Late Hit

Late Hit


Late Hit is what happens when 4 experienced, talented musicians get together and sort of work hard. The triumphant vocals are easy to pick out. The stylish guitar sticks in your head. The bass lines are simply tasteful. When you add the amazing drummer, you get Late Hit.


Late Hit consists of a variety of musicians who love many forms of music. Formed in October of 2005, Late Hit wants to see how much they can accomplish in their first year.

Vocalist Matt has been singing ever since he can remember. Since he was in Kindergarten, Matt has been involved in at least 2 musical groups at any given time in his life right up until this day. Matt has many many influences that range from Tool to Switchfoot. After being named first chair in the All-State jazz band on trumpet, making the All-State jazz choir, getting into the All-State concert choir, being first chair in Regional honor band, plus the many music awards he received from his school (this is all during his senior year of high school) he decided to study music in college. He is currently a sophomore Music Education major at Colorado State University with Voice as his instrument.

Guitarist Justin Berry has been playing guitar for 10 years with private instruction along the way. He has strived to "stick out" in today's modern rock scene, and in doing so, has contributed to the creative sound of Late Hit. Justin developed his distinct sound by performing in bands as early as freshman year of high school. After winning many awards throughout jazz band, he decided it was time to move on to bigger and better things. Thus, Late Hit. This kid lives for guitar. In fact, he is pursuing a degree in music performance/education with a concentration in guitar at Colorado State University.

Bassist Rob is a music education and music performance major at Colorado State University as well, pursuing the cello and tuba. His first instrument was piano which he studied in elementary school. After learning the fundamentals of music, he began to study cello. The cello has taken Rob from his elementary studies to the well known Colorado Springs Youth Symphony during high school. With the CSYSA, he has toured in Colorado, Spain, New Zealand, and in Australia topping off the tour with a performance at the Sydney Opera House. He is a well accomplished tubist winning a number of awards in high school as well as scholarships in college. Initially trained in Jazz Bass, he has played with a number of bands around the state. He is now an active bassist in Fort Collins playing with CSU Jazz bands as well as other projects.

Ikaika, or Ika as he is informally known, is a music performance major at Colorado State University pursuing percussion of all forms. Ika is an in demand musician in Fort Collins, teaching private lessons at a local studio and playing with many groups at many venues. Ika performed on the CSU drumline for two years. He is currently the drummer for the Carousel Dinner Theatre, plays for the New Heights church, as well as being hired to drum for local big bands. Ika can eat more than any other person in Colorado.



Written By: Late Hit

somehow I got off
where I should have got on
one last push, I'll try to push on

I'll keep doing that
which I always do best
but I'll probably still finish
with the rest

I know it hurts
to remember
that one time
when in september

when things went so well
that no one could ever tell
that next september
would hurt to remember
flowing in from places
where I can see
where we use to be
talk is so cheap
Oh its so cheap

you ya know
ya said to me
that we
we would always be
now I know
that talk is cheap
cause you are just a memory

I try not to believe what I hear
from myself, through your ears
you believe whatever you're told
from yourself, it's growing old

To Make Me

Written By: Late Hit

when did you get here
what means did you use
I see you brought him
what a great way to lose

I see that this
is going well right now
but right now is different
you'll need to find
some new equipment

to make me want you back
you'll go and hold his hand
if I'm going to want you back
you'll need to change
I'm not that man

I don't feel threatened
since now it's over
you sure moved fast
to find another

I see that you
are overconfident
but you should know
I'm far away
yes i'm indifferent


Late Hit is currently recording their first album at 303 recording studios in Denver with three songs completed.

Set List

The set list for Late Hit varies between time constraints.
Song List:

Cold Whether
Come With Me
Let's Fight
Girl Stop Blues
To Make Me
Going Crazy For Free
Slow End
Everlong - Foo Fighters
What I Got - Sublime
Free Fallin - Tom Petty
46 and 2 - Tool

We have played sets that range from 15 minutes to an hour long. We throw in solos on each instrument that take about 2 to 3 minutes each.