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"Interview with Jim Neal of Lathe"

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“Interview with Jim Neal of Lathe” by Rocket

Saturday, January 6, 2007
Fort Wayne, Indiana's LATHE is a hard-hitting metal band that cites Slayer, Slipknot, Pantera and Mudvayne as their main influences. They are still working hard at getting the word out on their self-released debut full-length effort 'Now Or Never' from 2005 and are looking to start playing hotter venues in the east here in 2007. I got some recent Q&A in with their drummer, Jim Neal, to find out more about this upcoming act and their highly aggressive and ready to take over the world attitude that they possess.

Rocket: Are you originally from Evansville, Indiana?

Jim: No. Nowhere near there. I am actually from Angola, IN. We based the band out of Fort Wayne, IN. Now I live in Orlando, FL. I’ve never even been to Evansville… no offense to anyone in Evansville.

Rocket: I think I just heard about a hundred shotguns being loaded in Evansville. And they're coming for you, bro! Haha. Just kidding, I think things are probably quieter than a fly on cow shit in ole Evansville right about now. So when did you first start playing drums?

Jim: I started playing in 1989 in the highschool marching band – yep, I was a band geek. In 1990 I started jammin’ heavy metal in a “garage” band. In 1991 I started jamming with friends outside of the garage, I guess. Haha.

Rocket: Who are some of your biggest playing influences? Past or present.

Jim: Vinnie Paul (Pantera & Damage Plan), Dave Lombardo (Slayer), Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Neil Peart (Rush), Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Joey Jordison (Slipknot), Devil Driver, Mudvayne, and just about anything OzzFest. What keeps me going? The pure power of a marching drumline can be even heavier than full bands; plus playing drums gives me the perfect view of the show: the band in front of me and the crowd in front of them.

Rocket: Can you give us the specs on your drum kit?

Jim: I have an old Pearl Export Pro from 1993. A 16”x22” bass drum, my rack toms are 11”x12” and 12”x13”, a 16”x16” floor tom, a 5 ½” x 14” snare drum. I also use an electronic expansion – a Roland TD-7. I like to use Zildjian cymbals and Easton Ahead 5B Rock sticks. I have a Tama Iron Cobra Jr double bass pedal. Someday I’d like to have an 18”x22” bass drum and an additional 10”x11” rack tom and a whole new drum kit for that matter! An all black set ‘cause the one I have now is all chrome and lookin’ scary!

Rocket: Nothing like having a drum kit that makes the kids run in fright upon first gaze of it! Haha. Alright, let's talk about the debut album 'Now or Never' that Lathe self-released in 2005, bro. Where can fans purchase this album online?

Jim: “Now or Never” was recorded in Syracuse, IN, at T. Bush Record Plant. Tim Bushong was the recording engineer. We actually recorded at the end of 2005 and released it for sale in April 2006. There are 12 tracks on the CD that cover topics from a tribute to 9/11 survivors (Unbroken) to our government (Salvation) to relationships. There are also a few good old-fashioned headbangin’ party tunes. Fans can buy the CD online through CD Baby. The best way to buy it is by using the links on and Fans can also purchase a wide variety of shirts on these sites.

Rocket: Right on. Briefly, how did this band first join together?

Jim: I first started jammin’ with Jon Julius (singer) in 1993 in Decatur, IN. In 2002, Jon and I hooked up with Fuzzy (bassist) in yet another band. In 2004 the 3 of us started jammin’ with Marck (guitarist) and LATHE was born.

Rocket: Are you guys working on some new material? If so, what can we expect?

Jim: We have a few new songs in the works for a follow-up album. Writing has slowed down a little since I moved to Florida and they are still in Indiana. But we are not letting that stop us. Fans can expect more headbangin’ adrenaline-pumpin’ tunes. We will definitely keep people informed.

Rocket: Who are some of the other local Indiana metal acts that have impressed you?

Jim: We played a show with Deliver Us From Evil (out of Evansville) at the Wildcat Saloon in Owensboro, KY, and they were a kick-ass band.
Rocket: Yeah, Al and the 'Deliver' gang are something else. I've been covering them here since early last year. Great band.

Jim: Sudden Death – originally from Angola, IN, and now in Florida – has been friends of mine since I started playing drums and they are still kickin’ it hard with the original members. Consumed by Fury out of Fort Wayne has been around for a few years and they kick ass. And Slagg and Lucidus also out of Fort Wayne have been good friends of ours for a few years now.

Rocket: Now I like to have fun with this next one. What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you while performing?

Jim:One time when I was jammin’ (and headbangin’) my hair got wrapped around a cymbal stand - Metalunderground


Life – Herald-Republican, Angola, Indiana
“Sudden Death making Angola stop” – by Amy Oberlin
Wednesday, July 12, 2006
…He said Dred Level was glad to be playing with Sudden Death and Lathe.
Lathe opened for Sudden Death last time at Skip’s. Among its members is Jim Neal of Angola, drummer. Other Lathe members include Fuzzy, from Fort Wayne, and Marck and Jon Julius, both of Decatur.
Lathe recently played at Marshall Massacre Metalfest in Draffenville, Ky. and was at Legends in Fort Wayne last weekend. This weekend, Lathe is playing at Ziggy’s in Chattanooga, Tenn., on Friday and The Wildcat Saloon in Owensboro, Ky. on Saturday. On Sept. 9, Lathe will be at Oade’s Hidden Camel in Lansing, Mich.
“The band has been receiving quite a bit of airplay with a couple different songs off the ‘Now or Never’ album,” said Jenny Neal, band manager. The songs have aired on 98.9 The Bear in Fort Wayne and 88.3 WEAX, Tri-State University’s radio station.
To get on Lathe’s e-mail update list, e-mail to All the bands playing Tuesday are featured on
- Herald Republican

"For The Record"

For The Record – Decatur Daily Democrat, Decatur, Indiana
“City Men in Metal Band Playing Here”
Friday, August 12, 2005
Two men from Decatur, Marck Bauermeister and Jon Julius, make up half of the heavy metal band called Lathe that is making a name for itself at concerts in the Indiana-Ohio-Michigan area.
Lathe, formed a year ago and based in Fort Wayne, is branching out and planning to perform in Florida late this year.
Lathe, which won the Metalmania Battle of the Bands at Fort Wayne on August 6, will be performing at Vinnie’s Bar in Decatur tonight.
Marck, who does not use his last name professionally, is the lead guitartist, while Julius is the band’s vocalist.
The other two members are Fuzzy, who plays bass guitar, and Jim Neal, the drummer.
In a recent story in the Herald-Republican, the newspaper published for the Angola area, Neal told a reporter, “I finally hooked up with some guys on the same brainwave. They’re not schmucks. They’re willing to work hard.”
The four Lathe members have been in various bands over the years and cite such groups as Slayer, Slipknot, Pantera, and Mudvayne as their creative influences.
For more information about Lathe, call 1-260-624-3659 [now 407-367-9639] or go to
- Daily Decatur Democrate

"Off the Beaten Path"

Off the Beaten Path – Herald-Republican, Angola, Indiana
“Heavy Metal’s Cutting Edge” – by Amy Oberlin
Wednesday, August 3, 2005
Lathe slicing into the hard rock scene.
A drummer from Angola is making some noise on the heavy metal scene with his band, Lathe.
Jim Neal first played in Infernal Region with lead vocalist Jon Julius of Decatur in 1993. In 2002, they joined forces with Fuzzy, a Fort Wayne bassist. In July 2004, the band got its official start with the addition of Marck, a guitarist from Decatur.
“I finally hooked up with some guys that are on the same brainwave. They’re not schmucks; they’re willing to work hard,” said Neal.
Neal’s been in a number of area bands, notably Section 8 and 2033.
“I’ve been playing drums seriously in bands since about ’91,” he said.
He described Lathe’s music as Oz Fest (sic) material.
“We all equally write,” Neal said. “Usually it starts with the music first and (Julius) kind of adds his words later.”
Over 200 demos have been passed out in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan and Florida. Lathe is currently working on getting in a studio to record a full-length release.
While the Fort Wayne-based band got it (sic) start only about a year ago, all the members have been on the music scene for some time.
According to its Web site, Lathe’s members bring over two decades experience in song writing and live performance. They cite influences such as Slayer, Slipknot, Pantera and Mudvayne.
Lathe plays shows in Indiana and beyond and opened for Sudden Death – a Florida-based band that started in the Angola area and recently shot its first MTV video at Skip’s Lounge – when it played at an outdoor bash in Columbus, Ohio.
Lathe’s next venture is at Metalmania Battle of the Bands at Legends in Fort Wayne on Saturday.
“Come support us please,” Neal said. Fifty percent of the score comes from the audience.
“So far we’re at the top of the judges’ score,” said Neal. “We’re hoping to get some bodies in there and get some votes.
Lathe will play against three other bands Saturday. If it makes it to the final round of the battle, it will play against the four top groups.
Other Lathe shows are planned in Milwaukee, Birdy’s in Indianapolis and Legends again in September. Lathe may also do more shows with Sudden Death.
To learn more about Lathe or to log on to the Web site as a supporter, go to
The band can be emailed at or contacted by phone at 624-3659. [now 407-367-9639]
- Herald Republican


Full length album "Now or Never". 12 original tracks. Getting internet radio play on Hollywoodmusic radio, Hard rock radio live, Metal mayhem and rage metal radio, VM underground radio, Tornado valley radio, Late night live with Dirty D, WFLM radio, Dark cloud radio, Nvasion radio, World rock radio and many others in the works.



LATHE - a machine in which metal is rotated about a horizontal axis and shaped by a fixed tool......

Exactly what this band is doing: shaping the metal music of today! Originally based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Lathe has been thrashing out in the scene since the summer of 2004. BUT that doesn't mean these guys are newcomers. Jon Julius on vocals, Fuzzy on bass/backing vocals, Marck on guitar, and Jim Neal on drums combined bring over 2 decades' experience in writing hardcore tunes and playing live. Jon and Jim started jamming together in 1993. In 2002, they connected with Fuzzy when they joined a band that Fuzzy was already in. Finally, in 2004, the 3 of them hooked up with Marck who completed the circle and Lathe was born. Together, these 4 are unbreakable and are ready to tear up your to town.
Lathe has a sound that is influenced by bands such as Slayer, Anthrax, and other great thrash bands from that day, to Pantera, to Slip Knot, Lamb of God, Devildriver and other great bands of today. BUT they definitely add a flavor all their own for a unique sound all their own.
Lathe has released there first album "Now or Never", which they finished recording in November 2005. The album is full of hard-hitting tunes covering a wide range of topics from bad relationships to politics with a few good old-fashioned headbanging party tunes. The title was derived by the fact that these guys have been doing this a long time, in small towns, back in the days when the internet wasn't what is is now, and if you didn't live in a big city, you weren't going to get noticed, unless a miracle happened, and without the financial support to get it to a higher level. Now times are a bit different and it is time for Lathe to get noticed. It's "Now or Never" so to speak.
For a hardcore, headbanging, adrenaline pumping time - you have got to see them LIVE! Lathe is relentless on delivering to its fans the type of show that will not be forgotten.

Be sure to check us out at and
( cd and t-shirts available thru these sites)

For bookings:
or call
Jenny Neal-Lathe manager--407-367-9639
Jim Neal-Lathe drummer--407-963-1418