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Hull, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

Hull, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock




"Late Night Fiction - Exposure Piece"

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Late Night Fiction would be campfire-friendly soft rock, but we get the impression that these hull boys don't do soft. Instead, the quartet pack their songs with melody; stabby, angular melody of which Biffy would be proud. They scream like angsty cattle being prodded and swoon like Twin Atlantic's lives depended on it - long story short, we love it. And their new EP "Polar" is a quid, which makes it the only thing worth buying for a quid. LM - Rocksound Magazine

"Late Night Fiction - Polar 7/10"

This well-paced EP channels the corpses of Hell Is For Heroes and Yourcodenameis:milo and makes them dance like it’s 2004. Closer Relax Please best showcases their taut musicality, built as it is around a smasher of a riff punctuated by expansive and achingly melodic lulls, while Phill Morris’s vocal veers fluidly from Million Dead-era Frank Turner to a cleaner baritone reminiscent of Liberty 37's Ishmael Lewis. Sucioperro’s recent facelift suggests Late Night Fiction may yet have to adopt a more direct brand of aggression to assert their relevance to today’s scene, but this collection more than proves they’ve got the chops.

FOR FANS OF: Hell Is For Heroes, Yourcodenameis:milo, In Case Of Fire

(this review was originally published in rock sound magazine issue 164 Summer 2012) - Rocksound Magazine

"Late Night Fiction"

Hull's post-hardcore act Late Night Fiction exist to rock various houses, basements, venues and (potentially) stadiums, around the country. Yeah, yeah, we know, Hull's not exactly a mecca for musical talent (or at least, in recent years it hasn't been considered as such) but things are beginning to change with the emergence of this foursome.

Having received airplay from Zane Lowe at Radio1, and released a slew of singles and worked hard to promote their new video for 'Dialectics' last year, LNF are set to (like indie rockers The Neat, and errr, pop powerhouse The Beautiful South before them), promote the idea that East Yorkshire has a thriving scene that is simply bursting with talent ready to be discovered and nurtured.

Having already supported a number of nationally celebrated rock bands including Grammatics and Twin Atlantic in major gigging cities like York, Sheffield and Leeds, things are looking very good for the band (who are currently recording in Glasgow) and they are set to début at major festivals and headline their own tours in 2012. This is hard, fast and loud stuff, and there's no doubt that you will find something to enjoy here.

For more information visit the official Late Night Fiction Facebook:


- Tim Osbourne - Rarebit Music

"Late Night Fiction"

Words: Tom Willmott

Despite having been in existence for three years, Late Night Fiction sound like a pleasant breath of fresh air. The Hull quartet’s only minute claim to fame was getting some air time from Zane Lowe after their city was documented as part of a Radio One event. But upon hearing this five track EP, they deserve much better.

Judging from the opening track “Black Watch”, it is easy to detect their influence from experimental post-hardcore acts such as Thrice and Circa Survive, and by the time you get to the sublime “Exits (Persued By A Bear)”, it’s clear they are leagues above many of the new acts arriving on the scene. And that statement is reserved after that mammoth sized closer “Relax Please”, containing seven minutes of capturing what can be so powerful about this particular genre.
It is baffling whenever you see undeserving acts make a breakthrough, and in this climate it could be worrying how long Late Night Fiction will be able to get noticed. Therefore, it would be only beneficial if just some brief exposure was thrown their way, because this truly is a band your ears deserve attention to. - Noise Addiction

"Late Night Fiction - Live Review"

Late Night Fiction are here to launch their Polar EP as part of their UK tour. Their recordings are so tight and polished, that I didn’t think they could pull it off live. Their sound is completely original, with continuous highs and lows, pace changes and Ying/Yang vocals. They came onto the stage, plugged straight in and broke straight into their set. I was in awe. Phill Morris seemed reserved and controlled, until I saw his feet. Bouncing on his toes throughout the whole performance and joining in with James Thompson’s frantic guitar flinging. His voice stretched from one extreme to the other and leading the band, he pulled each track to a tight and precise finish. Each song they played grew technically; definitely recommended for fans of Biffy and Sikth, or anyone! People need to hear these guys to believe it. - Alternative Barnsley


When Zane Lowe has played your music on his primetime radio show on a mainstream radio station listened to by the tens of thousands, you know that you must be doing something right. So what can be expected of Late Night Fiction’s latest EP, Polar?

The answer, in short, is quite a lot. Late Night Fiction could easily be a band that get lost among the hundreds upon thousands of post-hardcore bands that seem to have sprung up out of nowhere in recent years, but Polar will easily propel the band to dizzying heights. As they open with Black Watch, it’s almost like hearing the future of Britain’s rock scene unfold – bands like Late Night Fiction are the future and they know it. Exits, Pursued By A Bear demonstrates the band’s more melodic side and shows the raw emotion that Late Night Fiction have. While Smashy “Smashy Beast” Beast lacks vocals, it boasts extreme musical talent which is something that the band can’t be faulted for.

Dialectics contains power without the need to be aggressive but it’sraw intensity still shines through and sets up for the epic closer that is Relax Please. Doing the complete opposite by not relaxing, the climactic ending takes all the best parts from the EP, mixes them together and creates a perfect song. As Polar finishes, it certainly feels like Late Night Fiction are only going to get better and with the release of their album Ethics this coming autumn this won’t be the last time you hear of Late Night Fiction.

Polar closes the chapter on Late Night Fiction’s first few years as a band but Ethics will create a whole new, longer chapter and it’s sure to be the most exciting in their career yet.

For fans of: Deaf Havana.

Polar will be released on July 2nd via Grey Man Records. - Rock Reviews 24/7

"Late Night Fiction 9/10"

Late Night Fiction are a Hull based post-hardcore band that combine infectious melodies, intriguing time changes and full on brutality to create a stunning sound that has already appealed to the likes of the BBC, who featured the band as part of their ongoing Introducing.. campaign, whilst Zane Lowe recently featured recent single, Exits.

The quartet first formed back in 2007 by lead singer Phil Morris and guitarist James Thompson as an acoustic based looping duo, the twosome added to their number with the addition of ex-Alison Angus drummer Josh Meredith and bassist Reece Britton in 2009 to fulfill an ambition to create a heavier more dense sound. Since then the band have honed their sound and released their debut single Horsefight (performed on the aforementioned Introducing program), whilst this year has seen the group perform alongside the likes of Twin Atlantic, Sucioperro and Dinosaur Pile-Up among others.

Polar is the band’s debut EP on their own label, Grey Man Records and should further cement the foursomes reputation as one of the must hear band’s in the genre, the opening track, Black Watch is a stunning statement of intent, intricate math rock guitars collide and clash with molten riffs and frantic drums whilst frontman Phil Morris manoeuvre’s between a melodic croon and ferocious roar. The dynamic track twists and turns though the band manage to retain full focus, delivering an engaging and contagious sound.

Polar continues in the same rich vein, Smashy “Smashy Beast” Beast is an intriguingly named off-kilter slab of post rock instrumentation, Dialectics see’s the band on a more melodic post hardcore trip complete with refrained riffs and a wonderful rich, powerful and clean vocal, whilst the band still manage to weave a few changes into the mix. The EP’s closing number, Relax Please, is something of an epic, showcasing everything that Late Night Fiction are all about, layers of spiralling guitar, compliment driving beats and yet another incredible vocal delivery bringing the EP to a stunning crescendo.

If you’re a fan of intelligent rock with balls out post hardcore tendancies in the style of early Biffy Clyro, Hundred Reasons or Hell Is For Heroes you’ll love Late Night Fiction, they have that same passion and dedication as the aforementioned bands but manage to have a sound all of their own.

Polar comes out in July with full length album Ethics out later on in the year.
Rhythm & Booze Rating 9 - Rhythm & Booze

"Late Night Fiction"

BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe can be a pandering, fawning DJ sometimes, especially with the artists he personally loves, but, it has to be said that when it comes to having an ear for a tune he takes some beating. Therefore it is with massive respect to Hull's Post Hardcore lovers Late Night Fiction that their track 'Exits', lifted from their 2nd EP Polar got an airing on Zane's show a couple of months ago.

The Hull, East Yorkshire four piece (Phill Morris: Vocals/Guitar. Reece Britton: Bass/Vocals. James Thompson: Guitar/Vocals. Nat Lawson: Drums/Vocals) have been growing and growing in rock stature over the last few years since their birth. They have gigged with the likes of Sucioperro, Twin Atlantic, the Xcerts, Dinosaur Pile Up, Flood of Red, run, WALK! and Grammatics amongst others. Impressive indeed.

Second EP Polar sees the lads offer up 5 tracks of melody stuffed, scream crammed, gun-shot drumming infused post hardcore gorgeousness!

Not only is it that, but, it is also available from bandcamp for the measly sum of 1 British Pound (although you won't be that stingy when buying will you, you will be putting at least another 2 quid on top of that won't you, WON'T YOU!, I should think so too). You lucky people can also peruse said EP, taking in these melodic stylings first without parting with your hard earned cash.

So, Late Night Fiction, one to watch? Most definitely. One to put your money on? Damn right! - AltSounds

"Polar - 8.5/10"

Polar is the most recent out bust by Hull based melodic post-hardcore act Late Night Fiction. Five tracks of intense early Biffy Clyro influenced alternative rock at its finest.
Following the success of two BBC introducing sessions and various shows with highly established acts proves that Late Night Fiction are onto something here. Songs such as closing track “Relax Please” could easily be an anthem for a new generation that is sang through out university basements and bars at the top of every punters lungs.
This is alternative hardcore but with a listenable feel that could be pumped out on main stream radio during the working day. It has enough angst to fit in with the attitude of today’s disenchanted youth but the musicality to sink into the heads of any music lover of any age.
With this beautiful EP to be released over the summer along with a full length album at the end of 2012 the guys in Late Night Fiction are a safe bet for greater things. If you like alternative rock, with hooks and angst then this is for you. 8.5/10
Chris Storey - With Guitars

"Late Night Fiction - Polar"

Polar the new EP from UK melodic post hardcore band Late Night Fiction is one of those slow burners which needs a little extra time to unveil and expose its excellence. From receiving an initial appreciative nod without truly understanding its intent the release evolves into a stirring and perpetually intriguing gem. To be honest it never quite manages to ignite any ferocious or lingering fires within but is without doubt one of the more interesting and appetising releases of the genre and UK rock in general this year.
Late Night Fiction formed in 2007 as an acoustic duo of vocalist guitarist Phill Morris and guitarist James Thompson. Their need and desire for a heavier sound led to the addition in 2009 of bassist Reece Britton and ex-Alison Angus drummer Josh Meredith. Drawing on influences like Biffy Clyro, Yourcodenameis:milo, Hell is for Heroes and Brand New, the Hull based quartet released their debut EP Hands & Numbers the same year to strong responses. Shows with the likes of Grammatics and the Xcerts followed as well as sessions for BBC Introducing and their first single Horsefight. Since then the band has gone from strength to strength with this year alone already seeing the band playing alongside Twin Atlantic, , Dinosaur Pile Up, Flood of Red, run, WALK!, and Sucioperro. It has also seen Nat Lawson taking over with the sticks though Meredith is the man building the impressive song frameworks on the EP.
Released on their own Grey Man Records, Polar does not take too long into first song Black Watch to show thatbeneath the aggressive and high charged melodic scorching the band is not interested in merely making tidy, unassuming, and predictable music. This ensures songs which are at times volatile and insistently dynamic but also adventurous and continually surprising. The opener alone marks the songwriting as thoughtful yet unafraid to venture beyond its expected borders, something refreshing certainly in a genre which seemingly is veering towards wearing predictability as a uniform. The song ruptures the air with its first notes through striking and hungry guitars alongside openly earnest clean and shouting vocals. As the track surges with twisting switches from thrashing almost venomous intent to restrained melodic elegance which has its seeds in the acoustic intricacies from the roots of the band, it is a refreshing journey which leaps and gently strolls alternatively and persistently across the senses. It does not get the blood surging through veins and the heart running fast but it certainly has one engrossed and grinning with delight.
The outstanding Exits, Pursued By A Bear steps into view next upon delicious atmospheric guitar weaves, their gait warming the air even with the exposure of coarse vocal grimaces within the otherwise smooth emotive delivery. As the song spreads its arms the bass of Britton virtually swaggers within the brewing ambience generated whilst Meredith leaves one on the verge of punch drunk with his powerful jabbing beats. Another exercise in musical adventure punctuated with explosions of incendiary energy and burning melodic intrusions, the song is a masterful piece leaving one deeply satisfied and with a desperate need to dive right back in to its heart to discover more of its textures and veiled invention.
The excellent and expressive instrumental Smashy “Smashy Beast” Beast is just the band laying out their musical ability and vision to wonderful effect, the dramatic and highly tensioned heart of the song much more than a mere interlude between the other tracks.
Dialetics and Relax Please complete the line-up of songs to equal and impressive success. The first is more restrained than the other tracks but has a rawness to rile up emotions just as effectively adding further variation and imagination to the songwriting whilst the latter is a seven minute encapsulation of what the band is about, its presence an inciteful and compulsive exploration of their limits. Though arguably the least accessible song it has the most depth and imaginative canvas for thoughts and emotions to play with on the EP. It also has a melodic hook at times which shouts out Altered Images, but do not let that put you off.
Polar is an exceptional release which just requires some fuller attention before it truly shows its qualities. The rewards though are very satisfying and with the album Ethics scheduled for late 2012, Late Night Fiction is a band to watch very carefully. - Ringmaster Review

"Late Night Fiction - Polar"

Late Night Fiction are a post-hardcore quartet based in Hull. Opening track ‘Black Watch’ is a ball of raucous energy that is often missing from music these days. Heavily influenced by the likes of Biffy Clyro and Brand New this band combines their influences with their own vibe to create their own original sound that I loved.

Full of snappy and jagged riffs and driving and pounding drums combined with melodic yet powerful vocals this is a corker of an album and one that would be even better live. Their ability to move from the loud sound that they do so well to a more quieter and reserved melody is impressive. I’m going to stop gushing now before I embarrass myself. Go listen.

Becci Crowther - Vanguard Online

"Polar Review"

It is an interesting time for melodic-hardcore. After a spike in popularity in the late 00’s, the genre, in its purest form, seems to have slipped off the radar somewhat. Biffy Clyro ditched their sprawling, unpredictable sound of earlier releases in search of a wider audience, and others, like Yourcodenameis:milo, disbanded.
Late Night Fiction are a welcome trip to the near-past, in this respect. The quartet, based in Hull, cite influences such as Brand New, and Hell is for Heroes – something which is certainly evident in the music. Opening track, Black Watch, boasts killer riffs reminiscent of Biffy’s debut album, Blackened Sky, with unique enough vocals to set them apart from other mere copycat artists. Although the vocals will inevitably be a source of derision for some, as has often been the case with melodic-hardcore, they will undoubtedly find their fanbase amongst those already accustomed to the conventions of the genre. Basically, whilst not revolutionary, the vocals work. Know what to expect, and you’ll be fine.
The music itself does most of the talking, though. Quiet/loud dynamics are deployed throughout the EP, and time signatures and toyed with regularly. Stand out track, Smashy ‘Smashy Beast’ Beast, brings all of these features together to create a progressive, melodic epic. It is free of vocals, and for this reason, sounds almost uncannily like the experimenting of early-Biffy in their studio. However, this is no bad thing. Blackened Sky is a brilliant album with a sound that many fans pray for the band to revisit one day, so this is definitely no cause for concern.
And, speaking of epics, the closing track, ‘Relax Please’, certainly ticks all the boxes. At seven-minutes in length, it displays the vocalist at his most experimental, singing with restraint initially, before exploding into screams towards the conclusion. This one also recalls a sound from the past, in this case, of early-Funeral For A Friend, which again, is no bad thing.
Late Night Fiction unashamedly embrace their influences on Polar, but to their credit, still manage to create something that sounds wholly fresh. It might not be the most original listen of the year, but it is a welcome flashback to a recent past that many, this writer included, will embrace with open arms. - Vulture Hound

"Polar Review 4/5"


The second EP from this 'post hardcore' quartet from Hull kicks off with the aural barrage of 'Black Watch', which is perhaps the best impression of US-shout masters 30 Seconds To Mars I've heard this year.

Boasting a fantastic range in song titles, if you're a devotee of the likes of Biffy Clyro, Hell Is For Heroes and Yourcodenameis:milo, you'd do well to check this lot out.

It won't be for everyone, and to some it may just smack a little too much of the sort of thing you'd hear on an advert for Kerrang! magazine, but I'm happy to report that 'Smashy 'Smashy Beast' Beast' is perhaps the best song on this 5-track collection. An instrumental, it could be the backing track for some sporting montages by the end of the Olympic Games.

'Relax Please' ends the EP in epic sense, running as it does for over seven minutes. Does it really need to be this long? No, but hell, it's a beautiful noise.
Reviewed by Pete Muscutt - Music Muso

"Late Night Fiction - Polar - 4/5"

Late Night Fiction are a melodic post-hardcore quartet based in Hull, East Yorkshire, England. Formed in 2007 by lead singer Phill Morris and guitarist James Thompson as an acoustic duo, ambitions for a heavier sound have drummer Nat Lawson and bassist Reece Britton join the lineup.
Drawing their influences from the sounds of early Biffy Clyro, Yourcodenameis:milo, Hell is for Heroes and Brand New, Late Night Fiction share a passion for intelligent, dynamic and engaging rock music.
It comes as no surprise to witness that their EP ‘Polar’ is exactly what you’d expect from a band with influences, as experimental-rock as they are. The record is excitement packed into 25 minutes, which contains a dangerous amount of riffs, high-tensions screams and some nice melodies just to sooth your weary ears here and there.
The easiest way of picturing their record is imagine Pulled Apart By Horses with added testosterone. Obviously that may be a little hard to envision, as the Leeds rockers are already incredibly powerful, but picture PABH’s heavier, darker, self-titled record than their latest chart success of ‘V.E.N.O.M’.
One thing is certain; if you don’t enjoy the heavy motions of ‘Black Watch’ (EP opener) then don’t cast the rest of the record aside. The band managed to muster a magnificent amount of tracks that will help you cross similarities to the likes of Maybeshewill, 65daysofstatic and God Is An Astronaut.
Late Night Fiction consists of four gentlemen that are prepared to excite, stimulate and enthuse their way into your record collection; a place where they rightfully belong. - Media Essentials

"Late Night Fiction - Polar"

There's nothing like a band that just get straight on with it, and 'Black Watch', the opener on Late Night Fiction's 'Polar' EP, kicks into life with brilliant brute force. If you had to pigeonhole them, the probably fall into that brand of post-hardcore that followed Hundred Reasons and Hell Is For Heroes in the early 21st century, switching between crashes and screams and more melodic sections. There's a clear indication towards a (for want of a better phrase) 'poppier' side here, and the influence of the likes of Biffy Clyro is definitely present. The vocal delivery that opens 'Exits, Pursued By A Bear' is fantastic, and there's a lot to be said for a band who can switch between heavy and gentle sections of both music and vocals quite so smoothly. Instrumental 'Smashy 'Smashy Beast' Beast' might fall slightly short of the grandeur it's aiming for, but the Grammatics/Xcerts-esque 'Dialetics' more than makes up for it. 7-minute closer 'Relax Please' sums 'Polar' up excellently; Late Night Fiction may not be breaking any unturned ground, but they have produced a hugely confident piece of work here.
- Shout 4 Music

"Ideal Introduction 10/13"

The evolution of Hull four piece Late Night Fiction has been quiet eventful. Starting out life as an acoustic looping duo in 2007, it was with ambitions of a heavier sound that the band's current line up and sound took shape, finally coming to resemble the Late Night Fiction of now in 2009. With one EP already to their name, the post-hardcore rockers are back with a little taster of things to come when their full length album, Ethics is released later this year, in the form of Polar a five track EP that works well as an introduction to the band and perfectly lays the foundation for Ethics to build upon.

Wielding snappy, jagged riffs that jut and stutter only to be sliced opened by a barrage of singing and screams, Black Watch gets things underway in a true post-hardcore way. All the trademarks of the genre are there but far from being a paint by numbers copy of music already released, Black Watch takes on a life of its own, happy to scream aggressively at you one minute before retreating into a slice of silent bliss the next; things are certainly far from predictable in Late Night Fiction's world. Pursued By A Bear meanwhile takes the time to gently seep into your consciousness, a steady wave of beats and guitars that are happy to both be at the forefront as they are to take a back seat to Phill Morris' vocals whilst Relax Please finds the band throwing everything behind the track, a hunk of hook riddled rock pummels, bruises and soothes all in little over 7 minutes. Hard hitting yet not afraid to shy away from the passion filled softness, Polar sets the scene for Late Night Fiction and should see the band finding quite a few new fans ahead of their album release in the autumn. - Room Thirteen

"Polar - Review"

Phill Morris: Vocals/Guitar
Reece Britton: Bass/Vocals
James Thompson: Guitar/Vocals
Nat Lawson: Drums/Vocals
With quotes such as:
"Sweet-and-sour-core" - Jim Henson
"Absolutely sick as ***" - Fred Dibnah
"Disgustingly good" - David Cameron P.M.
and a description like this:
Around two years ago, four MEN were chased by four separate packs of wild dogs, all from different locations. These were completely unrelated events, and dogs. By chance, however, said four MEN converged upon the same destination. This being Hessle Foreshore. After meeting and joining forces, said MEN proceeded to tame the rabid BEASTS. For a time they could be seen smashing instruments whilst riding DOG-BACK. Hessle Foreshore-CORE was born. These days, they can be found smashing stringed dogs whilst riding GUITAR-BACK. Post-Hessle Foreshore-CORE was born. This is how they roll.

It's hard to ignore "Melodic Post Hardcore" Hull Quartet "Late Night Fiction", although since genres are getting narrower all the time, we may well use Post-Hessle Foreshore Core. Polar is the second EP to be released by the band, and it's a bit of a stormer. I'm not a huge fan of melodic post hardcore, but there's enough here to spark my dinosaur music like interest. I'm afraid it's always the vocal stylings that test my limits the most, so if you're familiar with this type of music then it won't be a problem. Forewarned and all that!
Don't judge the whole EP by the first track, "Black Watch" because as good as it is, it's a little harder hitting then the remaining four tracks. It's a pretty energetic affair with competing vocal lines, one melodic, one extremely shouty and a solid guitar riff. This genre of music may deserve the critical observation of it being formulaic, "Late Night Fiction" are anything but, and what would initially seem like a run of the mill track, "Black Watch" transcends well beyond that, twisting and turning unexpectedly.
"Exits, Persuaded By A Bear" was something of a shock when it first started, and is perhaps more of an indication of the bands roots. "Black Watch" seems to be a decent track that's expected, whereas "Exits, Persuaded By A Bear" appears to be more the type of song the band sat down and asked themselves what they wanted to do musically. Lovely layered guitar riffs, it gives a great insight in to what they're capable of. Is it a fluke? Absolutely not.
"Smashy 'Smashy Beast' Beast" (no that isn't a typo!) confirms that this light hearted band actually have pretty serious musical intentions. Given that, as I've said, I'm not a fan of this genres vocal style, it's understandable that I enjoyed the third track the most. I love the use of the harmonics, the switching between nice ambient guitars to hard distortion, the nice lead guitar line and the machine gun ricocheting delivery of the drums. Terrific! Dialetics continues the moody guitars, and for a moment I swear that Morris is delivering the lines in an almost Lily Allen style, but it works. Final track, "Relax Please" will allow you to do anything but. It's quite a slow build up, but it's certainly ominous, and when you least expect it, nice ambient guitar work again. All in all "Polar" is probably set to break a few peoples minds with it's daring experimentation, well worth a listen. - The Jitty

"Late Night Fiction"

Late Night Fiction are a melodic post-hardcore quartet based in Hull and since their formation in 2007 by lead singer Phill Morris and guitarist James Thompson, originally performing as an acoustic looping duo, their ambitions grew to establish a heavier sound that saw the introduction of drummer Josh Meredith and bassist Reece Britton in mid 2009, drawing their influences from Biffy Clyro, Yourcodenameis:milo and Brand New.

LNF bounce in rather energetically with 'Black Watch' showing of all those aforementioned influences but with enough originality thankfully on show too. Some really clever intelligent arrangements on the Zane Lowe approved and playlisted single 'Exits, Pursued By A Bear' lifts this band well outta the musical mire where a high-ish percentage of "new" bands currently reside and hang out. 'Smashy "Smashy Beast" Beast' is an instrumental piece that dynamically builds up, structured around an impressive drum performance all wrapped inside the beautifully crafted production of Bruce Rintoul. The tune leads straight into 'Dialectics', another passionate, well written track, before closing the album on a musical high with 'Relax Please' with all its expected time changes working a treat and so perfectly executed amidst the powerful and melodic vocal delivery of Morris.

With a full length album, 'Ethics', due Autumn/Winter 2012 the future is extremely bright...Fact not Fiction. - Uberrock

"On a Slight Angle"

Late Night Fiction's latest single is a two track anthemic blast of melodic rock with a jagged, alt edge. The band hedge their bets and go for a mix that includes as much as possible; solid and memorable tunes, the odd emotive scream and jagged guitars sporting off kilter rhythms and the resultant noise is a welcome one with nods to Incubus, yourcodenameis:milo and Biffy Clyro. Both tracks are melodic at their core and it's that poppy undertone that makes them so appealing and easy on the ear but it's that variety (in the stop/start rhythms and slightly off kilter guitars) that keeps you coming back to listen again. A solid and compelling single from a band already attracting plenty of attention in all the right places. - Room Thirteen

"Late Night Fiction"

Post-hardcore which has had its wicked way with indie alt, Late Night Fiction are more page-turner than predictable pulp. Incorporating aspects of Biffy Clyro and Hell is for Heroes, the Hull quartet push beyond any genre-specific musical pre-conceptions. If there’s a formula it’s the sort of complex mathematics that professors with a lot of letters after their names come up with in their spare time.

Building on the heavier aspects of previous single ‘Horsefight’, ‘The Only Way to Fly’ is a key indicator of the band’s progression. A relentless juggernaut of emotive melody, it has a frantic kind of energy that sweeps you up and carries you towards the end. The speed changes are matched perfectly with the peaks and troughs of the vocals, which at times remind of Matthew Davies-Kreye from Funeral for a Friend.

Aptly, the chorus is tied up with harmonised group vocals, which reappear later, interspersed with the bass and drum heavy breakdown. And then, just when you think you’ve got ‘The Only Way to Fly’ all figured out, the track breaks into warp speed with a fast-paced, furious guitar-led race to the end.

Leaving your lungs a little tight, ‘The Only Way to Fly’ makes an ideal soundtrack for those late night thrills, and shows that Late Night Fiction have a lot of substance between their pages.

8/10 - Never Enough Notes


HANDS AND NUMBERS EP - February 2010
Recorded and mastered by Carl Harper
Radio Airplay on BBC Radio Humberside

HORSEFIGHT (Single) - 25th Oct 2010
Recorded by Pat Pretorius at AOO Studios Hull
Mastered by Andy Baldwin at Metropolis
Radio Airplay on BBC Radio Humberside

Recorded and Mastered by Pat
Pretorius at AOO studios Hull
Radio Airplay BBC Radio Humberside

EXITS, PURSUED BY A BEAR (Single) - 30th January 2012
Recorded and Mastered by Bruce Rintoul at Lofi Studios in Glasgow
Radio Airplay on National BBC Radio One, BBC Radio Humberside, Total Rock Radio, Estuary Radio

POLAR - EP - 30th July 2012
Recorded and Mastered by Bruce Rintoul at Lofi Studios in Glasgow.
Radio Airplay for "Exits" on BBC Radio One, BBC Radio Humberside, Total Rock Radio and Estuary Radio
"Black Watch", "Relax Please" and "Dialectics" all played on BBC Radio Humberside and Estuary Radio



Drawing their influences from the sounds of early Biffy Clyro, Yourcodenameis:milo, Hell is for Heroes and Brand New, Late Night Fiction share a passion for intelligent, dynamic and engaging rock music. Renowned for impossibly energetic live shows, LNF are quickly gaining acclaim throughout the British alt-rock underground.

Late Night Fiction met and formed in 2009 as an acoustic project between Phill Morris and James Thompson. Ambitions for a heavier sound saw the drummer Josh Meredith and bassist Reece Britton join shortly after, and first EP "Hands and Numbers" was recorded and released two months later on their own label, Grey Man Records.

LNF quickly caught the eye of BBC Introducing, who booked them for a live session on BBC Radio Humberside, a live broadcast showcase gig, and sending them to the UK musicians masterclass at Maida Vale studios during 2010.

The band toured debut single "Horsefight" in Autumn 2010, including a sellout hometown show and supporting Xtra Mile's Records' The Xcerts at 02 Academy in Sheffield.

2011 saw the release of Late Night Fiction's second set of singles "The Only Way to Fly / To Entertain a Vertical Posture" and the band tour with and support Twin Atlantic, Sucioperro, Dinosaur Pileup and Flood of Red.

Latest EP Polar was released in July 2012, from which single "Exits, Pursued by a Bear" was picked up by Zane Lowe and played on his Radio One show.

Since then, Polar and its supporting tour has received great press, firmly cementing LNF's place as one of the UK's must see live bands.

“these Hull boys don’t do soft. Instead the quartet pack their songs with melody; stabby, angular melody of which Biffy would be proud. They scream like angsty cattle being prodded and swoon like Twin Atlantic’s lives depended on it. Long story short, we love it.” - Rocksound

“imagine Pulled Apart By Horses with added testosterone” - 4/5 Media Essentials

“Relax Please best showcases [LNF’s] taut musicality, built as it is around a smasher of a riff punctuated by expansive and achingly melodic lulls...this collection more than proves they’ve got the chops.” - 7/10 Rocksound

“without doubt one of the more interesting and appetising releases of the genre and UK rock in general this year... Polar is an exceptional release” - Ringmaster Review