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"Lyrical Lounge Interview" - Shot Gun Reviews.Com

"Pulp Magazine Feature"
- Pulp Magazine

"Street Voice "meanwhile..." Review"

LATTE D. KYD - Meanwhile…: In a discussion at work today some one commented that white people can't rap very well when we were talking about artists and music. I let that person have a listen to this album and he was taken aback by what he heard then I showed him a photo of Latte he was lost for words. What Latte D. Kyd does so well is blending in rap with pop, rock and soul influences giving her sound a very street feel to it. Some would call it 'Urban' but 'Street' sounds more real which this album is! There's just no messing around here and that what makes this the album it is. Latte just gives you her songs straight without all that studio gimmickry that so many artists tend to use these days. Latte doesn't have to do that. She lets her voice and music do the talking for her and that's what makes her so cool! For me tracks like 'Don't You Dare', 'Lose Your Soul', 'Sixth Cents' and 'Kiss' are my favourite numbers on here but the others aren't far behind. In fact it's fair to say that there's no weak numbers on this release at all. 'Meanwhile…' also comes well packaged and produced giving (sic) you a brilliant debut album to check out. Latte D. Kyd rocks. Not only is she beautiful but also has all the right qualities to reach the very top in the music business. 9/10 - Street Voice Magazine

"Sister Action"

Rape. You may not associate the topic with a club-culture column such as this, but maybe you should. A high percentage of you know at least one woman who's been assaulted or raped in her life.

Certainly any woman heading home alone -- after a night of clubbing, say -- has to feel hyper-aware of her surroundings as she makes her way. I was followed off of an all-night streetcar once, and will never forget the terror of running down a deserted residential street while a strange man raced behind me. I know a dozen women with stories like this, and much worse.

Vocalist and rapid-fire hip-hop MC Latte D. Kyd has been inspired to raise funds in support of the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre as the result of such a story.

"I decided I wanted to do something for the TRCC after hearing about a young girl who was kidnapped and raped outside of a club during Pride weekend last summer," she says. "It's always been an issue I find difficult to accept about our society, especially as an independent young woman often out alone at night in a big city. The TRCC is an important resource that I suspected was not receiving a lot of support as people tend to turn a blind eye to such causes. We all need to start dealing with this head on and stop ignoring, whispering and tiptoeing around it."

Kyd has done just that, adhering to the stories of strength that flow through her debut EP, So Begins the Saga, by organizing Ladies of Hip-Hop Against Rape, an event featuring nine diverse women who make major contributions to Toronto's hip-hop scene...

- Eye Magazine - Denise Benson

"Upcoming: TRCC Benefit, Rivoli"

A crew of big-hearted and talented female MCs are teaming up to raise awareness and funds for the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape. The lineup is dope, with rising stars Tara Chase , Masia One and Eternia performing alongside underground lights like Belladonna and organizer Latte D. Kyd .
"I've always said the female hiphop community in Toronto needs to band together and do something for the greater community," explains Kyd, who says hearing news of a rape near Gaytown last Pride weekend spurred the idea.

Usually, events featuring female-positive musicians speaking out against violence against women have more of a guitar-girl vibe. So a really cool thing about this Friday's Rivoli event is the strong representation of diverse, positive hiphop.

It fits right in with the mandate of the TRCC, says Kyd.
"Their vision is to eradicate all violence against women and children from all races and classes, social, economic and cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, ages, physical and mental challenges and religious, spiritual and political beliefs, and I have an intense desire to expand the male-dominated, stereotypical view of hiphop culture."

- Now Magazine

"From Law School to Hip Hop"

An early childhood poet, a high school karaoke star and a young Caucasian woman with a passion for hip hop music, Latte D. Kyd, a graduate of the University of Toronto, decided to become more seriously involved with her music in 2001 after choosing to postpone law school indefinitely.

After a self-produced demo featuring songs from various genres including gospel, R&B, and hip hop; Latte turned her focus to developing her own unique sound. In early 2003, she hooked up with producer Flavio Monopoli and they set out to make a "non-traditional" urban music album.

Her debut EP, “So Begins the Saga…” (2004) is a cohesive presentation of four remarkable tracks which represent Kyd’s distinct style and her vast potential as a truly an innovative force on the Canadian urban music scene. Kyd’s flow presents a serious feminist vibe, flavored with dark humor delivered at turbo speed over highly atypical “beats” consisting largely of live instrumentation.

Her sultry, jazzy R &B vocals make the hooks not only catchy but a soothing contrast to the bullet-train verses. The EP, though cascading in subtle innuendo and witty cynicism; has a light-hearted approach with a sound that makes you want to get on the dance floor and Latte's confident, often comedic delivery. This collection, though clearly offering rap verses with harmonic R&B influenced hooks is truly unique and difficult to characterize strictly within one genre.

In January 2005, Latte joined six other hard-hitting female emcees for the 1st Ladies of Hip Hop Against Rape. This highly successful benefit concert (with all proceeds directed to the Toronto Rape Crisis Center) was the brain-child of this conscious entertainer and Kyd is committed to making it an impressive annual gathering of fierce female flava'.

She has performed at numerous well known venues in Toronto and Vancouver as well as in New York and London. Already achieving significant national attention, Latte D. Kyd is definitely an up-and-coming artist to watch on the urban music scene.


2009: "meanwhile..."
(LP, CD, copyright 2009)

2004: "So Begins The Saga..."
(EP, CD, copyright 2004)
(Kyd, Monopoli, Vyrostko, Connelly)

2002: "Sweet & Sour"
(demo, CD, copyright 2001)



Introducing Latte D. Kyd... After a self-produced demo featuring various genres including gospel, R&B & hip hop; Latte D. Kyd turned her focus to developing her own unique sound. She hooked up with "outside the box" producer Flavio Monopoli and they set out to create "non-traditional" urban music.

"So Begins The Saga..." is a presentation of four remarkable songs which debut Latté’s distinct artistic style and offer but a glimpse into her potential as a fiercely innovative creative force. Kyd's poetic flows present a unique female vibe, flavoured with an edgy yet sweet comedic twist and delivered at turbo speed over atypical 'beats' consisting largely of live instrumentation with rock, funk and jazz influences. Latté's sultry, soul-inspired vocals make the hooks not only catchy but a soothing contrast to the bullet train verses. This introductory collection, though clearly offering fast paced raps juxtaposed with harmonic refrains is truly unique and difficult to characterize strictly within a single genre (or to experience by reading about it!). Tracks from "So Begins The Saga..." are still in rotation on several college radio stations and the EP received acclaim for both it's interesting mix of music and Latté's raw yet captivating vocal and lyrical capabilities.

"meanwhile...", a new anthology of songs was released in May 2009 which parallels the striking evolution of Kyd's musical influences and abilities over the past few years. The result of collaboration with a select few urban/electronic producers, "meanwhile..." is a promising full-length effort that elevates Latté's signature bass heavy, guitar rich live-feel & exposes more of her versatility as a singer in addition to showcasing her much progressed skills as a rapid-fire style emcee. Kyd's alternative urban sound features catchy hooks yet truly caters to those who crave something different from the typical sounds on the hip hop & pop scene of today. This refreshing talent has wowed crowds with her powerful vocals and speedy delivery at numerous venues in Canada and is eager to take her high-energy show on the road. Already achieving local attention, Latté D. Kyd is definitely an extraordinary up-and-coming artist to watch. From potential to prowess, expect the unexpected.
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