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""You Are Electric? - RATING: 9/10 ""

The beats, the trance, and the lyrical breakdowns are enough to make you crave more and more from this band. They deliver more too, boy do they ever. Take the songs, "This Town", Dirty Secrets", and "Follower"-they all push the envelope of the music world as we know it today. - The Vacant

"Rock.Dance.Repeat. | An interview with Latenite Automatic!"

"the band’s hypnotic rhythms will now begin to raid your senses like a wildfire" - Wave Maker Magazine

"Latenite Automatic - Ghost Love"

"Despite being from Vancouver the song (Ghost Love) has actually got an Eastern European feel, maybe because that part of the world became so synonymous with industrial music." - Sound Of Confusion

"Video: Latenite Automatic – “Living Proof” + Steve Bays remix {Electronic/Rock}"

"this is definitely one group to keep your ears peeled on " - Rex Manning Day

"Introducing: Latenite Automatic"

"“Living Proof” is proving a steady basis for Latenite Automatic to become a household name before 2013 is out." - drunkenwerewolf

"#MusicMonday – Download Latenite Automatic’s First Single"

When I say download I also mean legit free from the band. The Vancouver group Latenite Automatic recently unleashed their fist official single online after garnering some attention from their previous rough cuts available on their MySpace page (yea people still use MySpace).

The single features a relentless synth drum beat that kicks in seconds after the song starts and pulses through your body soul as you listen. Singer Jay Brown’s vocals add a weird haunting vibe to the song as he walks the fine line between singing and screaming on the hook & chorus of Ghost Love.

The song is best heard on powerful headphones. Not those ear buds that came with your cell phone or iPod. A good pair. Turn the volume up to 11 and get ready to bob your head.

As mentioned, you can get your copy of the single from the bands Reverb Nation page here: Latenite Automatic. - Vancity Buzz


You Are Electric? (album) - Released Feb. 2013
Ghost Love (single) - Released October 2012
Follower (single) - Released November 2012



Rock. Dance. Repeat.
Latenite Automatic is an electronic rock project.
Latenite Automatic is J on vocals, guitars, synths, piano, bass, beats, programming.
Latenite Automatic is also a revolving door of talented guest musicians, producers, and DJs.