Late Night Confession

Late Night Confession


Fast, poppy, melodic punk with catchy songs and a lot of energy


What do you get when you cross an emo kid, a pop-punk kid, a dirty street kid and a hardcore kid? You get Toronto Ontario’s Late Night Confession. These 4 kids aged 17-21, blend an energetic, melodic mix of Pop-punk emo and a little hardcore into nicely heart shaped package for your listening pleasure. What keeps Late Night Confession fresh is the diversity not only in music taste but also in age. When four very unique individuals come together and combine their musical input it puts forth something fucking crazy. Just ask the Aurora kids from “905”.

The band consists of Ryan Hasebe’s crunchy powerful guitar parts and high noted Tom Delonge-esque vocals, Harrison Luong’s melodic liberated lead Guitar parts and perfect canary like vocals, Robbie Hasebe on the “Mattie Freeman what the hell am I doing in a pop punk band” style bass lines and Gary Rosen pounding the drums like if he was Travis Barkers bald assed uncle. What each of these boys brings to the table would usually end in a catastrophe, but in this case it hasn’t which is why something special is definitely on the rise. Late Night Confessions influnces vary from old school punk bands like The Clash , Operation Ivy and Minor Threat to hardcore such as Madball and Hatebreed and you can’t forget NFG and the Starting line. As you can see the band draws influence from many different bands. The band sounds mainly like a mix of New Found Glory, The Staring Line and Kid Dynamite. If you are into any of these bands or don’t mind listening to the poppier side of punk rock Late Night Confession might just be up your alley and if not they need a place to stay that alley looks good.


5 Song EP - "Should Have Stayed in Bed"

Set List

Various Set Lists
7 songs - 12 Songs
25 mins-45 mins sets.
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