Lately Lucid?

Lately Lucid?

 Cape Coral, Florida, USA

LAtely Lucid? is the latest stage in evolution in what we like to call Trip-Rock rhythm & soul. With a fusion of rock, jazz blues and electronica, we have placed very few limitations on our creative output. We are one beating heart.. one sound.. and all sound.


Lately Lucid is a brand new original band based in Southwest Florida. Our goal is to express ourselves through creative and emotional song crafing as well as delivering an inspirational experience of sight, sound and atmosphere in our performance. Our sound draws upon a vastly diverse pool of classic and modern music. Everything from Jazz to techno may find its way into a song.


Flying in the Space Between

Written By: Andrew Costantino

angels in the clouds above us. giants on the earth below. flying in the space between. where we'll land i do not know. the life we had we've left behind us. searching for a brave new world. trusting in the stars that guide us. the wind beneath our wings has carried us home. flying higher to the sun we go. trusting in the stars to guide us home. Blue eyes for the seas surrounding. dark skies are all closing in. flying in the space between, the clouds of rain all tumbling. when all seems lost we'll fly together with visions of the land again. trusting in the sould that guides us. spirit willing and spirit will carry us home.

Set List

1. The Oracle
2. Waves
3. On a Winter Night
4. Dream of Light
5. Mental Melody
6. Flying in the Space Between
7. Hold On
8. Dazed and Confused(cover)