Laughing Rose Duo

Laughing Rose Duo

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Laughing Rose Duo sings sweet vocal harmonies garnishing pop sensibly on to a folk-based foundation with banjo and ukulele rhythm framing original and traditional songs. The music equivalent of "Sex in the city" meets "I Love Lucy".


Elsa Laughlin Hay and Sunga Rose met playing old-time music and draw from the rich American traditional song repertoire. They write original tunes that speak to the love of jazz, pop, and indie rock as well as food, cats, past lovers, current lovers, future lovers (the condition of the heart is an endless source of material), nature and much more.

Elsa has a strong musical background from early training in the trombone, but did not come into her own until picking up the banjo. A major benefit of the banjo is that is much easier to sing and play at the same time. While learning the traditional old-time songs on the banjo, she was inspired to write her own songs. Elsa is also currently a member of the 5-piece old-time string band Mostly Neighbors.

Sunga ...