Late July

Late July

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Quirky accessible pop for loners and lovers.


Born on an official hang over day. A spicy pisces. Does not eat fish (or other animals). Spent a good portion of her childhood in So-Cal. Considers herself bi-coastal. Feels most at home eating around knives. Initially got into music to be a death metal shredder. Failed. Bought a telecaster. Got happy.

Can swear with accuracy in Sicilian. Involved in a treadmill accident. Obsessed with weather and the planet Jupiter. Is in it to 'win it'. Considers herself a competitive musical expeditionist. Likes it when people spit out their drink in surprise. Prefers used vinyls.

Got kicked out of school for wearing black socks. Considers herself a sociable loner. Rarely has other people appear in photos with her. Has no shadow. Despite contrary reports, her favorite month is October.


Side Swept (EP) - 2010
**TBD (LP) - 2011

Set List

Literary Kings
Binary Hearts
A Well Kept Secret
Side Swept
Good Behavior
What The Hell
Hospital Quiet
Forgive Her
What's Left