Late Night Transit

Late Night Transit

 Kirkland, Washington, USA

Late Night Transit is music that rewards a listener with lyrics that beg to be heard and melody that holds your attention and fills your memories. With tasteful hints of jazz, singer/songwriter and pop-rock, this Seattle band has found a way to woo audiences all over the Pacific Northwest.


With obvious performing chops it may be hard to believe that Late Night Transit has only been around since the spring of 2010. Their comfort on stage and with each other speaks to experience. Where did they get this poise and pizzaz? History…thats where. The group named their first live EP LNT Live: Waiting on David in honor of the duo that inspired the now four piece band.

Bryan Reynolds and David Stratman, close friends for the last 5 years founded what was to be the larva of LNT in the winter of '06 as a means of exploring some songs that Bryan was writing. Mike Meyer of Miriam's Espresso Cafe in Coupeville, WA was the first to risk the unheard of and invite Waiting on David to play a small show in his cafe'. Both Mike and the band were pleasantly surprised to fill the cafe; a one-hour drive and 30 minute ferry ride from the bands home in Seattle, Waiting on David brought 65 people to their debut and a new band was born.

Over the next couple years, Waiting on David played cafes from Oak Harbor to Tacoma building a small but steady fan base. In 2008 the pair decided to spend some time and money investing in an EP with a few friends. While the duet was fun, both had visions of a larger band and invited Tim Oas, a seattle A-list bassist, Matthew Westfall; one of Seattle's best lead guitarists; and Dustin Mahler, a musician of many talents more than the rhythm guitar he played. They gathered 30 of their closest friends and family, rented a studio that would fit them all (57th Street Productions in Monroe), hired a Pacific Northwest jewel in producer Brandon Bee and made a six-track live EP.

While the two waited on post production of the live album, there were two dilemmas that needed tending to. First: another band with the name Waiting for David led them to believe they should choose a new name. So, after nearly a year of debate, deliberation and dueling, Waiting on David became Late Night Transit. Secondly: LNT needed to make sure that they could re-produce the album live and in order to do so, they would need to add permanent members of the band to round out their sound. With a little time and convincing, Dustin and Matthew agreed to join LNT to make the now four piece band playing in and around Seattle.
Late Night Transit has been pleased with the response to their new sound. After playing three gigs at the Hard Rock Cafe (two of which sold out at 477 people), along with a handful of other shows in the area, it was clear that a fully-polished album recording was well-worth pursuing. With a lot of help from their fans, LNT was able to raise over $9,000 through to make the album possible. Produced once again by Brandon Bee, the album is due to be released on ????. Bryan, David, Matthew, and Dustin are very excited for what the future holds.


You Saved Me

Written By: Bryan Reynolds

I had the biggest plans and the brightest dreams
I followed my heart across the sea
I thought I'd change the world, thought I'd save a life
Never knowng what could be

In the end, You saved me
In the end, you showed me what love could be
Waking my heart and moving my feet
In the end, you saved me

Seems we're incomplete, seems we're all the same
In need of family
Who would ever have guessed, that a simple farewell
Would leave me breathless and in need

In the end, you saved me
In the end, you showedme what love could be
Waking my heart and moving my feet
In the end, you saved me



LNT Live: Waiting on David (September 2010)
Everything in Between (Releasing Soon)