Laughing Pizza

Laughing Pizza

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Laughing Pizza plays original, positive pop music that families can enjoy together. We like to call it; "Music for kids that won't drive parents nuts!".


Lisa Michaelis and Billy Schlosser met on "Star Search" through their mutual friends, The Village People. They later married and became a family of three. Emily Schlosser is 11 years old. She is a musician, dancer, artist and poet. She loves being in a band with her parents.

That band, Laughing Pizza, strives to spread a positive message of love and acceptance through dazzling, catchy pop tunes. The kids dig it. So do their parents!

Every Laughing Pizza show provides families the opportunity to sing, dance and laugh together. One performance, and audiences are hooked!


Share A Smile

Written By: Billy Schlosser, Lisa Michaelis, Jenna Torres, Elizabeth Newman

Share a smile (repeat)

You may pass me by
Never knowing what is going on inside
If you take a look around
Do you see what I see as we walk this common ground?

I may have a lot to say
I can say it in a very special way

It’s a great big world
With everybody in it
There’s room enough for you and me
It’s a great big world
It only takes a minute
To share a smile with somebody

Everywhere, everyplace
Different voices different choices
Always a new face
So reach out
Let someone in
Open up another’s heart it’s easy to begin

When you can’t find the words to say
You can say it in a very simple way

S – M – I – L – E
Come on along and smile with me
S – M – I – L – E
Come on along and smile with me

Just a smile a little smile
Just a smile is all we need


Meet The Pizza!s (CD)
Feelin' Good! (DVD)
Pizza Party! (CD)
Share A Smile! (DVD)

Set List

Set List and Length varies gig to gig.
We can do anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.
Standard: 10-12 songs, 45 minute set

Back To School
Every Day Should Be Valentine's Day
Jake and Roo
Just A Minute, Maurice
Share A Smile
Breakfast Jive
Birthday Rock