Lima, Ohio, USA
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Born Nov 5 th 1976, Michael Latson was the youngest of four siblings.At A young age, Michael was taught the art of music by recording artist and grandmother Lela Latson. At 7 years old Michael wrote his first rap,which in turn ,the school system let him travel to other schools to perform his talent. At age 11 Michael won his first talent show ..two years later he made his first commercial for The USA Networks Super Mix Dance Party.At the ripe young age of 14 Michael produced his own 15 song LP" I'm A Man Now " 3 years later he was shot 4 times and barely escaped with his life! in 2004 he was chosen to represent Lima,Oh in the Millie Lewis International Talent Showcase.In December 2006 he self-released the 16 song LP "The World Iz Yours" featuring the local sensation "Put It In The Want Ads" In August of 2010 he again self-released the 17 song LP "Legendary" Currently working on brand new album "Prodigy" , 2011 was A big year for Lat$i'on! In June 2012 Latsi'on self-released " his first mixtape "Hell Iz Hot: Da Mixtape" which quickly rose to #2 on with catchy hooks such as " U Ain't Krankkin' Like Me" & "Baby I Know We're Gonna Make It" 2013 is in for a surprise! currently working on a new album with singles such as " My Swagg Iz Rediculiz!!" &"Leave Them Behind" The album is starting out as a classic already!!


I Know We're Gonna Make It!!

Written By: Michael Andre' Latson

look at where we came from and what we went through and where we at now yet so much we gotta to do its so much we gotta see like italy in june promised you the sun but youd settle for the moon all the times i never understood what is true love they say im cold hearted they cosider me a thug on the streets gettin money out here peddlin my drugs till the pigs rolled up had me wallering in mud 2 years state its my first time away you my backbone mami wipe the tears from ya face mami we gone make it just keep my pussy hot i hit through the mail and be on the phone nonstop making love on the jack got me hard as a rock never really had a worry i had that pussy on lock every night i went to sleep i kept your picture on my box waitin for the moment that wed be back on top


1. Bonnie And Clyde 2 .Imma Man Now 3.The World Is Yours 4.Legendary 5.Prodigy 6.Hell Iz Hot;Da Mixtape 7.To Be Determined

1.Love Music 2.I'm Gone Shine!! 3.When A Pimps' Up In The Place 4.Bonnie & Clyde 5.I'm A Man Now 6.Put It In The Want Ads 7.Get Cha Thug On!!
8. I Don't Wanna Live No More
9. My Swagg Iz Rediculiz!! 10.Just Da Boss In Me