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"Pure Rock"

Reviewed by Georgia Moncrief
Late Arrival’s sound is pure rock ‘n roll. It’s fresh and exciting. Their music takes me back to the fun times in high school…let the party begin!

- GoGirls Music

"Eugene Foley Says:"

Eugene Foley says "I give this band a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I don't usually give bands more than 3 stars. - Foley Entertainment

"Dueling CD Reviews"

If anyone knows anything about Rock & Roll it's this group! - Joey Champagne

""I'm excited about this band""

I'm excited about this band. These guys are living life. I dig the count on the starting of "All-E-All" it reminds me of The Count on Sesame Street. Late Arrival really ROCKS - The Nooge (Westsidewill Radio) - The Nooge - Westsidewill Radio

"Their Own Sound"

This band has it's own sound. Reminiscent of old school Rock-n-Roll. - Gabor Kleinbloesem - Strutterzine

"Cool Tunes!"

Late Arrival has a old school rock feel. It's nice to see ROCK again!! It goes to show you ROCK doesn't need all that fancy crap to sound good and move you!!! - Brian - KAJ

"Late Arrival"

There are some really interesting riffs throughout Late Arrivals music. I really enjoyed some of the guitar work in each of their songs. Not flashy, just straight forward good performance and playing. However, I wasn’t really impressed with the vocals. Personally, I feel if this band had a better vocalist they would sound pretty cool. But, who am I to say, I wasn’t a big fan of George Thorogood’s vocals either. Vocals tend to be a personal preference thing anyway.
Made up of Jeff Dunham - vocals, guitar, Tom Dunham - drums, vocals, and Zella Lavender - bass, vocals, Late Arrival, in a way, flashed me back to earlier days when rock-n-roll consisted of some decent, yet simple, progressions, a good feel and really clean playing. A time before mistakes and inability to play well were covered up in distortion and effects. This band plays pretty clean which shows they are good musicians. Nothing outrageous but enjoyable to listen to; I think it makes really decent party music. The band is worth a listen.

Originally from Santa Fe, N.M. they are now based in Anaheim, CA. and they have been around for a little while. They have 2 albums out, “Kick Things Over" and "Freeks" with a 3rd on its way. Just for the fact they’ve been together for several years proves they have commitment and stamina. The band considers their material to have an “all ages” sound and appeal. I can see this actually; with the good ‘ole clean, straight forward rock-n-roll coupled with a bit of a party feel, I can see this band capturing some fans through the generation gaps.
- Northeast In-Tune Magazine


Kick Things Over (12 Song CD)
Freeks (12 Song CD)
Machine 12 Song CD) ** New Album **



Late Arrival's style crosses over different levels of what we know to be "ROCK & ROLL. This bands music will make you want to get up and SHOUT! The advantage this band has is been in developing tight rhythms that will make you want to party and forget about your day. Late Arrival's appreciates the styles of AC/DC, Tom Petty, Credence Clearwater Rival, Green Day and Ted Nugent. Late Arrival has three rockin albums out. The 1st album “Kick Things Over”, "Freeks" followed by “Machine”. All three album consist of 12 rockin tracks each that you will want to have in your CD player. The third album “Machine” has just been released and is our most exciting music to date. Writing and performing, Late Arrival has a long past and has developed a rockin sound and style. With solid drum beats the picking style of the guitar and thumping bass to the kick, make for a full three piece rock sound. With the high energy show, the songs and sounds appeal to all ages. We’re all about having fun & rockin. Always keeping ROCK alive!

Formed: Santa Fe, NM
Currently: Traveling the USA

CD/Title: Machine 2007
Freeks 2002
Kick Things Over 1997

Audience/Format: All ages, songs ideal for all types of venues, good mix with other styles of bands

World wide sales via, CD &
Tower Records
Official Web page
Selected to perform at the Orange International Street Fair
Air play on Poor Man’s Radio Show in Southern California
Good reviews by several European publications
Self produced concert at Sweeny Center and the Armory of the Arts in Santa Fe, NM
Performed for the Santa Fe, NM School for the Deaf
2nd place at Colorado Belle’s 2005 Battle of the Bands in Laughlin, NV
Producing & financing 3 high end music CD’s
Drove 18 wheelers for the 1991 leg of Guns ‘N’ Roses tour
Radio play on Westsidewill Radio in Chicago
Keeping Late Arrival current and growing stronger

All members hold current passports
Over 150 original songs in our current library
Hard workers and a professional attitude