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"New cafe music (review of Another View)"

This is the debut album of LateBloomer, who makes music in the crossing point between jazz and electronica, and it works pretty good.

Despite of being an album debutant, LateBloomer has been working for a long time in the business, an experience that shows in clear sound, catchy beats and an immensely well produced album for a first timer. It is also impressing that he keeps it going for over an hour without being boring. This has a lot to do with him varying a lot within the genre, which makes this album not only for electronic jazz-fanatics. Others will also clutch him to their chests.

Mari Hult - Hugin

"Jazz in many colors (Review of View EP)"

View contains a bundle of pleasant jazz-tunes wrapped in smooth electronica, sexy beats and floating vocals. The songs are quite different and each one actually represent their own little genre within the straight part of jazz. We meet a lot of groove and odd electronic phenomenons in Tell Me A Story, while the opening song Dreaming (I’ve been waiting for you) is a light and jolly addition about longing, but happily enough of the type that gives hope. Several of the contributions on this EP contains fragments that can remind of the somewhat raw jazz-electronica we know from Portishead, while it still contains the pop-charm of The Notwist. The latter gives this record a silky smooth and easily digestible but distinctive stamp in the sense that the songs hit the listener well without having to use energy to like the result. Because liking the songs you do automatically. And if the volume is turned up close to maximum, you can actually have quite an intense dance night.


Torkel Haugødegård - Panorama


Another View - debut album released 2007 on Glamfish
We Are All One - single 2007 dedicated to Humanity lots of radio airplay in Norway
Use Love (Wash away hate) - single 2006 lots of radio airplay in Norway
Another View - album released in Korea 2007 on Feel Music
We Are All One/We Are All One - Spiritual compilation album released by Humanitys Team 2007
Kampen Grooves/We Are All One - German lounge compilation on Elbsilber records 2006
Northern Faction 3/The First Time - Canadian lounge compilation on Balanced records 2006
Bar Tunes/We Are All One - German lounge compilation on Chin Chin records 2005
View - ep released 2005 on Glamfish



LateBloomer (a.k.a. Harald Sandø) has injected heart and soul into the most chill of Nordic scenes.

Combining jazz, electronica and chill-out with a refreshing touch of naïve, plaintive vocals, LateBloomer’s music has been called beat-based pop, pop-based jazz – and even jazz-based beats! Whatever you call it, LateBloomer’s musical explorations have just the right mix of hip sophistication, surprising (yet sing-able) melodies and lyrics that give hope for a world weary of jaded artists more interested in the bottom line than the bass line.

“My music and lyrics are inspired by everything: The smallest things in the universe to the biggest things in life,” says LateBloomer. “I thought it was time to put it all out there.”

With the release of Another View, his debut album, LateBloomer gathered together some of the Nordic scene’s best sounds and beatsters, and has graced the project with his name. The album has some serious surprises: A great, jazz-based rhythm section on some tracks and grooves that would be right at home on any dancefloor on others. “Give Love” is a re-mixer’s wet dream, and LateBloomer’s sensitive yet hip cover of “Round Midnight” breathes new life into the Monk classic. Not your average choice for your average artist. But LateBloomer is anything but average.

A composer, multi instrumentalist, singer and producer, LateBloomer also runs his own production company and label, called Glamfish Productions. He’s been making his own way musically since the age of four, when his musical explorations led him to use everything from his mum’s egg slicer (a perfect little harp, as far as he was concerned!) to furniture and different kitchen utensils as drums and percussion. His parents were relieved when he discovered the big black thing in the living room that sounded really nice (what you and I would call a piano). At age 12 he got his first drumset.... and soon after he started making songs on his father’s old acoustic guitar.

By the tender age of 13 he founded his first band, which led to gigs, recordings and an eventual evolution into computer recording simply by following his musical heart. He educated himself in music, ending up with a Master’s degree in music (specializing in jazz vocals) from the University of Oslo (Norway). Since then, LateBloomer has been doing a lot of writing, recording and performing, including producing and releasing the band Legotrip’s first album, and now his debut album on his own label, Glamfish.