Latosha Evans

Latosha Evans



Latosha Evans’ gift to sing was evident to her friends and family when she was two years old. “Latosha showed strong music potential. She had the ability to retain lyrics and she showed a sense of perfect pitch since she was very young,” explains Tony Evans, Latosha’s uncle.

Music ran in the Evan’s family. Latosha’s grandparents were in a group called The Denver Traveletts and her uncle was in a famous group called the Union Harmonizer. These deep musical influences have played a major part in Evans’ musical development.

“As far back as I can remember Tosha had this passion to sing. I remember when we would walk down the street, and for no reason at all, Tosha would burst into a song. I always knew she had talent, and that someday it would pay off,” comments Jermaine Evans, Latosha’s brother.

Singing became a part of Evan’s life early, and she has never looked back. Evans studied the likes of Whitney Houston and the late songstress, Aaliyah as a pre teen. “I would spend countless hours learning all of their lyrics, their runs and their vocal style,” says Evans.

These days you can find the young singer busy in the studio crafting her sound and completing her debut album (untitled) scheduled to be released in 2007 on KAM Records. Evan’s debut album will feature top notch production by Twin Cities hit makers, Trak Citi and others producers.

“Latosha is a young singer that is just beginning to see her potential. She has a lot of soul in her voice and should be poised to do big things with her first album. She definitely has a sound and is going to be developing a show to match the voice in the near future,” remarks Trak Citi CEO, Matt D.

The future looks bright for this Twin Cities artist, who is holding down the number one spot on I In 2007, expect to see Evans emerge on the scene with collaborations with Twin Cities heavy weights including, Trey of the Twin Cities R&B group, VIP. Evans will also be performing around the Twin Cities with Trak Citi and it’s affiliates.

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Written by: Kandis Knight

Music Journalist