Late Arrivals Club

Late Arrivals Club


If Tom Waits and Paul Simon wrote songs about space travel...


Late Arrivals Club was formed in 2006 by Nick Herrmann and Ollie Lang. Shortly after, they decided to hone their sound and widen their musical horizons by busking around Eastern Europe and The Balkans, using two old guitars they bought in a Prague pawn shop. When they returned to England after a year, they began to play shows in their hometown of Reading, and their university town of Norwich. They have just finished recording a live folk EP 'Unsung', and are constantly, constantly writing. Over the years, Late Arrivals Club has gradually evolved into what it says on the tin - a 'club', with Nick Herrmann and Ollie Lang occasionally recruiting honorary members. Electro DJ David Powell helped in the conception of 'My Rocketship' by dusting off his old Korg synth, and the multi-talented Mike Garrett is currently playing live with them, throwing his accordion, guitar, harmonica and falsetto harmonies into the mix.


Man Overboard (7 Track Demo)
Unsung (Live EP)