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London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band Pop Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Hybrid Lab"

Listening to Lato I find myself considering skyscapes. They share the comforting catharsis bands like Air offer with songs floating like clouds shifting somewhere between sunrise and sunset. Tracks like Deep Blue Air and Saturday lace sweet gentle vocals onto haunted chill-out haze much as the sun creep rounds a towering Cumuli Nimbus. The nostalgic lyrics catch something between the melancholic and the beautiful. These loving guys sing of the stages of love touched by starlight, eclipsed by brightness, dappled in shadow. Tracks like Crib and Tear in My Heart are darker midnight sounds. Expressing a storm of emotions, guitars let loose and a drum set rips out from the extremities. Lato’s style draws widely from the classical singer-songwriter legacy. Paul Simon and Coldplay come to mind offset by a homespun sound that is live rather than over-produced homogeny.

If you like Coldplay, Air, Portishead and U2 you’ll like them.

Meriel Goss - INIET London

"Rock Star Lottery"


ALEX Lato's latest song is inspired
by a walk around ancient ruins
in Greece.
It may not sound very rock
'n' roll, but Alex's chilled out
image and mellow songs have
catapulted him towards the top
of a worldwide talent contest on
the web.
The 26-year-old from Addiscombe
has entered a competition called the
Rock Star Lottery (RSL), which aims
to find a star previously outside the
music industry.
So far 900 acts have entered from
all over the world and Alex is hover-
ing between fourth and fifth posi-
Last week The Advertiser featured
teenage pop sensation Nlkki, who is
hoping that his Live Web TV show
will help launch his music career.
The 17 -year-old pop singer has
spent nearly £20,000 on choreogra-
phers, recording studios and PR
gurus to help him with his website's
bid for fame.
But, Alex is taking a more tradi-
tional approach and instead of court-
ing the media he is dedicating hours
to practising his guitar work in his
back garden and perfecting his lyrics.
He is comfortable with his image
and is not about to squeeze himself
into leather
trousers to
impress anyone.
He said: "I'm
not that worried
about rock 'n'
roll. Let's face it,
I'm a public
school boy who
went to a good
university. I'm
never exactly
going to be The
champions itself
as an antidote
to the "medioc-
rity" coming out
of the music
It is a website
artists from all
over the world are invited to enter
their songs.
Then, as in TV talent show The X
Factor, the public are asked to vote
for their favourites.
A block of five votes costs £1 and
the company aims to raise £1.5mi1-
lion to launch the career of the artist
or band with the most votes.
Once a winner emerges, voters will
be entered into a "lottery" to win 50
per cent of the winning artist's profits.
Alex gigs in London and one of his
songs made it onto a CD on the front
of magazine Music Week.
And despite graduating from
Oxford University, he sacrificed the
chance of a glittering career for his
music and he is still waiting for his
big break.
And he is not giving up. He said: "I
believe good music will always do
well. The RSL could work and if it
does I believe I have a good chance of
- Croydon Advertiser

"Big Time Looms"

An unsigned band is taking an international talent competition by storm. Lato, a five piece band who practice in Hackney, are currently second in an internet based competition, The Rock Star Lottery, which promises a prize of a 1.5 million pound record deal. Drummer Jake Blair, who live in Mount Pleasant Lane, Upper Clapton, where the band also rehearses, says they could be jetting off on a world tour if they stay in the top three. "It would be amazing" said Jake, 27, who grew up in Hackney and works as a teacher. The band have been together for only a few months and have worked on several music projects before. Now they hope to hit the big time after beating off competition from more than 250 rivals from around the world to receive more than 45,000 votes.
For Jake, the choice between the band and his teaching career is no contest. "We don't know how long it would last, but I'm sure that if I got the chance to become a rock star its something I wouldn't want to miss," he said.
Lato will find out in December if they are one of the bands in the top three who will go on a six week world tour, after which voting will take place for the winner. - Hackney Gazette


The London Girl EP - November 2006
The Scandalous EP - March 2007
The Number One EP - May 2007
The LA EP - June 2007
The Rest Is History LP - May 2008
The Phantom EP December 2008



LATO formed in 2005, but the current line up wasn't completed until 2007 when Simon joined. We were scouted by Russ Regan (the man behind Elton John) in summer 2007 and signed a preliminary agreement for a four album deal. We moved to LA to record our debut album. Our deal fell through when the parent company run out of money and we came back to London in spring 2008 with a kick ass record and something to prove. In November 2008 our record was picked up by Deuce Management, and received copious airplay - for reviews see below. At our most recent gig we blew away the 350 strong audience at Mr Kyps, Poole - for feedback see below. We're hungry, we're good, and we rock. Book us and you won't regret it.

Most Recent Review, from Mr Kyps, 17th Jan:

hey there guys i watched you last night at mr kyps as support to coldplace - i didnt even know you were going to be performing i had never prior heard of you - but i was really, really impressed with your music! - i bought a copy of your album which i am currently playing in my car. me and my mates were saying how i could imagine you supporting much much bigger artists such as razorlight or oasis for example. because i have seen alot alot of bands, and consequently seen alot of support bands, and i can honestly say you are the best support band (who i had never previously heard of) i have ever seen. basicly i just want to wish you all the best in the future and hopefully i'll see you play again.
Take Care Tom

Radio Feedback for Lato:

'checked these guys out for you, and added their music to the servers... they sound awesome and I feel will go along way!'

Angel at

'Great Band, I will be playlisting them on New Talent At Dec 16th Also on Local Talent as my 'Guest Band'' on Nov 28th'

Lizzie Bing - Radio Seagull & Saint FM

'I listened to all the tracks, they certainly are versatile, and I can use them in my show. If their live shows are as good as their music suggests, they should have a future.'

Joe Dray –

'I have listened to the Lato stuff, and I really like it.'

Claire at

'We love the band and will be playing "Everybody Knows The Way" on this week's show.'

Rev at

'I like them - very 80's sound i think. They make me think 'The Smiths and Big Country'

,p> Sian Turner

'Good band, nice sound!Will play them in my show for sure.'

Erik Hartman at in Holland

'We played them on a show last year, I like them too. Thanks for the info on the new album'

We formed in August 2006, although all of us have been working in music for longer than that - Alex and Mike were first in a band in 1995.

We recorded a demo album in spring 2007, and one track - Everybody Knows The Way (3AM), was heard by Velocity Entertainment, an LA company whose CEO is Russ Regan, best known for discovering Elton John and Neil Diamond.
We went to LA to meet them and they offered us a deal, the terms being that we provided them with an album, which they would promote. We decided to record the entire album again, and raised some money to do this, on the strength of Russ's formidable reputation.

We started recording in LA in September 2007, and in December, on the strength of the unmixed tracks, we were offered a four album deal by Velocity, which we celebrated by having a big dinner together and settling the initial terms of the contract.

In January we were told that the business environment had changed, and that we would need to wait until the album was finished before we would see a contract.

As time wore on, and various business deals in LA went sour, it became clear that we would not be getting the original deal we had been hoping for, and we began to realize that we would need to start again in London, building a fan base and coming from the grass roots.

So that's what we've been doing.

Awards and Track Record

2005 - Alex Lato wins the Rock category of the UK Songsearch with Crib.
2006 - Tear In My Heart, an Alex Lato song produced by Jake Blair, is highly commended by the VH-1Song of the Year competition.

2007 - London Girl spends 17 weeks at no.2 in Australian Indie Radio charts. 3AM is also in the top ten for a number of weeks.

2008 - London Girl and Hollywood For You are semi- finalists in the UK Songwriting competition.