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The best kept secret in music


"Battle Creek Rapper seeks limelight in Nashville"

Making it in the music business is hard enough as it is. Despite being a rapper based in Nashville — an area predominantly known for its country music exports — former Battle Creek resident Tye "Latino Saint" Ramos is carving his own unique niche in the music industry.
"Tennessee, I'll tell you, I came here to get an understanding of the music business and was leery because I wanted to build a network in an area that wasn't over-saturated with hip-hop, but still understood quality music," Ramos said. "I found a gold mine."
Ramos' "gold mine" now consists of not only his own music career, but also presiding over the careers of other up-and-coming rap and hip-hop artists who are part of the record label La Familia Del Sol Entertainment, which he owns.
"I've got artists on my label who I'm producing along with another Battle Creek resident and friend, Digg Dugg of Hottrackz," Ramos said. "Those are scheduled for release spring of 2006, so I'm cramming everything in on any free time I have."
Ramos already has won a number of awards for his music, such as Hip Hop and R&B "Song of the Year" honors through; numerous accolades on Web sites such as, and; a nomination for a Southern Entertainment Award; and a nomination for Best Indy Rap Artist and Best Indy Rap Album on
He also signed a digital distribution deal with Experimental Division Nashville, which places all his material on major digital media downloading sites like Napster, Rhapsody, Karma and I-tunes.
Through it all, Ramos has remained focused and hasn't forgotten where he came from.
"I love Michigan because that's were my family is, (even though) there isn't enough opportunity music business wise," Ramos said. "Living in Michigan motivated me to chase my dreams."
He also is a dedicated family man.
"My main job is being daddy to my 17-month-old daughter, Ripley," he said. "I would also like to give shouts out to my families who I won't see for the holidays. Rodgers, Ramos, Schmidt, Hart, Gordon, Candleria and anyone else I've forgotten ... I have a huge familia."
Ramos lists his major musical influences as Curtis Blow, African Bambada, Kool Herc, Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J and Run D.M.C.
After hearing them, "I knew I wanted to be a performer," he said. "Now I'll let you in on a secret: I really wanted to be a rock star first. Although, trust me, being a rapper has its pluses, too."
As a newer artist, the best way to get your music out to the masses is through live performances. And the Latino Saint is no stranger to the live music venue.
"First, you better do your homework on me, 'cause you gotta know what you're in for. There is a lot of energy and interaction with me and the fans," Ramos said. "I'm a nut case when it's show time.
"Our music has quality production. Add energetic performances, add great song writing and you've got yourself one hell of a show," he said. "I always tell people, 'If ya didn't like hip-hop before, I'll win ya over.'"
With shows already booked, Latino Saint plans to continue performing his groove-laden rap music in the new year.
"I would like to continue to make quality music both professionally and personally and place it wherever it fits," he said.

Terry Collia is a freelance writer.
- Battle Creek Enquirer - Terry Collia

"Speakerboxx Album Review - XPOZ Magazine"

On the opening song, Latino Saint lets you know right away why he makes music. Simply stated, we "Luv Dat Shit". On "Just Music", he opens his heart, showing and proving how hip-hop can touch lives. This is hip-hop with a can of Red Bull - full of energy and flavor. This Cashville MC combines the crunk of the South with his Midwest roots, bouncing aggressively over high tempo tracks with the lyrical wizardry found on The Great Lakes. Saint is quickly becoming one of the undergrounds most noticed Latino rappers, and this excellent album is one of the reasons why. With productions from heavyweights like DX the Flex and Mecca West, Saint grabs you by the spirit, shakes you until it comes free, and then gets crunk with you and your ghost. “Make Ya”, “Piss Me Off” and “La Famil” featuring C-Sharp, DiggDugg and Kakaty are just a few of the songs that make “Half Breed” of the best albums of 2004.
- Joe Walker

"Local scene benefits from effort by triple threat of hip-hop talent"

The hip-hop scene in Grand Rapids is continuing to grow, and a fair amount of the credit must go to rappers Kakaty, Digg Dugg, and Latino Saint. The two Grand Rapids-based solo rappers, along with Latino Saint of Nashville, TN, joined forces recently to support each other in their music careers. This past week, the three joined G-Unit/Interscope Records headliner Young Buck for part of his Midwestern tour of shows. The Straight Outta Cashville-A Million Bucks Tour played to 1,400 people in Detroit's State Theatre and to 800 people in The Orbit Room.
.......Latino Saint, who quickly is becoming one of the most noticed underground Latino rappers, according to XPOZ Magazine, has played major shows in Michigan and has dates booked in Michigan, Georgia, Florida, and his home state of Tennessee. Latino Saint's current album "Half Breed" is in stores now.
........During a show, the rappers trade stage times on the fly, switching with each other to perform solo, then reuniting for collaborations. The three said they work well together, and they have grown artistically by doing so. Recalling the recent shows, it seems true the acts presented an especially well-rounded song selection. Current songs included "Make Ya" by Latino Saint; soon-to-be-released songs such as "Shake That", by Digg Dugg; "Break These Chains-the Lean Back Remix" by Kakaty and local "classic" tunes such as Kakaty's "Welcome to Grand Rapids". Crowds responded very well to the trio, especially at The Orbit Room, Kakaty said. "We don't have (major) radio support, so we have to make sure our stage show is believable...because that's where we can own the crowd." Kakaty said. It's great to see these young artists working together, putting together a stage show that rivals the major acts. To me, they were every bit as good as Young Buck. - Grand Rapids Press

"For Openers"

How do you handle being the opening act for two big stars in one weekend?
Grand Rapids based hip-hop artist Kakaty, along with Latino Saint and Digg Dugg was the opening attraction for two huge concerts this weekend - Chingy, at the Ionia Free Fair on Friday, followed by Snoop Dogg on Sunday at the Deltaplex Entertainment and Expo Center.
....At the Deltaplex, Kakaty, Digg-Dugg and Latino Saint, accompanied by a trio of dancers and a dynamic music selection, gave a top-notch performance.
The interaction and transition between the stage companions was seamless, like a leather ninja outfit, and was just as tight.
The show opened with the dancers, who were dressed like belly dancers, including masks covering the lower half of their faces. They performed a well-choreographed routine to a roots/world track that suddenly exploded into "Yeah" by Usher. Kakaty, Saint and Digg Dugg then made it onstage for a rap number called "Twisted" about a mesmerizing woman who stuns even The Harem King (Kakaty). All this was told over an authentic melody backed by booming tribal drums.
From that point, the frenzy was on, like the splash of some great Sea World act, leaving the audience wet from sweaty participation in the wave of hot tunes, surfing the stage visuals with the great anticipation for what was coming next.
To sum it up, Kakaty and crew did a great job building rapport with the audience members, drawing them in, slowing, then quickly blowing them away.
In some respects, their performance was better than Snoop and Chingy.
Latino Saint reflected positively on the state of affairs at the shows: "Hip-Hop has a stereotype but doesn't have to be a certain way. It doesn't matter if you don't feel us, but you have to respect us" Saint said. "We're coming with industry-standard sound production, lyricism; it's from the heart and we support each other".
....Snoop was accompanied on stage with rap stars Daz Dillinger (of Tha Dogg Pound) and Soopafly, yet his two partners served as nothing more than hype men. Digg-Dugg and Latino Saint were very much part of Kakaty's stage show, performing songs of their own as well as collaborations with The Harem King.
....Every member of the show had a unique purpose, doing something to generate unique attention that added to the overall performance.
....One fan, Kendra, 17, of Ionia, said the music had been awesome.
"You don't get to hear this kind of hip-hop on the radio. This is the real stuff, the good stuff" she said. - Grand Rapids Press

"Best Music of 2004"

Hip-Hop Concert of the Year

Snoop Dogg w/Kakaty, Digg-Dugg, Latino Saint, and T-D.O.G., July 25, The DeltaPlex Entertainment and Expo Center -- This concert had it all: sensational music, excellent sound-system, a hot crowd and the best mix of hip-hop talent to grace the DeltaPlex stage all year.

I'd like to give an honorable mention to Young Buck, 50 Cent, Tony Yayo, Kakaty, Digg-Dugg and Latino Saint, Oct. 4, at The State Theater, Detroit.
- Grand Rapids Press

"Speakerboxx Best of 2004 Awards"

Speakerboxx Best Overall Artist(s) of the Year:
La Famil: Latino Saint, Digg-Dugg, and Kakaty

Kakaty, Latino Saint, and Digg-Dugg did not land any of our previous awards, but that still does not exclude them from Overall Best. These three artists displayed an unrivaled level of professionalism and work ethic in 2004 as solo artists, and together as the group La Famil. While all three rappers have been successful on their own, their ability to check their egos to team up and help each other has been a major key to their advancement.

These three toured across the country together all year, promoting each other while becoming role models for other hip-hop artists along the way. Kakaty's "The Harem King" and Latino Saint's "Half Breed" albums became two of the most critically acclaimed independent releases of '04, with their cross country tour making Digg-Dugg's album one of the most anticipated on '05.

La Famil performed with Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Chingy, and Young Buck, as well as Tower Records' showcase in Tennessee, among numerous other shows last year.
Impressive as that is, it is what they did off stage that made them headliners. The three men make it a point to meet and greet all their fans, signing thousands of autographs and handing out hugs and handshakes along with CDs and posters. Shows headlined by La Famil leaves fans screaming for more, quickly lining up to meet them after a show. Couple that with them being consistently spectacular live performers on every bill all year - no matter who they open with or for - and you've got three artists that are a force to be reckoned with, individually and collectively.
- XPOZ Magazine, Vol. 2.1

"2004 Song of the Year Press Release"

Press Release
From: Song of the Year
Date: April 18, 2005


Headline: 2004 Competition Winners Announced

“You have a song in your heart…and a tune in your soul. Make that dream a reality.” So says the buy-line of the Song of the Year Songwriting Competition ad that ran in the February 28th edition of Music Connection magazine. Song of the Year (, supporter of the VH1 Save The Music Foundation, has set out to give writers a shot at their dreams. And this April, Song of the Year’s Grammy Award Winning Judges Panel spoke, bringing that dream a big step closer to reality for a select few.

The 2004 Song of the Year Competition has proven to be an outstanding success! Over the course of this last year, songwriters from around the globe have submitted their artistic works. Contestants have included the young and old, experienced and fledgling, amateur and professional, and have reflected all walks of life, including doctors, lawyers, musicians, teachers, waitresses, technicians, students, homemakers, and countless others. When asked about this past year, Song of the Year representative Christian Alday remarked, “Some of the entries bordered on sheer brilliance. Still others were somewhat less than noteworthy.” Charles Dimmick of the Critique Staff added, “But every submission reflected various views of the human condition and the extents of their imagination, while demonstrating everyone’s desires to inspire and express themselves. We’ve all been very impressed with what our contestants had to offer.”

On Thursday, April 14th, ten talented individuals received a phone call informing them that they had been selected as a year-end finalist in the 2004 Song of the Year competition. Of those ten, three got the wondrous news that they had been declared the top three winners for the year. These ten finalists include the works of songwriters from Australia, Pakistan, The United Kingdom, and The United States.

The top honor of “Song of the Year” for 2004 went to Matthew Bair, the lead vocalist and primary songwriter for the New York based Rock band “Bandcamp.” Matthew’s submission of “Celebrity” came out as the finalist in the Rock category prior to winning the contest. Bandcamp’s infectious blend of gutsy Rock/Emo Punk composing with smart hooks and structure, along with spirited yet intelligent lyrics made “Celebrity” the favorite among the judging staff and the Song of the Year family. Matthew, along with his band mates, have just been signed with E.V.L.A./Atlantic Records and are hard at work on their first album, which will include their winning track. Matthew expressed how "exciting it is to have my song appreciated by so many in a competition full of choices" and gave "thanks to everyone involved for their support in making ‘Celebrity’ Song of the Year!" He went on to say that “Bandcamp is looking forward to making the most of this opportunity. Thank you!"

Nashville-based rapper Tyler Ramos, a.k.a. Latino Saint, along with co-writer Krystel, took 2nd place in 2004. Their winning song “U Don’t Know” stays true to Hip-Hop, while expressing a very true and honest, yet inspiring vision of life through Tyler’s masterful rhymes. The smart blend of rap and vocals apparent in the chorus of “U Don’t Know” show a complexity that reflects their combined talent. This sheer talent is already catching the eyes and ears of some of the top names in the Hip-Hop community and is placing Latino Saint on a fast track to success.
- Song of the Year (

"The Latino Saint and Krystel"

Thursday, May 19, 2005

He's a little bit Hip-Hop and she's a little bit R&B Soul, but when you put them together - they're a tight duo better known as Latino Saint (aka Tyler Ramos) and Krystel (aka Krystle Ochsner). These two partners in musical crime are making an impact on the music scene with their smartly crafted but still soulfully hip blended beats and vocals. Over the last two years the Nashville-based performers have performed with some of Hip-Hop's A-List rhymsters such as Killa Mike, G-Unit's Young Buck, Fat Joe, B2K, LL Cool J, Bubba Sparxxx, Blu Cantrell, Amanda Perez, Chingy and Snoop Dogg among many. According to the new hip-hop culture magazine XPOZ, Latino Saint's CD "Half Breed" became one of the most critically acclaimed independent releases of 2004.
The Latino Saint and Krystel were even more successful as songwriters. Their hit single "U Don't Know" won the hip-hop category and second place overall in the Song of the Year contest ( Collectively, Latino Saint and Krystel have formed an alliance of talented musicians and producers into an organization known as La Familia Del Sol or "Family of the Sun". With the use of internet technology as their key networking source for their members, this group of dedicated performers are providing opportunities to independent musicians throughout the country. Meet the Latino Saint and Krystel. Read on:
KRYSTEL: "It's our network of artists more than it is a group of performers. We use that name when we all perform together. It helps us to present a united front as entertainers. But individually we all have our independent careers, shows, and audiences that we cater to. Tyler's audiences are more hip-hop and mine are more into R&B and Pop. But when we work together the two styles and the two audiences are combined into one."
TYLER: "We network with artists, and people are always coming and going, but we provide show and production opportunities. We have three solid producers. We have six solid artists. Three of them have CD's and merchandise that's being sold. So we help them to get their product marketed and the other three who don't have product as of now, we're helping them to get to that level by working them through the necessary ranks."
TYLER: "Yes. We're often called E.O.E. or equal opportunity entertainment. We have performers who are white, latin, black- it doesn't matter to us, everyone's welcome. We have a passion for music and feel that when we all come together it's a beautiful rainbow of music and performers."
KRYSTEL: "I just want to add that many of the artists in the La Familia Del Sol family are not based in Nashville. Some are living here but also in Michigan, Arkansas, Nebraska and California. We work heavily through the internet too by locating various producers and performers who are listed on certain websites."
TYLER: "We've had a few, including one from a major Latin company. But in all these offers, so far it hasn't been the right deal. We've had offers from several independent companies too, but we now look at ourselves as an independent company. Our philosophy is, you've got to out-hustle us! We don't necessarily need a record deal because we're making records. We're still open to work with a company if it's a good deal though. Right now we really need promotions, marketing and bookings - as many as we can get."
KRYSTEL: "I've sung backup for several major name artists. I've sang background for Lyle Lovett, which included being one of the singers on a TV show that he did. I've worked with Grammy-award winning producer Shannon Sanders, who is India. Arie's producer. He lives here and he's been helpful in getting me a lot of work with major artists."
KRYSTEL: "We've been together for two years. We met through one of the websites that feature information about independent artists and performers. Tyler had asked for people to review his music. I did a review and he in turn reviewed my music so from there we just started communicating. We started out as music associates, collaborating on each other's music. We eventually met up at a music conference in Florida. After finally meeting each other in person, we knew we both wanted to be together. Most of the time we don't perform together. We work separately with other bands."
TYLER: We didn't start communicating with the idea of doing internet dating. It just turned out that way. We loved each other's music. I was living in Michigan (Battle Creek) and there wasn't any real reason that I should continue living there. So I ended up here in Nashville because of her."
TRIBUNE - Tennessee Tribune - Janice Malone

"Someone From Around Our Way is Making It Happen"

There are many misconceptions about the faces behind the craft of hip-hop. The faces of hip—hop are changing and transcending. The rest of society is waking up to the fact that rhythms and rhymes to a funky beat doesn’t warrant a label of thug, trouble maker, or an assumption of a low IQ. The temperate inner climate of the heart of one rap/hip-hop artists is erupting everyday.

Tyler Ramos, professionally known as the Latino Saint, is out there makin’ it happen. When I first met Tye I could tell the fire, the love, and the passion he has for his craft would prove to take him where he wanted to go. He is an accomplished songwriter, rapper, producer, and artists of many facets. Growing up in Marshall and living much of his adult life in Battle Creek, the Latino Saint hasn’t forgotten where he’s from. He returns home as often as he can to support local community events. Check out what he has been up to lately.


May 2005 songoftheyear Announcement – 2nd Place Winner for Song of the Year!

Listen to the Saint & Krystel's, track ' U DON'T KNOW' which won 2nd place out of over 12,000 entrants in the 2004 SONG OF THE YEAR contest.

“Tyler Ramos, a.k.a. Latino Saint, along with co-writer Krystel, took 2nd place in 2004. Their winning song “U Don’t Know” stays true to Hip-Hop, while expressing a very true and honest, yet inspiring vision of life through Tyler’s masterful rhymes. The smart blend of rap and vocals apparent in the chorus of “U Don’t Know” show a complexity that reflects their combined talent. This sheer talent is already catching the eyes and ears of some of the top names in the Hip-Hop community and is placing Latino Saint on a fast track to success.”

– The above quote forwarded By Keith Bryant, Senior Editor of KJB Media, a division of KJB Productions

This accomplishment did not come easy. Each month songs are submitted in every genre of music, with a winner in each genre selected each month. “U Don’t Know” entered in January 2004 under the hip-hop/R&B category. The song won the January slot for hip-hop/R&B category. At the end of 2004, the song was put up against winners from each month who won the same category. "U Don’t Know" was victorious! Once more it placed at the top, winning 1st place in their category. For the 2004 Overall Song of The Year honors, the song competed up against winners in every genre from around the globe: Australia, Pakistan, The United Kingdom, and The United States (over 12,000 entrants). Top yearly winners are judged by an elite-panel of judges consisting of Grammy Award winners as well as individuals from Rolling Stone, ABC television, and more. U Don’t Know won 2nd Place.

The Song of the Year is an international contest encouraging the art and discipline of songwriting. Winners are networked with professionals in the music industry. A portion of the proceeds from Song of the Year support the VH1 Save the Music Foundation.

- By Colleen A. Jones,

"Columbia's Ministry of Culture gives Latino Saint props!"

to view the original article, go to:

Concurso Latino Saint vs. Spyder Remix de Sony

Sony invita a crear un remix basado en las canciones Loco de Latino Saint y Make Some Noise de Spyder usando el programa ACID y algunos de los loops que están disponibles en su página de Para participar se requiere enviar la pista a través ese sitio de Internet. Los ganadores recibirán entre otros obsequios, productos de Sony por ceraca de 3.500.000 de pesos. No podrán participar menores de 13 años. Esta convocatoria se cerrará el 1 de septiembre de 2005.

Mas información: Internet: []. Madison (EUA).
- Ministerio de Cultura - Republica de Columbia


All My Familia - EP, 1999
Elemental Surprise - EP, 2000
Rare Art - LP, 2003
Half Breed - LP, 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


Latino Saint is a RAPPER, writer, and choreographer whose musical style is a true demonstration of his artistic growth. The Saint has an uncanny ability to take real life situations, add his urban Latino flair and mix it up with funky beats of hardcore rhythm & rhymes. His Latin flavored hip-hop and choreographed shows with his group, La Familia Del Sol have received critical acclaim for their energy and ability to captivate the audience.

Since the Saint's inception onto the music scene, he has performed all across the Midwest and in the South. Partnering up with Kakaty, Digg-Dugg & Krystel to open for G-UNIT, SNOOP DOGG, CHINGY, B2K, L.L.COOL.J, BUBBA SPARXXX, DREAM, BLU CANTRELL , AMANDA PEREZ, FAT JOE and more. His stage show is loud and boisterous for the college and club scenes, bringing down the house with a collection of booty shakin' beats or commercialized for younger audiences.

Saint has been nominated for Rap Artist of the Year and Rap Album of the Year at the 2006 Southern Entertainment Awards(

Listen to the Saint & Krystel's, track ' U DON'T KNOW' which won 2nd place out of over 12,000 entrants in the 2004 SONG OF THE YEAR contest( and his album "Half Breed", noted by XPOZ Magazine as one of the best independent albums of 2004.

Also, Saint's music is now available on every major music download service on the internet, such as i-tunes, Musicmatch Jukebox, Comcast Rhapsody, Napster, E-Music, Real, MSN, MusicNet, MusicNow, Audio Lunch Box, Karma Download, etc. Check it out and download Saint's music like crazy!!

Saint is the Executive Director of La Familia Del Sol Entertainment, a full service production and promotion company based in Nashville, TN as well as LAFA Music, the digital distribution arm of La Familia. The company has hosted a number of events in the South, including the Southeast MC Battle Royale, a series of freestyle MC battles with over $5,000 in cash and prizes.

Saint's collaborations with Michigan rock band Pop Evil, other online artists, publishers, producers and booking agents in Nashville, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Houston, New York, & Arkansas makes him one BUSY AMIGO!