Late Nite Howl

Late Nite Howl

 San Diego, California, USA

An Acoustic Folk solo project that pools together influences of early guitar instrumentalists to recent freak-folk songwriters. There is a unique aura and nostalgia imprinted in the music, obtained by an effortless, yet mature song writing style. A haunting voice set to eh tone of vintage tones.


What originally began as a distraction in between bands, Late Nite Howl (Pablo Dodero) has become an outlet for stripped down songs charged with emotion. Writing songs on and off has allowed the songs to breathe over time and circumstance. Gradually, his songs have become more and more complete and resolved both in musical composition and narrative. The name hints at the moment after hours in which the soul is released and songs emerge.

Pooling influences that range from John Fahey to Stephen stills to Daniel Johnston, he also brings a clear appreciation for the meaningful soundtracks and scores of art films. (i.e. Gallo, Jarmusch)

Pablo's alternating lifestyle between the U.S and México has allowed him to express musically in English with a rural, folk, blues and even country tone to his arrangements and instruments.



Written By: Pablo Dodero

Years Ago
I Fell Into A Space I Didn't Know
I'd Rather Place My Bets Along The Way

Bleed Inside
We Must Of Shared Much More Than Just Our Hearts
You Held on To The Past And Now Its Here

Fears, They Grow
I Must Be Flying Far From What I Know
You must of Felt One Million Miles Away.

Turn The Wheel

Written By: Pablo Dodero

You Turned The Wheel and It Broke
You Must of Burned Your Fingers With The Smoke

You Come To Me When You're Off
You Want To Mean What You Say, But You Bluff

Pretty Much You Lied For Me,
Hang Yourself To Dry, For Me

You Stay The Same
You Take No Blame


Demo (2011)

Late Nite Howl EP - June 2012

7" TBA

Set List

Faces Come Alive
Turn The Wheel
Days Have Gone
Lavender Pouch