Denver, Colorado, USA

Furious old-school punk, fearlessly political and raucously clever to smash traditions and the establishment.


Students of punk's birth in the late '70s, Mark and Geo first played in a hardcore act called The Entrails, from '81 - '83. Life's distractions separated the musicians and their music until '04, when the two unrepentant punk holdouts joined forces in Denver. This time, they created Latemodel, a fire-breathing trio (joined by the masterful stick-slinger, Zach) bent on jamming the truth, in all its ugly horror, down society’s tender throat. Latemodel rocks loud, fast and musically, taking a Dead Kennedys’ type wit and fusing it with a Proletariat’s type outrage to make people who hear it move. Latemodel does not fuck around with what the market wants to hear. Latemodel animates what won’t die: passion, humanity, truth and beauty; all in a roaring, rocking, raging package guaranteed to piss off uptight assholes everywhere.


To Hell with the Future

Written By: Latemodel

If you get in my way, I’m gonna run you down
I gotta lot to do; I’m sniffing like a hound
I’m working really, really hard; I’m getting lots of money
Can’t talk about my civic duty or my country

(chorus 1)
I’m doing this for my kids
From life’s unfairness they must be hid
I’ll make ‘em safe if it’s the last thing I do
The system works, it’s all I know is true

Politic’s a cycle nothing’s really wrong
Don’t care they lie to me cause we’re all safe and strong
If I can close this deal, my kids are set for life
That’s all I care about, and you can ask my wife

(chorus 2)
My kids’ future’s nearly guaranteed
I’ll make sure they always have what they need
I’m taking care of my own
I’m carving out a happy little home

I was born and raised to trust our land; I know my country’s number one
If you don’t wanna work and live the way that I do, you don’t deserve safe and healthy children

Even if there’s some kind of trouble ahead
Nothing’s gonna hurt a hair on my family’s head
I’m getting all the money that we’ll ever need
It’s for my wife and kids, I don’t believe in greed!

(chorus 3)
My retirement’s getting near
I’m working hard so I have nothing to fear
Another million dollars or so
And the whole world’s my own little show

'sgotta Hurt

Written By: Latemodel

‘sgotta hurt

If my eyes are wide open or tightly closed—
When I’m unconscious or awake, there’s something I always know:
Whatever’s come before me and whatever’s left to pass,
I know the world’s a lawnmower and my ass is grass.

How do ya even know you’re a human being?
How ya know you’re living on Earth?
It’s easy to tell when you’re home is in hell;
Oh god and sonny jeez ‘sgotta hurt

Well if you’re in pain it means that you’re still sane
And the world’s runnin’ on ya like a fuckin’ freight train
Everywhere you look you see the books got cooked
And the people that you love pretend they got no brain

Shut yer mouth and look – see what’s going on –
everybody look at how the shit’s gone wrong

The only one to need clean air ain’t I
The truck you drive will make your children die
You blindly follow Christ to pay the price and prove you’re nice
Your fortunes go to the top one - half percentile

Shut yer mouth and look – see what’s going on –
everybody look at how the shit’s gone wrong

You think the pain’s self-inflicted ‘cause I care
That I deserve to be homeless ‘cause I share
You say you got the right to pick a fight to prove yer might
And that when someone hits you back it just ain’t fair


Tha pain is from your hatred and bad will
No difference ‘tween the stupid and evil
You say you got the right to pick a fight to prove yer might
And then you’d swear you never were responsible


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Latemodel currently has not released its music for sale.

Set List

9 Original songs, for a set of 35 - 40 minutes. No covers. Song list:
How Many Dead, To Hell with the Future, Hideaway, Finding Mine, Last of Our Kind, Am I, Fuck Faith, 'sgotta Hurt and Drowning Mitch.