La Tuza

La Tuza

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

La Tuza is the only Mexican roots band in Boston, and one of just a handful on the East Coast. The trio specializes in the African-influenced son jarocho of Veracruz, the swinging son calentano of the Hotlands, and the fiery son huasteco of central Mexico.


The dynamic acoustic trio La Tuza performs Mexican roots music. The band presents a colorful collage of dance music from three musical genres in Mexico: the fiery son huasteco of central Mexico, the lively son calentano from the Mexican Hotlands, and the synco- pated son jarocho with its rhythms drawn from African traditions.
La Tuza strums, plucks, and rattles its way through high-energy shows with traditional Mexican instruments, such as jarana jarocha, guitar, jarana huasteca, requinto, violin, cajon, marimbol, pandero, and quijada (donkey jawbone). Audiences throughout New England at festivals, weddings, music clubs, bars, schools, and private recep- tions have embraced La Tuza’s exciting approach to folk music, proving that while son comes from the Mexican countryside, its infectious spirit has no boundaries.

“Hear what they do with one violin, one jarana, three voices, and a box and just try not dancing.” - The Boston Phoenix

“Part of La Tuza’s mission is to demonstrate that there is a lot more to Mexican music than the familiar strains of mariachi bands.” - Harvard Magazine feature on David Wax & La Tuza

“Critic’s Pick” for Fall 2008 concert at Johnny D’s
- Boston Globe

Best World Music Act nominee in 2010
- Boston Phoenix


Son del Otro Lado (2009)

Set List

A typical set (50 minutes) includes about 10 songs, chosen from the following:

El Gustito
El Querreque
La Petenera
La Presumida
La Rosa
Serenata Huasteca

El Celoso
La Guanabana
El Balaju
El Colas
El Chocolate
El Guapo
El Pajaro Carpintero
El Pajaro Cu

El Pichon
La Chamaquita
La Mariquita
Morenita Mia
Son Guerrerense