Late Night Venture

Late Night Venture


Late Night Venture is dark pop and alluring soundscapes. A shiny, bright melody hovering above distorted strings, quirky synths and a steadfast beat. Compared to artists like: Mercury Rev, Deus, Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth, Flaming Lips and The Cure.


Late Night Venture is dark pop and alluring soundscapes.
A nightly ocean trip with your eyes fixed on a distant light.
A shiny, bright melody hovering above distorted strings, quirky synths and a steadfast beat.

LATE NIGHT VENTURE recently released their debut album in denmark, and are releasing it internationally september. Already at this time no less than 6 different songs from the album has been featured on many radio stations, both danish but also in other countries, Canada, US, Germany, UK... as well as a whole lot of internet based radiostations.

The band has always had a devotion to making music available online, and the new album is not an exception from this, so everyone can browse to the website of LATE NIGHT VENTURE and listen to the whole album for absolutely free.

To tell a bit a more about the background of the band:
Søren Hartvig (Guitars and voice) Peter Sørensen (Drums) Jens Back (Bass) Jonas Qvesel (Keyboards) The name of Late Night Venture is new (unveiled to the public january 2006), but the band really isn´t. In the year 2000, two songwriters joined forces under the name of "flying virgins". At some point they were joined by a drummer. Then a bassplayer, then a keyboardist. And suddenly they were a band! From the beginning Flying Virgins had to face the fact that our fans - however dedicated - were very unevenly dispersed around the globe.
In 2003 an album was released, which didn´t leave much of a mark in our home country, but sold out in Hong Kong in 4 weeks! Getting airplay on Danish radio was difficult, yet 30.000 Chinese people downloaded four tracks from our website in the early summer of 2004. This was the "Lazy" EP (which - incidentally - got great reviews in Luxembourg!) and soon contacts were established in Asia, Europe and the U.S. At some point, Filip - who had co-founded Flying Virgins with Søren four years earlier - announced that he had decided to pursue his musical ideas elsewhere. At first, this left the remaining four slightly bewildered, but the response was actually quite typical of our Modus Operandi: Return to the murky confines of the rehearsal space and write some new songs! Meanwhile we continued to play gigs where- and whenever possible. Among the venues frequented during this period was: Rock clubs in Denmark. Rock clubs in Finland. Rock clubs in Sweden. Private parties. The porch of a summer house (where we just managed to avoid the police showing up). A wedding. And - not to forget - a barn in the deep countryside, where we played to an audience of people and horses (the horses were next door, though). As we prepared for our next record, the decision was made to abandon the name of Flying Virgins. Flying Virgins had somehow always been Søren and Filip´s project - with Peter, Jens and Jonas as "hired guns". But after years of playing music together, we had become something else: A real band, you might say. So. Work could begin on our next record. Early on, we made the decision to get someone else to produce it. Even though we have the basic technology and the know-how to make a record ourselves, it´s always useful to bring in someone with a pair of "fresh ears" and a different background. And Jonas J. soon proved to be in possesion of these qualities. The first recording sessions took place at Sonic Sound (owned by the manager of our record label, Morten). Summers of Denmark are known to be treacherous, but we "benefitted" from nice, sunny weather, which turned the studio into a kind of "sauna with windows". With indoor temperatures rising to 40 degrees celcius, we spent seven 14-hour days recording basic drums tracks as well as guidetracks for all 15 songs (not all of these will be on the album, though). During the following months, work continued in Sørens basement and elsewhere. At the time of writing, the album has hit the streets, and have by now gained excellent reviews, lots of radio airplay, shows contracts and media coverage in general. We are looking forward to presenting Late Night Venture to all you people. Shows are being planned. New songs are being written. Great stuff is underway.

- up until now, Late Night Venture has played lots of shows in not only denmark but also: Germany, Sweden, Finland and UK.


Pay The Moon

Written By: Soren Hartvig

We will ride the air & shine
High and filled with joy
we'll dance as dust in the sun
I Pay the moon for an eclipse to tell you I hate you.
To tell you i'd like to kill you.

It was a careless better day, i'd ride the air and shine
I let your swift hair burn in flames, I see amazing glow.
You wish that all your hopes come true and run to the field of dreams
When the fire will burn out your sheltered fate and leave you in sunshine
with faded glory and lights

Maybe i wait for the fire
your thick blood watering soil
And maybe i think you're nothing.
I'll pay the moon for an eclipse to tell you i hate you


Written By: Soren Hartvig

Super Silent Twisted Words
WAlls are clean as your face
Leaves come down but i cant reach
Further away you stare

Will I come clean
Will we see the skies
That roof, is in the way, and leaves will just rot today.


Released under the name Flying Virgins :
- Your Spectacular Light : Album available at
- Lazy EP : WEB release, purely released on the internet.

Released under ther name LATE NIGHT VENTURE:
- Late Night Venture, released in scandinavia & EU, released international at semptember 2006, but available at netshops for all.
- The whole album can be listened to online at the late night venture homepage :

Set List

Our sets varies a lot depending on the occasion, our standard set is usually somewhere in between 40-60 minutes. But still played lots of shows at 25 mins, and some even up to 1hr45mins. All is fittet to the context of the given show.

our set is at the moment, mostly concentrated on material from our newly released album, and then with some new stuff as well. To give an example our last setlist was build upon the following songs.

-Condition Lost (from our album)
-Pay The Moon (from our album)
-After (from our album)
-So Far (from our album)
-Lazy Star (from our album)
-Heatherhill (from our album)
-Modesto (from our album)
-Drift in a slipstream (from our album)
-Slowmotion Dreams (new one)
-Clear Decay (also new, available for download at our homepage as demo)

Weve played around 100 shows and are pretty experienced in doing all sorts of shows, fitting to circumstances.