Late Nite Access

Late Nite Access


"Welcome to the finest indie-rock trio Australia has produced to date" - Andi Garibaldi, Dead Earnest U.K


Late Nite Access / Biography 2008

"Welcome to the finest indie-rock trio Australia has produced to date" - Andi Garibaldi, Dead Earnest U.K

On Drums: Kim Access
"Arguably the greatest female drummer on the planet... 'like the rolling thunder from a gathering storm. Unbridled, electrifying'...
The illegitimate lovechild of Animal from The Muppets!"

On Vox/Bass: Mick Access
"A voice which ranges from soulful compelling angst to growled whispers... as he stalks the stage; axe in hand, heart on sleeve, oozing frontman mojo"

On Guitar: Pete Access
"The mercurial, mad, incendiary guitarist that continually creates melodic mayhem! He is 'Pete Townshend on Uppers!'"

2008 heralds the return of Late Nite Access to the U.S.A; to promote the upcoming release of their highly anticipated debut album 'Kid in a Candy Store'.
The tour begins in March with performances at Canadian Music Week and SXSW '08.

Armed with a captivating, high-energy stage show the Band generates a buzz that continues to gain momentum long after the feedback dies away.

2006/ 07 saw Late Nite Access embarking on a a number of major tours: to The United States, Canada, Europe and The United Kingdom including exclusive showcases in L.A (Key Club), New York (Arlene's Grocery) London (Dublin Castle) and Berlin (Wild at Heart).

As an independent band Late Nite Access maintain a steady touring regime, both internationally and locally, continually increasing their already significant fanbase around the globe.

They recently performed live on 'Good Morning San Diego' and their music is featured on a number of internationally distributed DVD releases and televison programs.

Combined with continuing radio support at both national and international levels, including X-FM (U.K), KROQ, Q104.39 New York's Classic Rock (USA) and Triple J (Aust), this band is ramping up to a huge year of touring and appearances.

"Raw and complex. Sex and sweat. Emotive energy and musical synergy. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Rock N Roll." - Roam Free

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Contact: Michael Coleman
+61 (0) 417.393.262


The Money

Written By: Late Nite Access

Separation bleeds independence
Captured by scarlett lines
You're telling me I won't last forever
Well, you won't last the night

All my friends are green with envy
They see you out sometimes
Suffer me my little stains
Won't you

Give me the money
You'll get what you want

The stage is set and burning softly
I can't respond to sight
All the things that you said
They keep me whole

You bleed me dry


Album - "Kid in a Candy Store" (to be released 2008), 12 tracks
EP - "Bitter Romance" (2007), 5 tracks
EP - "lateniteaccess" (2006), 4 tracks

Set List

Typical setlist is between 10 - 12 original songs, running for 45min - 1hr.
Enough material to do 2 x 1hr sets.
incl. limited cover material, 2-3 songs