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If Earth, Wind & Fire were a girl, you'd have LaTonya Reed. Imagine Mahalia Jackson, Jennifer Hudson & Oprah Winfrey merging with Mariah Carey's songwriting, combining aspects of New Age Philosophy, Christian Teachings, Mysticism and Positive Thinking.


LaTonya Reed is currently being represented by Avis J. Tucker Talent Reps. Talent roster includes r&b crooner Eric Benet, and actor James Lesure (who boasts a recent re-occuring role on NBC's "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip").

Commercial/Theatrical Agent: The Stevens Group. See L.A. Casting link below.

As a small child, singer/songwriter, actress LaTonya Reed attended many gospel caravan shows in, and around Los Angeles, California (her place of birth).

Her late father was a minister, songwriter & guitar player, and her extraodinary musician, singer & songwriter in her own right.... was the opening act for the legedary great, MAHALIA JACKSON.

Although she was barely of speaking age at this time....LaTonya has memories etched in her psyche of ..... not only her mother's astonishingly-moving performances, at such venues as The Shrine Auditorium.... but also... of JACKSON's.

There seemed to be a "mystique" about the woman..... her essence and aura were SO PURE.

The small, impressionable child recalls being "effected" by Jackson's seeming deep adoration for The Divine. It was a love that ran SO DEEP that it appeared beyond human comprehension.

LaTonya does not RECALL the music that was rendered during those performances (except her mom's), but rather......with MS. JACKSON.... the child was more "affected" by..... THE ESSENCE & SPIRIT OF THE WOMAN.

This was a woman...... who was an amazing Light. She was sent here for a divine purpose..... to touch, and to heal with her voice.... by way of her dedication and commitment to her "Gift" and a "spiritual life"...... and with the purity of her love for God.

In junior high, high school and college, LaTonya sung with her older brother's community choirs (paying tribute to the late great JAMES CLEVELAND at the time).... and performed in various pop musical theatre productions (such as "GODSPELL") at school.

She then went on to acquire her Bachelor of Arts Degree, in Communications, from Howard University, in Washington, D.C., (where she toured with THE HOWARD GOSPEL CHOIR & THE RICHARD SMALLWOOD SINGERS [who's work WHITNEY HOUSTON performed & recorded on the CD & in the movie "The Preacher's Wife"]).

Tonya later began work on her Master's Degree, in Vocal Jazz Studies at The University of Southern California (USC).

Her goal is to, one day, complete this degree program.... for soon after she started, she aborted the school curriculum at USC in favor of traveling to Europe and Asia to perform as a jazz, r&b and pop singer.

A few national television commercials granted her membership into the Screen Actors Guild during this time.

She can currently been seen in a Supporting role, playing The Singer, in the motion-picture short "Tiny Terrors of the Mind." see trailer at:

Her TV credits include "Raines", starring JEFF GOLDBLOOM, and The GEORGE LOPEZ Show.

She has worked in Walt Disney musical theatre productions, and as an opening act for various "old school" r&b headliners, such as AL GREEN, TAYLOR DAYNE & A TASTE OF HONEY.

While at USC Tonya performed in the company of WYNTON MARSALIS.

Her music has been featured and simulcast both nationally, and internationally.

Her vocal influences include aspects of jazz, gospel, new age, musical theatre, and opera.

Today, LaTonya combines the influences of her gospel & pentecostal roots with aspects of New Age Philosophy, Mysticism & The Science of Mind.

She is a long-standing member and soloist at The AGAPE International Center of Truth, in Culver City, CA... founded by Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith (featured on Oprah and in "The Secret").

Her vocal solo, in 1996, with The AGAPE INTERNATIONAL CHOIR made the title song & CD "I Walk In the Love of God" a favorite among New Thought parishioners.

Like with MAHALIA JACKSON.... LaTonya's love for The Divine runs deep..... this is exemplified in her lyrics.

Her music merges this devotional lyrical content with contemporary music and singable melodies that include "catchy" hook lines and phrases.

Ladies and Gentlemen.....LaTonya Reed!


Say Yes

Written By: LaTonya Reed

Say Yes

In the Stillness of the Silence ... In the Stillness of your Soul,
Come to Me, Oh Heavy Laden, & Discover that you're Whole.
Lay your burdens down, My Children, & experience the Bliss,
There is nothing to deter you, all you is.. Say Yes!

(Come to Me, Oh Heavy Laden)

In the Stillness of the Silence, in the Stillness of your Soul,
Lay your burdens down, Sweet Children & discover that you're Whole.
All the Joy and Peace you're seeking is within you Inner Being,
When you claim your given Power... a voice inside will Sing!

Your Life can seem so unsure, Your Path Unclear.
But keep your mind on what is Pure,
And you'll see that you're already there!

In the Stillness of the Silence, in the Stillness of your Soul,
Come to me, Oh Heavy Laden, & discover that you're Whole!
Lay Your burdens down, My Children, & experience the Bliss,
There is nothing to deter you...all you is SAY YES!

For I wanna know.... If you love me, my children.
For sweet children... you're the ones I adore!

Joy In My Life

Written By: LaTonya Reed & Athoas

Joy In My Life

There's a Joy In May Life,
Won't just turn and walk away.
There's a Joy In My Life,
And I know it's here to stay.


Every minute of the hour,
Every second of the day....
I keep my Spirit strong,
And the Father points the way!

The times I feel so weak in faith,
I close my eyes and pray...
'Cause there's A Joy In My Life to Stay!

Count on Me

Written By: LaTonya Reed & Athoas

Count On Me

When I was in doubt, you rescued me.
When I was in fear, your love set me free.

My love is for you. I will supply your needs.
When you’re in trouble, you can always COUNT ON ME!

When I felt alone, so desperate and in despair,
When I turned to you, your love was there!


"Keep On"
"LaTonya Reed"
"Mother Earth is Calling"
Associate Producer/Recording Artist/Songwriter

Set List

Inspirational sets include 20-30 minutes of inspiring material....combining original music with inspirational pop tunes such as "Imagine" (John Lennon), "I Am Changing" (from Dreamgirls), to inspiring Jazz Standards. Jazz & Pop sets include 45-minutes combining contemporary Jazz & Pop tunes such as "Smooth Operator", "Killing Me Softly", "Get Here" "Dream a Little Dream" & "Send In the Clowns" to standards like "My Way", "Fly Me to the Moon", "I Left My Heart in San Francisco", "Moon River" & "My Funny Valentine". Pop/R&B/Disco Reportoire: includes "We Are Family", "Boogie, Oogie Oogie," "I Will Survive" to Motown & Jackson 5 hits.