LATO brings together different influences blending them into an original form of indie-rock. Fresh catchy tunes alternate naturally with intense psychedelic ballads like the title-track. Synths and trumpets go hand in hand with vocal melody and fuzz guitars.


LATO is a collective of musicians coming from the Italian underground scene. Filippo Pavesi, Roberto Fappani and, Stefano Pavesi played in Scanferlato while the live version of the band features Tommaso Tofanetti and Alex Pastorelli.

LATO’s debut album "Out of the Dark" was conceived between Milan, Barcelona and, New York during Filippo’s wanderings. In Spring 2007 after having put together a number of tracks, Filippo and Roberto decided to start recording with their friend Gianluca Mancini in Milan.
The studio becomes an open house as various artists from the Italian underground scene take part in the project. Just to mention a few, Giovanna Garlati (Kech) comes in to sing on “Live Mildly” while Marzo (Kech) plays the trumpet on “Splendid Isolation”. Pasquale Defina (AtleticoDefina) drops in now and then plugging in some of his unique guitars.

The nine tracks are a rare display of mature song writing. Atmospheres from the The Flaming Lips, The Cure, Radiohead and, Mudhoney come to mind when listening to “Out of the Dark” but Filippo’s intense vocals add an extra touch of pathos and personality.

The videos for “Space and Time” and "Splendid Isolation" can be viewed at

Out of the Dark was released released in Italy and Germany on Echophonic/Gandula Sounds and is also available on i-tunes.

LATO opened for Arab Strap’s Italian tour in November 2006, and played at the Heineken Jammin’ Festival in Imola in June 2006.

U.S Tour: LATO were invited to play at the International Pop Overthrow (IPO) Festival in NYC and toured the U.S. and Germany in 2009.

They are now at work on the new album which will released in 2010.


splendid isolation

Written By: LATO

And I know the little lies
That hide behind those thighs that often wait for me
Treading with a smile in the storm
Treading like I always knew
A basic fact is that I want a company that’s not too close
Ah Ah Ah AH

Not too slow
Let it grow
Desire can wait as you deal with empty peace of being alone
And I’m
in the aftermath of
A burning house that you watched slowly fall as the ghosts came out for you

And I know
This is not for me
So you see
Take another road
Inside out
So you find its true its me
Running love so I see
Go away
little time No I say

And I know the little lies
That hide behind those thighs that often wait for me
Oh in the morning ashes
There comes a breeze
Giving back awareness of a self you long divided with

Ah Ah Ah Ah

I’m in splendid I’m in splendid
I’m in splendid


I’m in splendid I’m in splendid
I’m in splendid


Deep - Video EP (2009 - Gandula Sounds)
Out of the Dark (2008 - Echophonic/Gandula Sounds)

Casual Geometry (2003 - Toast Records)
Larry (1999 - Gandula Sounds)

Set List

We play between 30 minutes to 1.5 hours