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"Late Nite Access Live in Dundee, Scotland"

Then the band started.

We were at the back by the bar, but what was coming from that stage sounded mighty good, so I suggested we moved into the main hall. Duly doing so, we took positions stage right as you look at it - and gasped!

There, on the stage, was this flame-haired woman playing the drums like you've never seen. She just attacked that kit, head shaking wildly, hair flying, an arm outstretched as the next flurry rained down on the hapless kit, providing this aswesome drumming in the most visually spectacular way - in short, this was breathtaking - and most of the audience thought so too, as you noticed this gradual move from the bar area into the hall from most of the audience.

But this wasn't even the beginning - stage right was the bassist - looking like an identikit young Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) - who was pounding that bass for sure, but whose vocal was just amazing - he soared through that opening number, the perfect mix of strength and power, almost singing in harmony with himself and such a depth of vocal.

Stage left we hade the lead guitarist - pouring out these dirty great riffs as the song thundered into life, driven by the awesome rhythm section as it moved from dynamic verses punctuated by steaming guitar riffs to the chorus that just took off like a Saturn V as the band upped the anti and just drove it all home - simply jaw-dropping. Providing a deceptive end, they then flew into the next song without a break, heralding even more spectacular and dramatic drum work on a song that twisted and turned but still poured out the dynamic force that was making you sit up and take notice.

Then, they stopped - and the applause that rang out - even mixed with cheers of support - was incredible, not only for an unknown band at the Doghouse, but for a band playing in front of an audience who had come to see a band that sounded nothing like them.

The set continued - the drummer continued to transfix the audience - the applause grew ever louder, the whoops and hollers more vociferous. They performed a number called "Sucker" (I think) that started at an energetic pace then built up only to wander into a more psychedelic mid-section that allowed the guitarist to do his Jimmy Page bit with a drumstick doing the glissando psych swirling guitar. This soared upwards as the bass rumbled below, then it all dropped down - a brief second of notes dying into the ether - before - KERBOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!! - the drummer just lays into that kit with all the subtlety of Attila The Hun, and the band takes off - I mean TAKES OFF - as the two guitarists leap around the stage and the whole dramatic indie-laced frenzy scorches into life. More enthusiasm from the audience.

If all this was the fiery furnace, then "Chasing Shadows" is the nuclear holocaust as the band go wild on one stormer of a track where the dynamics are stripped to basics and the power is turned full on, the guitarist leaping off the stage onto the dancefloor, as the drummer is still hammering down, her mane of hair a blur as she plays with all the energy of an atom bomb and stage presence that is truly astounding. This is not to forget that the songs themselves are well sung, the arrangements instantaneous and the content something where, at no point in the set does your mind wander or you feel that there's a weak spot - this was half an hour or so of one incendiary band stopping an audience in its tracks, taking that audience along with it and winning that audience over hook, line and sinker.

But it doesn't end there..............

You know how, at the end of the set, many a band will say "we've got a CD on sale" and be roundly ignored by an audience who simply don't have the fiver to spare - not tonight! Not only did a load of people rush to the stage to shake hands with the band, but the CD's practically sold themselves, as the band got rid of all the ones they'd brought with them - I know this, as I got to speak with them after the event.

In short, this was one sensational concert!!! -

"REVIEW - The DOGHOUSE, Dundee SCOTLAND (June 1, 2007)"

The final act of the night fell to Late Nite Access.

Mick, the bassist and vocalist had been ill - we're talking flat-on-your-back, couldn't-lift-a-finger ill - pretty well up to the time of performance. But he'd taken some elephant pills, had a sleep, been woken up and told "it's showtime!!!" As if possessed by the spirit of rock 'n' roll, he got up from his deathbed, strapped on the guitar - and rocked!!

The band took the stage, our guitarist Pete to the right, bassist and vocalist Mick to the left and Kim the drummer centre stage. The band clasped hands, looked to the audience, Kim raised her hands and then dropped them down on the kit like an eagle catching its prey - and as the band launched into the opening of "The Money", the audience was immediately hooked.

As the guitarists delivered the goods with passion and strength and not too much movement - that was yet to come - Kim hammered the kit with an explosive power that was simply awesome while her actual performance was mind-blowing to behold as her head - this huge flowing mane of auburn hair with coloured streaks - and neck and shoulders - hell, her whole upper body - , all shook and rolled as she gave everything into a performance that, on the opening number alone, had the audience absolutely hooked.

From there the band just got tighter, more confident and the songs just soared from the powerful Doghouse PA system with an energy and vitality that received a reception that was fully justified as the crowd roared their approval.

A clutch of new songs sounded every bit as good as the ones on the previous EP, and of the new songs, this epic called "Sucker", twisted and turned as the band let their sense of dynamics come into play, going from sensitive to full-on in a heartbeat as the guitarist really lit up the whole Doghouse. Meanwhile, Mick on bass and vocals was singing the number to perfection as Kim was every bit the centrepiece and foundation of the band, being - well..... - just Kim - there's no other drummer like her around today.

The band's songs are anthemic and easy to get into as well as being long-lasting and highly enjoyable in a live setting. Usually audiences who don't know a band's songs either disappear or stay at the back - no such thing here - eveyone was upfront and hanging on the band's every move. Towards the end both guitarists were highly animated, with Pete leaping about the stage like Pete Townsend on uppers as they roared through the final number.

This was one incendiary band, one stunning performance and a reception better than some I've seen from audiences of twice this number. Awesome! - Andy G, DeadEarnest - (

"Late Nite Access @ The Great Northern 18 May 2006"

Epic Rock. Neo Rock. Power Rock. Hell, I don’t know. But Rock it was, with a big fat, fuck off capital R when Melbourne’s Late Nite Access, once again, tore it up at the Backroom Great Northern in da Bay. An avalanche of driving lead guitar, soul stirring vocals, and thundering drums combined in a marriage of subtlety and power. These guys are tight. Real tight. With great onstage chemistry, and a real feel for the theatre of rock n roll.

Opening with The Money, the first single from their recently recorded four track EP, this was the perfect intro for this three piece outfit to display their formidable wares. Mick’s (bass/lead vocals) voice ranges from soulful compelling angst to growled whispers of the song title, as he stalks the stage; axe in hand, heart on sleeve, oozing frontman mojo. Calling Pete the lead guitarist doesn’t quite cut it. We are talking wailing riffs, sublime fingering and perfectly timed distortion. You just can’t believe that one man and one guitar can hold together these complex but ever melodic sounds. Underlying it all, the crux of this 21st century wall of sound experience, is Kim. She drums like the rolling thunder from a gathering storm. Unbridled, electrifying. And if that isn’t enough, she is, undoubtedly, the worlds sexiest percussionist.

The rest of the gig flowed like one of Dali's dreams, a million images, a million sounds, a million emotions. By the end the stage was lined with a new set of fans. As you listen, your mind reaches out for comparisons, for labels, there are none. Who do these guys sound like? Well, they sound like. they sound like, themselves, Late Nite Access. And in this world of cookie cutter wannabees there is no higher praise.

Raw and complex. Sex and sweat. Emotive energy and musical synergy. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Rock N Roll. - Roam Free

"LIVE PERFORMANCE - "Good Morning San Diego""

Late Nite Access is interviewed and performs "Pretty Little Face" live on "Good Morning San Diego", Saturday 20th October, 2007.

Watch the clip right here: - KUSI news


Album - "Kid in a Candy Store" (to be released 2008), 12 tracks
EP - "Bitter Romance" (2007), 5 tracks
EP - "lateniteaccess" (2006), 4 tracks



Late Nite Access / Biography 2008

"Welcome to the finest indie-rock trio Australia has produced to date" - Andi Garibaldi, Dead Earnest U.K

On Drums: Kim Access
"Arguably the greatest female drummer on the planet... 'like the rolling thunder from a gathering storm. Unbridled, electrifying'...
The illegitimate lovechild of Animal from The Muppets!"

On Vox/Bass: Mick Access
"A voice which ranges from soulful compelling angst to growled whispers... as he stalks the stage; axe in hand, heart on sleeve, oozing frontman mojo"

On Guitar: Pete Access
"The mercurial, mad, incendiary guitarist that continually creates melodic mayhem! He is 'Pete Townshend on Uppers!'"

2008 heralds the return of Late Nite Access to the U.S.A; to promote the upcoming release of their highly anticipated debut album 'Kid in a Candy Store'.
The tour begins in March with performances at Canadian Music Week and SXSW '08.

Armed with a captivating, high-energy stage show the Band generates a buzz that continues to gain momentum long after the feedback dies away.

2006/ 07 saw Late Nite Access embarking on a a number of major tours: to The United States, Canada, Europe and The United Kingdom including exclusive showcases in L.A (Key Club), New York (Arlene's Grocery) London (Dublin Castle) and Berlin (Wild at Heart).

As an independent band Late Nite Access maintain a steady touring regime, both internationally and locally, continually increasing their already significant fanbase around the globe.

They recently performed live on 'Good Morning San Diego' and their music is featured on a number of internationally distributed DVD releases and televison programs.

Combined with continuing radio support at both national and international levels, including X-FM (U.K), KROQ, Q104.39 New York's Classic Rock (USA) and Triple J (Aust), this band is ramping up to a huge year of touring and appearances.

"Raw and complex. Sex and sweat. Emotive energy and musical synergy. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Rock N Roll." - Roam Free

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Contact: Michael Coleman
+61 (0) 417.393.262