and Severine Casati's recently debuted Late Nite Cable project crafts simple, manicured synth-pop songs for balmy summer nights. The New York based duo's first track "Take Me Away" is a blissfully mellow cut, sourcing 80s-era vocal melodies and 90s-era drum machines for a dreamy duet. Today, we premiere the band's newest effort, "All Nite Girl," a lead single to be featured on their forthcoming EP (set for release in September). The EP was co-produced by Anthony "Rocky" Gallo, who previously worked with Yeasayer, John Legend, and Cat Power. The production of "All Nite Girl" is more robust than previous single "Take Me Away," a soaring force of densely arranged melodies and rhythms, and the vocal hooks are tighter, stronger." - Angel Eugenio Fraden - The Deli Magazine

"HEAR: Late Nite Cable – “All Nite Girl”"

"Peter Cable Roessler and Severine Casati promised each other as young that when one formed a band, the other would be the first called. So it is with Late Nite Cable, a sparkling electro-pop song that is almost perfect (ok, it’s pretty damned perfect). I love the way the song starts slowly and then builds up to a beautiful ending, just like that meeting with that “All Nite Girl” or guy. This is a band that is already making waves in New York, with very good reasons. Expect to hear more from them in the future." - Audio Fuzz

"INTERVIEW: Synth-pop duo, Late Nite Cable"

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Pete: We’ve been great!

Severine: Great thanks! Enjoying summertime in South of France with my family and friends!

You have recently released a new single ¨All Night Girl¨ – can you talk to us more about it?

Pete: Hm. I guess a lot can be said about this song. For starters, the hook for “All Nite Girl” came to me during the winter of 2015 while drinking wine and being completely stuffed after a gigantic Japanese hibachi dinner that I had with Severine and our manager Carl – as a matter of fact, I am surprised I was even able to think since I was on the brink of a full-on food and wine coma. I was looking in the archives of some of the songs I had started within the past month or two that I had abandoned and could hear the hook in my head pretty much immediately. The song—or at least the riff ideas—had originally been written in an extremely ‘flowery’ manner. The verse riffs were in major and even though the bassline had hope, the song sounded a bit too much like the Carpenters or Peter, Paul and Mary trying to play Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” (if that makes any sense). When I played the hook for Sev and Carl (and I believe there is some really goofy video footage of me doing this somewhere haha), we all seemed to bob our heads to it. So, we ended up staying up all night until around 10am writing the song, switching the flowery major riffs to more introspective minor riffs, developing the motifs and writing the lyrics around the idea from the hook.

How was the recording and writing process?

Severine: We immediately loved the hook of “All Nite Girl” and believed it could be a catchy song, perfect for the summer. Plus, it was kind of different from other songs we had already written, which was even more exciting. I am always impressed by the way Pete writes songs, so fast with beautiful lyrics and amazing hooks so it’s nice to be able to bounce ideas back and forth.

As far as the recording process is concerned, we were very lucky to work with TJ (“Rocky”) Gallo. He gave this song the exact theme we were thinking of during the writing process; something a little darker and less happy than the other ones. It’s great to work with him as he often adds his personal touch and can bring to our songs new perspective, a fresh look. Sometimes it can be very experimental and I love that.

Pete: I didn’t know what to expect going into the studio with this tune. It was one of the first songs we recorded with Rocky and we didn’t know what his production style was like quite yet; however, after just one day in the studio, we were starting to see a dramatic lifting of each key part of the song. The chorus was exploding a lot more, the verses had more of a distinct groove to them, and all of the parts started to become clearer, not to mention that it was pretty key being able to add natural piano. Rocky’s producing skills are great so we were able to really amplify a lot of the important details of the songs and scrap the ones that weren’t as important in a matter of just a few days.

So it´s obvious you guys are all about fun and upbeat tracks but as we can hear on this new track and ¨Take Me Away,¨ the former is, say, darker than the latter – is this a big coincidence or does the mood change depending on the lyrics?

Pete: Good question. Yes, indeed we are all about writing tunes that are upbeat and have a ton of energy in them whether it be happy or on the darker side; however, I also sometimes enjoy using dark lyrics with happy music behind them and happy lyrics with dark music behind them. And, it’s not as arbitrary as I am making it sound for the reason that I believe that everyone has had to go through tough things in their life, but if they were tough enough to talk about, then you most likely grew from them, which is where the upbeat music comes from. On the flipside, everyone has had happy moments in their lives that haven’t always been great in the long run. I sometimes like to make the mood from the music conflict with the lyrics to create a more multi-dimensional view of what the story being told meant to me at the time—a bit of a strange paradox.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

Pete: “Take Me Away” was written mostly about being fed up with the life I was living at the time. It was late summer of 2014 and while I did enjoy my day job at times and some of the other daily activities such as playing sports, I felt as though I was going a bit insane not having a music career by this time in my life. I have been writing music non-stop since I was about 10 or 11 years old, so at one point I just cracked and wished that someone or something would extract me from the life I was living and push me in the direction of actually making something out of my music. It was mostly about the hardship that one feels regarding taking that first step into the life you innately know you should be living.

“All Nite Girl” is definitely a bit darker. While it leaves something to the imagination, I will say there was a lot of inspiration from some of the chaotic times that I have had in New York City and Buenos Aires staying up way too late, partying and making connections with people. I think the essence of it has to do a bit with the whole intoxicated cat-and-mouse game that people play which is also in there as well. However, I think the overarching and more metaphorical undertone that I was trying to hone in on was just putting in the effort into someone or something that you admire.

Severine: In general, the writing process always tends to start with a specific feeling or memory – maybe something I enjoyed or didn’t enjoy or something that triggered my emotions in some good or bad way. And the great part about writing is that many times these ideas lead to other topics which makes me sometimes write completely different songs than what I had in mind at first. It’s pretty interesting to me since it allows you to express things you had never thought about or never dared to talk about. I feel that this helped a lot with creating some of the verses for both “All Nite Girl” and “Take Me Away” especially.

Any plans to release a new album – how´s that coming along?

Severine: Yes, it will be an EP of 6 or 7 songs, mostly digital but we are also trying to have some vinyl copies of the album as well even if in limited supply. I love vinyl and think it is a beautiful jewel that should never die!

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

Severine: We have a few ideas for the title, but it’s still in discussion… As for the date, the EP should be released by the end of September 2015… so the countdown begins!

Will you guys keep playing with different styles or would you say the latest singles kind of sets the tone of this whole album?

Pete: We definitely play with different styles and moods for sure! I try to make each song a bit different than the next while still keeping with our specific sound. While some songs are upbeat, others darker, some more chill, and some super electronic and adrenaline-pumping, we like to keep a central theme so if you hear a song, you will know it’s us. I love to experiment with different styles, moods, keys and time signatures to keep the music fresh and different while still keeping with our own personal brand. I personally grew up listening to a ton of 80s and 90s music and have evolved as a musician since I was very young playing everything from rock to bluegrass and everything in between. I’m sure our synth pop or electro pop sound will evolve as well… hopefully in a good way!

Severine: Agreed, we definitely want our style to progress and evolve, as long as we always keep with our general “Late Nite Cable” flavor. Experimentation is the most exciting phase of the writing process for me so hopefully that will translate to playing a number of different styles. We try not to be so strict about what style we adopt as long as we can see ourselves actually listening to the tunes in our spare time on our own. That’s usually a good test to give new songs.

Any plans to hit the road?

Severine: We are planning to start performing during the fall and hope to hit the road as soon as possible. We want to share our music and our love for it with the world so we look forward to getting started.

Pete: I totally agree. In short, this fall we will be putting a large focus on promoting the album and continuing to build a fan base. One of the big issues with writing music that contains a hybrid of electronic and natural instrumentation is the live rig. We are, and will be, constantly experimenting with new setups along the way that can help us try to capture as much of the essence of the sounds involved in the album as well as bringing up the live band intensity. We plan on playing pretty captivating shows with an ever-developing rig so we will be looking for ways to make our live set as dynamic as possible.

What else is happening next in Late Nite Cable´s world?

Pete: I can definitely say we will be hitting the ground running with regard to putting out new music constantly throughout the next 10-12 months. We have been writing so rapidly that we almost have TOO much content to release this year so we will definitely have to make some choices to figure out what songs to release and which ones to put on hold or scrap. We will probably release another 6-7 song EP at some point during the spring of 2016 in addition to a few singles here and there between now and then. Throughout this process and after, we will be focusing our efforts on perfecting our live show and making it as sensory and fun as possible.

Severine: And, in addition to the studio recordings and live performances, we will be releasing a ton of video content this year since we are really eager to have people see who we are, get to know us and understand that we are a bit strange! - Vents Magazine


"“All Nite Girl” is the second single from synth-pop duo, Late Nite Cable. Here is what frontman, Pete, had to say about the track: “‘All Nite Girl’ is definitely a bit of a dark song – both lyrically and musically…While this song does not necessarily outline a specific night, the overall story talks a bit about being young and making a connection that felt amazing at the time just to realize that your paths sadly might not cross again; however, I think the song ends with “and you’re in my world” to give some hope…”
" - Audio Cred


"Brooklyn-based synth-pop duo, Late Nite Cable, have just released their new single, ‘All Nite Girl’. It’s a melodic track about meeting someone during a night out that you end up having a real connection with, but knowing that you’ll probably never see them again." - Indietronica

"Late Nite Cable on Hypemachine"

"All Nite Girl" and "Take Me Away" Featured - Hypemachine

"TML Playlist Vol. III"

Featured on Playlist - Too Much Love

"Late Nite Cable – All Nite Girl"

"This is like something from the Drive soundtrack, I absolutely love it. The chorus is so simple but those chord changes just sound so good, it’s proper good ear food. Late Nite Cable are from New York but they could so easily be from Paris, they’ve got that vibe about them. This track is just solid electro-pop, if that’s your thing, check it out." - Red Tele Music

"“All Nite Girl” featured in Week in Pop"

"Check out the late night/early morning odes to maidens that rule the evening time on Late Night Cable’s big time pop jam “All Nite Girl” from the duo’s upcoming debut EP produced by Anthony “Rocky” Gallo available in September. The sound of neon lit memories and memories yet to be made become lit up with the big power ballad styles that just go for the big dramatized delivery and closing." - Impose Magazine

"Late Nite Cable in Staff Picks"

LNC in Staff Picks - Fringe Music Fix

""All Nite Girl" Featured on popular YouTube Channel with 30k followers"

"Always a pleasure finding newer groups, especially the ones with a clear passion for their music, which is definitely felt in this late night, wind-in-your-hair, yet poolside summer tune from Late Nite Cable." - Onyx Music Channel

"“All Nite Girl” track premiere"

"Background - Late Nite Cable are new to the scene, but have been gaining some major grassroots traction in the blogosphere. There most recent single ""All Nite Girl"" was recently featured in Impose's Week In Pop as well as in Deli Mag.
Pete Roessler and Severine Casati are current Williamsburg NY natives with the prototypical millennial angst that comes in your 20s and 30s. The subject matter of their ""nightlife Passion Pit"" sound includes quitting that stuffy corporate job, getting out and coming home, and the vague romanticism of flings.
Well we are a little late to the party with this song, however it's a good introduction to Late Night Cable as their self-titled debut EP is scheduled for release in early October. It's a collection of high quality synth pop songs and the production is light enough, for both vocals and music to complement each other, rather than one dominate and suppress the other. If you like the single the EP is a must." - Beehive Candy

"PREMIERE: Late Nite Cable share stunning “Hideaway”"

"Brooklyn-based duo Late Nite Cable are set to release their self-titled EP on October 23rd. Today we’re excited to premiere the beautiful “Hideaway.” The track floats, glides, and swells will the skill of seasoned musicians. Elegant dual vocals from Pete Roessler and Severine Casati provide a certain depth and richness to the track." - GroundSounds

"“Hold You Back” track premiere"

"Late Nite Cable, aka Pete Roessler and Severine Casati, are premiering their brand new song, “Hold You Back,” exclusively with us today.
The track defines their genre, synth-pop, with an infectious beat and their soulful vocals, all of which blend beautifully.
Both artists live and breathe music, Roessler being a Berklee College of Music graduate and Casati having studied at a music conservatory for more than a decade.
The duo are expected to release an EP later this year, so be on the lookout!" - Popwrapped

""Hideaway" Featured on popular YouTube Channel with 30k followers"

"A new track from the duo, 'Hideaway' is upbeat synthpop and full of soaring melodies to start off the week with." - Onyx Music Channel

""Hideaway" Featured Music Blog"

"There is nothing quite like the sound of a good synthpop track and “Hideaway” by LATE NITE CABLE (Séverine Casate and Pete Roessler) is just that.  Listening to “Hideaway” takes me back in time to a place where the eighties new wave type of sound dominated my airwaves.  Transporting me into my own thoughts with methodical rhythms and feel good melodies that actually made me go someplace instinctively.  Through a sensational dual vocal performance by the seasoned sounding duo,  “Hideaway” pulls me towards thinking outside of the box and living life in a way that means something to me.  No matter how hard or how scary that might be.  Life is a journey full of choices but the fact remains that time waits for no one.  As the lyrics reassure, I have the power and the control to do whatever I want to do.  Why not choose a space that makes me feel the happiest! LATE NITE CABLE has the potential to make some waves soon with a new EP that is on the cusp of having mainstream appeal and is my TMH! Spotlight choice for October!  Enjoy!" - TMH! (Through My Headphones!)

""Hold You Back" Featured Music Blog"

"Guys, please release that EP you keep promising.  The new single by Late Nite Cable is the best synth-pop song I’ve heard since Cocteau Twins and Portishead were together. The musicians: Pete Roessler – songwriter/vocals/guitar/synth/keys/production; Severine Casati – vocals/songwriter/keys, combine to make a sound that is so amazing ethereal.  I’m serious; Late Nite Cable has released two singles.  We need to get that EP out so I can play it at my synth-pop parties (yes, I have parties, sometimes, at least in my head).  I just love Late Nite Cable.  What a great band." - Audio Fuzz

"Review of EP"

"The description synth pop for some reason always makes me cringe slightly in anticipation of some talentless noise and thumping electro beat so you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I realised that ‘Late Nite Cable’ actually don’t sound anything like that. Instead my first reaction on hearing the first notes of ‘What Are You Waiting For’ was a nostalgic feeling as I likened it to a tune from a film from the nineties. In fact the self titled EP has that kind of vibe right the way through and invokes a feeling of peacefulness. Whilst there is no track which particularly stands out over the others it has an easy listening quality and with both vocalists alternating the lead there is enough variation to hold your interest.Peter Cable Roessler has displayed a talent for music from a very early age picking up his first instrument at just 4 years old and over the years has developed upon this. There is little this guy cannot play! Peter’s partner in crime Severine Casati provides both lead and support vocals across the EP and has a naturally soft, soothing voice. ‘Remain In Silence’ is testament to this fact as the music itself is very upbeat and Severine brings a cheerfully cordial sentiment to it.Debut track ‘Take Me Away’ has a festival mood whereas ‘All Night Girl’ takes you back to a nightclub setting, but overall, this music could take you wherever you want to go." - Essentially Pop

"“Hold You Back” track premiere"

"Promising synth pop duo launches potential hit. The names Pete Roessler and Severine Casati may not ring a bell yet, but this is about to change. They form the synth pop duo Late Night Cable, based in Brooklyn and they are ready for the next step in their career with the release of the single ‘Hold You Back’. Both deliver vocals and they play piano, bass and synths as well. For their live shows they are joined by a drummer and a bassist. The band is currently preparing the release of an EP. No word yet on when it will come out exactly, but let’s hope it’s rather sooner than later as ‘Hold You Back’ sounds promising to say the least! Late Nite Cable’s sound is synth pop in its purest form. There are hints of 80s, we hear some influences by bands like the Pet Shop Boys and most of all were are blown away by the sharpness of the hooks. The ‘Hold You Back’ chorus is so infectious. The melody is big and the soaring vocals and synths put extra emphasis on the catchiness of it all. The production is light and radio friendly. If we all spread the word about this track we might even hear it on radio ourselves one day soon. Let me start this by making ‘Hold You Back’ Song of the Day at A Bit of Pop Music!" - A Bit of Pop

"Made Top 55 Song Chart"

#4 Slot - RadioFlag

""All Nite Girl" Track feature"

"We’re staying local and upbeat for this week’s New Music Monday. Williamsburg-based Pete Roessler and Severine Casati make up Late Nite Cable, the voice of jaded generation who may piss and moan but still know how to love and live as their 20’s creep into 30’s. “All Nite Girl” sounds like a late night walk home down Kent when the streets are clear and you’ve had a night so ridiculous and wonderful that you realize maybe everything’s not shit" - AudioFemme

"Interview feature"

"Late Nite Cable are a relatively young synthpop duo, with their self-titled debut EP out now, but Peter Roessler and Severine Casati have both been passionate about music for years. It was their love of music and their desire to pursue a new project that drew them together, too. With their EP out now and a music video for their track, "Late Nite Girl" coming soon, Late Nite Cable are a duo to keep an eye on." - The Prelude Press

"Interview feature"

"""The synthpop duo of Pete Roessler and Severine Casati, better known as Late Nite Cable, having been devising a foundation for a unique brand of electropop that pays homage to those sweet 80s electronic beats, while pulling the best of what the genre represents today. It’s more than electronic music to this twosome – they have successfully and wonderfully implemented natural instruments into their futuristic sound – music that’s as interesting as Roessler and Casati themselves! Pete has seemingly been everywhere in search of his path, working and living in Costa Rica and Argentina, along the way picking up two graduate business degrees. He even attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music, but eventually ended up in a corporate job back in NYC. It wasn’t long after this that Roessler realized he had to make a change, leaving his cushy gig to pursue his real passion – music. It was then he reached out to a friend he’d met before, Ms. Casati, a French vocalist born in New Jersey, raised in France, and even spent considerable time in Mexico (I told you this pair was interesting!). And while Late Nite Cable has been building up a musical catalog for years, it wasn’t until this past July that they finally released singles into the market.

Now the group has produced a self-titled debut EP, complete with the single, “All Nite Girl” – an album and tune we had to learn more about. Pete told us “A considerable amount of the inspiration for our new album came from my transition from corporate America to finding my music again and all of the changes I went through along the way…’All Nite Girl’ is definitely a bit of a darker song than most of the songs on the album. Fans can definitely expect a dark minor-sounding song with a syncopated bass groove with a storyline that might be reminiscent of a long night out on the town.” Click to to get into the “All Nite Girl” and more new tracks – the band will be releasing them regularly between now and next May. Before clicking away…keep reading. There’s still much, much more to get into in all the answers to the XXQs below.""" - Pens Eye View

"Radio Show Interview and Feature"

LNC on Radio Show - BlogTalkRadio

"Review and Feature ("What Are You Waiting For" and "Hideaway")"

With soothing, spacey instrumentals and poppy vocal melodies, Late Nite Cable’s self-titled EP is a timeless, fun to listen to release. Despite the fact that it is only six songs in length, the duo’s debut EP manages to both establish a trademark sound while also remaining versatile, from the dreamy opening track, “What Are You Waiting For” to the dancy, “Hold You Back.” “What Are You Waiting For” will serve as many listeners’ first impression of Late Nite Cable, and there couldn’t be a better opening track, with beautiful vocals and soft harmonies that make it float easily through your speakers. “Remain In Silence” follows “What Are You Waiting For,” with a brighter and more upbeat feeling, carried mainly by Severine Casati's stunning vocals, while bandmate Pete Roessler’s vocals carried the majority of the first track. The change in sound feels very natural, and right off the bat, it’s comforting to know that Late Nite Cable are capable of creating beautiful and catchy tracks regardless of who is singing the lead vocal melody. The echoey backing vocals supplemented by Roessler over Casati’s sweet and soft voice are the perfect addition to the song. Similar to the first track, “Hideaway” hosts some very beautiful and soothing instrumentals, but Late Nite Cable definitely pick up the pace a little bit on this track, giving it more of an anthemic feeling. The following song, “Hold You Back,” is a standout track simply because it feels quite a bit more tense in the instrumentals than the rest of the EP. This song is easily one of the more upbeat tracks on the EP, as it feels like more of a dance track than anything. While the vocals are definitely still a strong point, he complex instrumentals take the lead on this song. Then, “Take Me Away” comes along, and it feels just as the title would suggest - like a getaway.The only real downside on the EP comes in the very similar vocal patterns and soothing feeling to the instrumentals, which, while strong, makes the EP stay on nearly the same level for all six songs. While each song does have its own distinct sound, the dreaminess of the instrumentals doesn’t necessarily change or vary at all. The bright side of this, however, is a very solid sound from Late Nite Cable’s debut release. There is absolutely no questioning what this duo has set out to accomplish, and in that aspect, they have definitely succeeded. Closing out the EP is “All Nite Girl,” which is another upbeat dance track, leaving things on a high note, and keeping listeners interested for whatever comes next. Rating: 4/5 - The Prelude Press

"Ditching the Norm In Williamsburg with Late Nite Cable"

Both Pete and Severine have been lucky enough to call a number of places around the world home. Both Pete and Severine have also been lucky enough to have steady work in their lives, that is until they left the 9-5 hustle to do their thing together as Late Nite Cable.

For Severine, it was no big deal. Her parents said she was free to make her own decisions as soon as she had a diploma – and as long as she’s safe. It was a different story for Pete. When he first said adios to the day job, he remembers that people thought he wasn’t quite right in the head. In his words people thought he was “a bit lost and maybe a bit crazy.” That was then and now that Late Nite Cable has some music out and about, those once upon a time haters have now been converted into supporters.

It just goes to show that you don’t have to stay on the path everyone takes in life. It’s okay to stray away and do your own thing – as long as it’s safe. Right Severine’s parents? Now let’s get into more with Pete and Severine as they dish about Williamsburg, tasty treats and so much more.

Kendra: So Pete, what drew you to Costa Rica some years ago?

Pete: Funny enough, it was kind of a last minute decision. During the 2009 economic crisis, I just picked up and left NYC to travel and work internationally because there weren’t a ton of jobs in NYC floating around. After securing a job at a wine company in Mendoza, Argentina that started in September of 2009 (it was April of 2009 at this point), I decided to move to Costa Rica and take a course in teaching English and work for the wine companies importer for about 4 months. The four months I spent there were super fun and I met a few people that will be lifelong friends; however, by month 3, I’m pretty positive that my brain was starting to die from lack of stimulation due to partying and surfing, so I was actually pretty excited to enter my new chapter down at the winery in Argentina.

Kendra: Now both of you have spent time and lived in a number of places around the world, what make you guys settle on New York?

Severine: It had always been a dream since I was 10. I was born there, and even though my parents are French, I always had an inexpressible attraction to the US and especially New York. I always wanted to live and have my own experience there…and a few years later, I made it! ;)

Pete: Even though I have traveled quite a bit and lived in other countries, the New York City/Tri-State area has always been my home. I grew up in Connecticut and have spent a great deal of time in NYC throughout my life. In addition, my parents both worked in the city when they were my age, so it was the most logical place for me to go after college. Luckily, it is also the best city in the world…

Kendra: Now you’re both settled in Williamsburg. I’ve heard it’s a bit of a hipster hotspot. How does your synth pop do there?

Severine: No matter where we are whether we are in Williamsburg or elsewhere, I really think synth pop music can be appreciated by any kind of people. The synth pop scene is becoming more and more important. Plus, for a lot of people, it reminds them of the 80s…I have even shown our music to a ton of people in bars in areas that don’t seem like they would like synthpop, and they seemed to like it which is nice! Lately different bartenders that have I shown our music to were even so excited about it that they asked me if they could play it the whole night in their bar, which I obviously didn’t refuse…People in the bar even started to dance…which is obviously a good sign!

Kendra: They have to be loving it but if you had to compare your latest record to a late night snack, what would it be and why?

Pete: I would probably compare it to a diner-style disco fries….Because they are just a big mess of a party…and really, who actually eats disco fries unless you are hammered at a diner at 5am??? Not to say you have to only listen to our album at 5am to like it…

Severine: If I had to compare our latest record to a late night snack, I would compare it to Skittles candies…Born in the ‘80s and always loved by all kinds of people…With multiple colors and multiple flavors, just like our music!

Kendra: Where in New York could one find the best “Hideaway?”

Severine: I love so many places in New York that I could consider my own hideaway…
However if I had to choose one, it would be Red Hook. And certainly Sunny’s Bar…This is a great bar in Red Hook where they play bluegrass every night. The last time I was there, they were 20 people on stage playing different instruments! It really feels like you are in a different time, maybe 40 years earlier, with the atmosphere, the people there and the great music…Each time I go there, I get totally disconnected and it feels great…

Pete: For me, there is one restaurant/bar that I love…it’s a place called Ninth Ward in the East Village and it is a New Orleans-style bar that actually looks like an old ship inside. The food is great and the beer is amazing as well. Definitely a great “hideaway” for sure.

Kendra: In a day and age where dating apps are used more for hookups than relationships, do you think the idea of romance is dead?

Pete: I definitely don’t think that romance is dead. I just think that dating has evolved now because of all of the technology that is out there. While not all of us are writing love letters anymore, I definitely don’t think that dating sites have corrupted dating completely. People are just a bit clear about what kind of person they want to spend their time with now and get to really target their search. Obviously dating sites have made the whole process a bit more robotic but I think there might be some good in them as well, because you really get a lot of information from the get-go and don’t have many terribly negative surprises down the road (that you didn’t already know)! Most importantly, I think if you are a romantic, you will be one no matter what kind of technology is out there. No one can really take that sense from you if you have it innately.

Severine: Not at all! Romance can still exist, no matter what mode we use to find it! It is up to each of us to decide what we want with the people that we meet. It’s too easy to blame our electronic devices…

Kendra: A new record out, what do the cards hold for Late Nite Cable in the coming months?

Severine: Shows, music videos, love and fun!

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape for all the 20 and 30-something’s who are still full of angst, what songs would have to be on it?

“Bohemian Rhapsody” – Queens
“Another Brick in the Wall” – Pink Floyd
“What a Wonderful World” – Louis Armstrong
“Where Is My Mind” – Pixies
“New Born” – Muse
Let’s say a last one cause I love this song…my favorite one from the Beatles, “A Day in Life.”

Pete: Being that you didn’t specify what time period theses 20s and 30s lived in, here are some from a few different decades!
Blind Melon – “Tones of Home”
Germany Germany – “Run”
Fleetwood Mac – “Everywhere”
Chromeo – “Old 45’s”
The Smiths – “How Soon Is Now?” - GoldenMixtape

"Baeble First Play: The Kaleidoscopic Pop Of Late Nite Cable"

When was the last time you were out at the bar or the club or a party, and you met somebody so perfect and clicked with them so intensely that it wasn't until the next morning that you realized you'd never asked how you could get back in touch with them? It sucks. It's not a huge problem in the social media age, but sometimes you're so caught up in the moment (and possibly intoxicated; let's be honest) that you forget about the logical steps. And in their gorgeous video for "All Nite Girl," Brooklyn alt-poppers Late Nite Cable craft a fantastical spin on that youthful tale. We're stoked to have the official premiere of the video for "All Nite Girl." The video itself is a kaleidoscopic, swirling array of images, focusing on the half-remembered evening before and the quest to find the lost romance the next day. But it's the track itself that will keep you coming back for more with its mix of M83 synth pop and honest to god soul. Check the track out below so you can say you knew Late Nite Cable before their inevitable rise. - Baeble Music

""Hold You Back" Featured Music Blog"

Brooklyn-based synth-pop duo, Late Nite Cable, announce the release of their new single, “Hold You Back,” from their upcoming debut EP. Late Nite Cable is comprised of Pete Roessler and Severine Casati. Roessler, a Connecticut native and Berklee College of Music graduate, sings and plays piano, synthesizer, guitar and bass in the group. Casati, who was born in New Jersey and raised in France, studied classical music and jazz for 12 years at a music conservatory and now serves as co-vocalist for the group. The band’s forthcoming EP was co-produced by former Cutting Room chief engineer, Anthony “Rocky” Gallo, whose credentials include Yeasayer, John Legend and Cat Power. - NerdyFrames

"EP Feature"

Music & Other Drugs has the perfect music to start your week off right. Brooklyn and Connecticut based synthpop duo, Late Nite Cable released their self-titled EP and it is pure perfection. Late Nite Cable is six tracks packed with anthemic sounds and dreamy vibes that will take you to another place. The duo is comprised of Pete Roessler and Severine Casati. The EP is their debut effort, but we are sure this is only the beginning for Late Nite Cable. Check out their self-titled EP below. - Music and Other Drugs

"Interview Feature"

Interview - A Beer with the Band


1. What Are You Waiting For
2. Remain in Silence
3. Hideaway
4. Hold You Back
5. Take Me Away
6. All Nite Girl

Bonus Track:

7. Grow On Me



Originally from Fairfield, Connecticut USA, Peter Cable Roessler grew up with a strong interest in music starting at age four playing the viola and then upright bass as he entered elementary school. By the age of ten, “Pete” had already developed a keen ear for pop and rock music of the 80s and 90s as he graduated to guitar, bass, drums, piano and writing original music.

After graduating from Berklee College of Music, Pete took time off to live, study and work in Costa Rica and Argentina for 3 years and then earned two graduate business degrees. After subsequently living and working in New York City, Pete became eager once again to devote all of his energies to writing music, a passion that had been working its way to the surface for many years. having traveled extensively throughout the US, Latin America, western and eastern Europe and the far east, he was able to gather musical influences from a number of different cultures.

In 2011, Pete met French singer Séverine Casati who was also battling with the day-to-day monotony of a full-time job rather than fulfilling her love of music. Pete remembered promising Séverine that if, one day, he formally embarked on a music career, she would be the first person he would call to sing in his band. As chance would have it, three years later she indeed was the first person he contacted with regard to his new music project – Late Nite Cable.

Séverine Casati, who was born in Westfield, NJ, moved with her family back to France at the age of five. She was raised near Versailles, a suburb of Paris, where she began singing and expressing her love for music at the age of seven when she started piano lessons. Seduced by african-american music, Séverine’s first inspiration was Louis Armstrong. She studied classical music and jazz for 12 years in a conservatory of music where she also performed as a soloist beginning at age 10. her influences are Portishead, The Cranberries, Radiohead, Muse, Nina Simone, Ben Harper, Jeff Buckley, Sting, Dido, Sixto Rodriguez, Amy Winehouse and Eddie Vedder.

After living in Mexico and Montreal where she continued singing in a number of folk and pop bands, Séverine finally settled down in New York City in 2011, which had been her dream venue since she was very young.

As the founding members of Late Nite Cable, Pete and Séverine, along with their live band, plan to make a big splash in the synth pop and electronic pop market. Equipped with an EP that was released in October 2015 and with a few additional singles to be released soon thereafter, they plan to continue releasing a significant amount of content throughout the rest of 2015 and 2016.

Band Members