Latenight Freakout Odyssey

Latenight Freakout Odyssey


Pioneers of Psychfreaktronica, the LFO is a live multimedia experience. More than just a band- an event! Combining turntables, electronic drums, tribal beats, and dijeridu, with synthesized jam elements yields a mind-bending, digitized, in-your-face all night dance party.


The Latenight Freakout Odyssey plays two types of gigs -- Outrageous parties and outrageous festivals. Formed in 2005, the LFO instantly leaped to the top of the Portland party scene with their unique blend of Livetronica. Part Phish, Part Digweed, Part Cheese, Part Farina, Part STS9 -- all stirred together in a pot. Improvisational, sweaty, and pulsing.

In summer, 2005, the LFO played at Horning's Hideout with String Cheese, hosted an amazing all night (and somewhat illegal) dance party on a floating dock outside of Portland's blues festival, and played 3 times at Portland's famous Hempstalk festival.
We feature 2 dueling DJs, laying down alternating loops to the pulsing drive of the didjeridu. Synth bass and looped, synthesized guitar add layers of color and texture, while the rhythm section keeps the band throttling full speed ahead. The band rarely, if ever stops, unless shut down by police or until the last person leaves the party.


We're all about the live party performance. To try to capture it to singles would be futile.

Set List

We will tailor our set to the environment. Typically, we'll play a 3 hour headlining non-stop set, ideally between the hours of 1 and 4 a.m. (the band's name isn't just a clever marketing ploy).