Latin Experience Band

Latin Experience Band

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Independent Songwriter / Musician. Affiliated with ASCAP, Harry Fox Agency (HFA)

Songwriter/Musician: aleXmartineZ.
A Creative Artist Creating His Own Songs.
Performing As A Guy Named aleX.
Owner: Latin Experience Band / LatinExperienceMusic



Chicago, Illinois. The Windy City  

Latin Experience is a High energy band for Opening Acts @ Live concert events.
Latin Experience Band is one of Chicago’s Hottest Latin Soul Band! from a diverse  community. 
Latin Experience Band: Members (Alex Martinez, Anthony Space, Tony Esquivel, Jose Rendon Lee Gomez ) 
Latin Experience Band, putting the grooves & the chops of Latin Soul into each event!
Latin Experience Band has open for the Latin Legends (Malo, Tierra, El Chicano) in Chicago).  Latin Experience Band and Malo Performed together in 2001, 2002. 

Latin Experience Band bring a Wealth of Sizzling Energy, Spiciness, and Colorful Flavor into their Latin Music. RITMO CALIENTE THAT ROCKS!

Entertainment Magazine 4 stars ****
HOMETOWN band plays for hometown fans. The Latin Experience Band Has been the Friday & Saturday night house band at Naperville's Club Mamalu for only a few months, and the band's latinrock rhythms already have attracted quite a following."We got to know our audience,"said band leader Alex Martinez of Chicago,IL. People dance packed all the way up to the stage.""
"Because many patrons are still dining when Latin Experience starts playing, the band's first set at Club Mamalu has a "nice,mellow sound,"Martinez said.For the second show, they "just explode" while playing their originals songs he added. And during the third set, they mix it up and take requests."Everyone ask for Santana,"he laughted. How does Menza feel about the band he's chosen to help him create Naperville's Latin Explosion? "It's a great relationship,"he said."If it wasn't, they probably wouldn't be here.""
- .By Barbara Greenwald (staff writer), SUN PUBLICATIONS


2017: Christopher J. Sly (On The Beach)

2017: Sony EMI US Latin: Farruko: (DON'T LET GO)

2016- # 1 Reverbnation Music Billboard Charts
2015- No# 2 on Reverbnation Music Charts

2014- TOP TEN in Chicago Reverbnation Charts no# 9

2013- Latino Billboard Awards Miami Song bits/ programs
2012- Chicago Music Awards CMA Nominated for BEST LATIN ENTERTAINER.
2011- Music Videos for Travel Agency Vacation Worldwide
2010- aleXmartineZ Emlace Community Music Program
2009- aleXmartinez Commercial music for Pump audio/ Getty Image
2009- aleXmartineZ The 26th Annual Chicago's Latino Film Festival**
2008- aleXmartineZ 1st credits for 25th The Chicago's Latino Film Festival*
2008- aleXmartineZ Ascap network Creating Music*
2002- HBO Movie" Drive By" 5 songs from Latin Experience Band CD.
Caliente, Just close your eyes, Cause I love you, Basilando, Corazon.
2000- Recorded with the band MALO from San Francisco, CA

** Artist & Musicians **
ALEX had the pleasure to work & sit in and Performed with Talented musician and singers. with Anthony Space keyboardist, arranger, songwriter, collaberater, *The Band Malo, Arcelio Garcia vocalist, producer, Ramiro Amador Bassplayer & arranger, Octaviano"AKI" Cueto vocalist, Jorge Santana Guitarist. **

The late Art Porter, Sax player. Bobby Espinosa (keyboards) of El chicano, Ben jammin’ Johnson Drummer, The late Tony Garcia Drummer, Greg Thomas Vocalist, from The Business. Alex Medina Guitar & vocals. Jaime Mojica Electric & Acoustic Bass. Jose Joe Anaya Drummer. Mario Ortega Bassplayer .Joe Schmidt Guitar and songwriter.Rudy Ramos Keyboards. Jerry Martinez Timbales & Congos. Mike (chops) Drummer. Eddie Castillo" fingers" Bassplayer. **

Steven Jorden Squeeze Box (the wizard from Texas ), Percy White Bassplayer, Will Santana vocalist, Luis Everling Drummer, Carmen Garcia vocalist, Sonia Peraz vocalist, Lee Gomez Bassplayer, Eric Urquiza Drummer, Ted Brewe


Forever ( A love Song )

Written By: aleXmartineZ

In all of my life
and all of my days
I been searching for someone like you.
Day after day night after night
I been waiting here, waiting for you.
And now that your here with me and your here to stay.
My saddness is gone my life is complete.

Say that you'll alway love me Forever.
Say that you'll alway be with me Forever.
Say that you'll be my wife Forever.
Say that you'll alway be in my life Forever.

Ahora que tu estas aqui, Yo te quiero decir, Para toda la vida yo te amare.
Ahora que estas aqui, tu y yo asta el fin,
Yo no necesito a nadien te tengo a ti.

Me dices que me ames para toda la vida.
Y que cada dia tu piensas en mi.
Tu eres mi esposa para toda mi vida.
Tu y yo asta el fin.

The smile on your face.
The way that your hand touch mind.
Your kissing my lips.
You whisper in my ear.
repeat 1st (chorus) 2nd (chorus)

I'll alway love you Forever.
I'll alway love you Forever.
I'll alway l o v e You Forever..

Don't Let Go

Written By: aleXmartineZ

Don’t Let Go…………….written by aleXmartineZ
C^7 G -_C9 C^7 G -_C9
Let’s talk about a subject very interesting – is how strangely we became in love.
C^7 G – C9 C^7 G-_C9
Checking out some pictures on a photo book not knowing I would fall for you.
C^7 G- C9
So many things to talk about are visions and are dreams,
C^7 G- C9 F^7F-B9
As the day & years pass by us we learn never let go.
C^7 G- C9 F^7F-B9 C^7 G - C9
Don’t let go Never let go_______ (Don’t let go……………….. 2x’s)
C^7 G – C9 C^7 G -
How can I describe you your heaven and ecstasy your beauty is so endless nature
Just can compete!
C^7 G – C9 C^7
I wake up every morning sun is shining down on your face. Morning music
G –C9
Playing in the background.
F^7 F – B9 C^7G-C9 F^7F-B9 C^7G-C9
What would I do_____with out you, Where would I be____with out you.
C^7 G- C9 C^7
Woman you’re my world my fire and my passion I’m penetrating your heart with
G-C9 C^7 G- C9 C^7
My love, a Sweetness feeling so extreme I just don’t want it to stop, catching your
G- C9
Slightest whisper you say.
F^7F-B9 C^7G-C9
(Never let go______ Don’t let go_________2x’s )

Passing chord……..E- A7 D- G7
C^7 G- C9 C^7
You say I’m a little crazy I think you’re a little dizzy- you’re so sentimental,
G- C9 C^7 G-
Wonderful, & very pretty I just want to impress you and give you everything you
C9 C^7 G- C9
need and I’m sorry if I hurt you.

F^7F-B9 C^7 G- C9
Never let go___ don’t let go________2x’s
Passing chord E- A7 D- G7
Ab^7 Bb^7 C^7
When we come home late at night dimming all the lights loving you baby!
Ab^7 Bb^7
When we’re in front of the fire place I always lose myself with your embrace
keeping it real baby!
Ab^7 Bb^7 C^7
The fragrance of your perfume the body lotions that you use drive me crazy.

C^7 G - C9 ………………repeat chords and vamp out…
I want to give you something to remember me by a lil love from me to you.
Even when we are far apart; I’ll always love you.
I never thought I fall for you never thought I find real love.
Every time I go to sleep I always think and pray for you..

Oh baby you know that I love you.
Oh you’re my lady I won’t give up on you!
Please baby I can’t live with out you…no no no
Can you hear me baby.
Can you see me baby.
Can you feel me baby.
Don’t let go………
( fade out )


Latin Experience Band 2016, Leticia's Love Song's

I'm Loving U 

Don't Let Go 

Heart Jump 

Mi Amor 


On The Beach

Latin Experience Band 1st CD 2001

Just Close Your eyes
Basilando (percussion)
Baila Bajo La Luna
Lost in the Amazon ( inter lu )
for (latinofever)
Latino Fever
Forever (A Love Song)
City By the Bsy
Oba Ko Puro
Cause I Love You

2nd CD ? LatinExperienceBand-LatinFestival Live!

Mi Linda
Asi Mi Gusta
Loco Por Ti
Yo Te Quiero Para Mi
Action On 26st.
Cha Cha Cha

3rd CD ? LatinExperience Live @ Chicago's LakeFront

Moontemple of Love
Gypies Passion
Street Carnival
Mundo De Alegria
Dame Tu Amor
Don't Ask My Neighbors
Sueno Del Dia
The World is A Ghetto

Set List

Corazon / Cause I Love You / Latinofever / City by the bay /Caliente / Baila / Forever / Just Close Your Eyes.. Live at the Chicago's Lakefront: Moontemple / Temple of Love / Sueno Del Dia / The World is a Ghetto / Gypsies Passion / Street Carnival / Alegria / Sabor a mi / LX Solo Project: My world / A Rainy Night in October / Just Wait and See / Aloha Groove / Don't Let Go / Funk City /