John Steinbeck meets John Henry meets John Martyn, laughingcrow isn't really a band, but a movable feast: Idea: tell a good story, make it easy to dance to, make you ponder the inpenetrables of the human condition, from falling angels to shapeshifting border crashers to flooding levees. Party on!


Joni Mitchell and Richard Thompson's love child, midwifed by O'Henry, John Steinbeck, and Trout Fishing in America. We don't do weddings or windows. Two years in three studios, credit cards maxxed out, and the dog won't roll over. What started out as a Katrina tribute album has morphed and meandered into the subliminal terrain of a deeply personal country. Guitar, bass, keyboards, a little fiddle, a little sax, lots of sweet, high harmonies, and you've got something you can take home to momma. Laughing Crow's voice, somewhere between Leo Kottke on a good hair day and Joan Armatrading's brittle angstm, but from the other island. Try it on for size, watch this space for fishing reports.


Desolation Road, Katrina, I Will Send You Wings-WMVY local artist