Late for the Sky

Late for the Sky


The sound is ‘Modern Classic’. Old school hard rock influences & overtones combined with a contemporary angular sound. Introspective lyrics & edgy guitar playing help songs build & decay with great dynamics. With rock radio cuts throughout, several standouts pose potential mainstream crossover.


'200 shows a year, every year' is how singer D2e (pronounced Double E) used to respond when asked by friends and family the conventional question "What have you been up to?" Late for the Sky is a reinvention of sorts, of the former DIY act 'RUMBLE Syndicate'. RUMBLE Syndicate was a touring staple on the east coast for many years before disbanding in 2002.
D2e elaborates: "We all rented a run-down house right in the city. We would rehearse in the basement during the week and tour on weekends. When we were back home to play locally we would have huge after parties at the band house. Our landlord was a drug dealer who was apparently under investigation. One night our house was raided by State Police the night before we were leaving for four days to do dates in New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania. We came home with no place to live AND no jam room!" With their rigid self-imposed touring schedule, futile label showcases, botched management deals and increasing legal fees, the implosion of the band RUMBLE Syndicate was eminent. In 2004 D2e was in pre-preproduction for a 3 song demo and recruited former bandmate Skunk to track guitars. After a few sessions the 2 began a songwriting stint that lasted 6 months. Wes Sanford, a former Mike Mangini (Steve Vai, Extreme) drum protegé was added to the fold shortly after. Estranged Bass player Gutterboy completed the lineup in 2005.
'The primary goal of this band is to take everything we learned from touring and pair it with great radio-worthy songwriting' elaborates D2e; 'Songs that translate to radio and an album that holds it's own through every track. The energy and live element were very important to us going in.'
The band wrote and rehearsed for a year then road tested the material for a few months before going in to record the new album. Very uncharacteristic of their typical 'record in between tour dates' approach of the past.
Entering the studio with acclaimed producer Anthony J. Resta, (Collective Soul, Duran Duran, Megadeth, Nuno, Satellite Party) the album was completed in October of 2006.
The result is an 11 song appeasement for Rock music fans in general. Some elements harken back to Van Halen, Ozzy or even U2, while industry insiders granted advance listens have drawn parallels to contemporary oufits such as Staind and Audioslave.
A music video was shot in November 2006 for the lead-off single "Letting Go". Directed by Paul Concemi (Seether, Killswitch Engage, Ben Folds Five, Gnarls Barkley) the video was shot in a box factory in Marlboro, MA. The shoot features cutaway vignettes of employees working on the actual machines for the concept footage. Look for the video on the bands official website as well as many other video hosting sights.
The band is currently booked by Boston, MA. based Beossin Booking and seeking management. See or for all tour dates.


Letting Go

Written By: D2E

You always said, I’m going nowhere
I’m so glad, to finally be there
Looking back seems overrated
When the time has all been wasted

Everything is white now
When the snow, it falls so hard
Someone make this right now
When letting go the truth keeps holding on

In your eyes, the good was tainted
Deep inside it’s so frustrating
Thoughts and images magnify these fears
I won’t buy into this awful lie

Everything is white now
I’ve been blinded for so long
Someone make this right now
When letting go the truth keeps holding on

Sometimes it’s hard, to make amends
With thoughts that fill your head
All of my feelings have been repressed
from bathing in regret
I’d rather take another step
than bathe in your regret

Everything is white now
When the snow, just falls so hard
Someone make this right now
I’m letting go but you keep holding on

The Only

Written By: D2E

All of us have failed, and kept our thoughts within
when loneliness blends in just like the ink under your skin
and now all that I want is an end to all this pain
or to find someone out there who sometimes feels the same

Has anybody felt like this before?
If anyone has been this way, just like the way I am today

(It feels like)
We are the only people who’ve been kept down
We know what it’s like to hide when you die inside
A thousand times

When choices feel like friends I’m bending at both ends
Happiness, I’d fight for it and sacrifice those plans
But everything I fought for has beat me in the end
It’s hard to find a saving grace when nothing here makes sense

Has anyone been hurt like this before?
To everyone confused just like this, I need to know you still existed

We are the only people who’ve been kept down
We know what it’s like to hide it when you have died inside
One thousand times

We are the only people who’ve been kept – down
We know what it’s like to hide it when you have died inside
…a thousand times


In Plain Sight - Pseudo Records (2006)
Streams & Downloads available @

Set List

Standard set is 45 minutes, consisting of songs from the new album 'In Plain Sight'. Current Live Set List includes:
01 Letting Go
02 Divided
03 Dogs
04 Delusional
05 Loser Friendly
06 Fields of Stone
07 Someone Said Something
08 The Only
09 So Far...So Wrong
10 Get Born
11 Late for the Sky
12 Antidose
Headlining shows within our homebase region can run up to 70 minutes if justified. A cover song may be added to the end of the set on these shows as a 'Thank You' to the fanbase.