Late September Dogs

Late September Dogs

 Seattle, Washington, USA
BandRockClassic Rock

Lush, heavy, melodic female fronted groove rock in the vein of Halestorm, Flyleaf, Christina Perri, Aerosmith, Heart and Joan Jett.


Late September Dogs, whose name is easily and conveniently shortened to “LSD”, is Seattle’s self proclaimed “dirty little secret”. LSD has been bringing sultry female vocals, heavy drums, wild shredding guitar solos and solid groove to Seattle’s straight up rock scene since before 2006's “Anything But Beautiful” debut record.

Started on a rainy night (what else) by Dann and Lyzz Tyson, LSD has shared the stage with Seattle’s great and near great rock bands for the better part of a decade. LSD has opened shows for Skid Row, Candlebox, Warrant, Savoy Brown, Veruca Salt, as well as an interesting show one cold Thursday with the combined efforts of Britny Fox, Bulletboys and Enuff-Znuff.

A sound that lies somewhere between Halestorm, Flyleaf, Christina Perri, Aerosmith and Joan Jett, Late September Dogs latest effort, the EP “Pretty Broken”, features KXRX’s #1 single “Nevermine”, a thick and heavy yet melodic
mid-tempo rock song about the doubts and fears of what could have been, and never was.

Regarding “Pretty broken” one reviewer has said: “The new EP is at times, dark and moody, as well as mischievous and fun. Seattle’s Late September Dogs runs the classic gamut of heavy and hard hitting rock tunes to lush soulful ballads. The single, “Nevermine” is a preview of the upcoming album. Enjoy it, revel in it. There is more to come. You have been warned.”


2006 - Anything But Beautiful - Distributed through CDbaby. Available on iTunes, Zune, Amazon MP3 and Rhapsody.

2010 - Single - Nevermine - Available on iTunes, Zune, Amazon MP3 and Rhapsody.

2010 - Pretty Broken - Available on iTunes, Zune, Amazon MP3 and Rhapsody.

Set List

Sets are usually between 35 - 60 minutes (depending on the venues requirements)

maybe an angel
all that I need

run with me

no but he loves me
come a little closer
anything but beautiful