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Latino G

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My music is constantly evolving. Multidimensional is my style. I keep all my lyrics fun, real, and most importantly creative. I use music to bring about all emotions. I enjoy making someone express their emotions towards my track whether it be: mad, sad,happy,confused,excited,etc. It's about fun.


Latino G is a Puerto Rican brother who grew up in a variety of different settings. Being able to adapt was part the reason why at 24, his story of survival among the different environments remains an intriguing story in itself. Latino's ability to be heard stems from his uncanny ability to listen. Ever since the early 90's, Latino G, through experiences in life, developed his ideologies. Ideologies against: the gentrification plaguing his Humboldt Park community as well as other Latino and Black neighborhoods throughout Chicago, the constant harassment by law officials who prey on inner city youths who are products of a broken system, the lack of resources in the poorer communities, these among other things are included within his lyrics. Latino G, whose name was given to him by a well respected O.G. from the streets, has experienced the pains of war with the falling of many of his close friends and family to the constant gang wars on the streets of Chicago. He also realized as he gained his respect that providing for his family was an absolute must in a capitalist society, so hustling had to become second nature. From juvenile detention to 26th and California (Cook County Jail), Latino G has realized that the "divide and conquer method" being imposed, should be the focus of everyone's energy so that we can fight against aggression as a unit. Latino G has been putting together these experiences and ideologies in his rhymes while providing, not only the real, but a way for all of us to enjoy a hit at the club. His superior mic-skills, stifling lyrical word-play, and uncut-gangster metaphors have made Latino G one of the most versatile MC's to enter the Hip Hop genre.


Diamondz-7/16/2006 (WGCI 107.5 fm)
Make Em Say Oh-8/2/2006 (WGCI 107.5 fm, 88.1fm)

Set List

Half A Brick, Pimp Cup, Regardless of Rap depending on the venue and crowd. But this at this point is my favorite three strikes to take people out. lol. Sets are typically 10-12 minutes long. When the adrenaline is pumping and the crowd and I connect I feel as if I can let a whole album ride.