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""Fading Scars" review"

Reading through the liner notes and the words to the various songs you can't help but be impressed with Laughing Stock's turn-a-phrase. As a punk rock band, the trio is pretty basic in their sound; a standard three person set-up who clearly know what they have to do to get the job done. They're a working man's punk band that is clearly and obviously capable of creating some outstanding music. They really come alive on tracks like "This World Sucks, You're the Newest Reason", where Laughing Stock embraces their inner Sex Pistols. A decent enough album that rocks hard and, it turn, works hard to rock.

3.5 stars out of 5 - Lucid Forge Webzine (Canada)

"Fading Scars review/LS interview"

Published in Oct. 2005
Written by Roxanne Gayle

Laughing Stock, a band based in Austin but rooted in Corpus Christi, has recently released their second full-length CD, "Fading Scars" (TFC Records).
Self-described as 'post-hardcore vs. power pop,' Laughing Stock showcases their range and evolution in sound and songwriting ability in the follow up to their 2003 CD-EP, "Things Left Behind" (TFC Records). Laughing Stock's latest expression of emo aggression, "Fading Scars," is a representation of the evolution of punk music in Corpus Christi.
Laughing Stock began in 1995 as a change in direction for an essentially hardcore punk band, The Krayons (1987-95). The music of the Krayons lives on, not just in memory, but pressed in wax thanks to the creation of local independent label Twenty First Century Records. In 1989, Roger Guerrero, drummer for both the Krayons and Laughing Stock, started the self-funded label to put out their own records. "Fading Scars" is the latest release from TFC Records.
"Right now, TFC is concentrating on the new Laughing Stock CD with the hope that its success will allow the label to move forward," said guitarist Richard Guerrero about the future of TFC Records. Joining the brothers Guerrero onstage as Laughing Stock are former Krayons member Gerald Alvarez, Mario Pena on guitar and Damon Stuckey on bass.
"Laughing Stock is us doing music as powerful as hardcore but with more complicated melodies and sophisticated song structures," said Richard about the deviation from the Krayons sound. "Fading Scars" is evidence that Laughing Stock's sound has progressed since their first full-length disc, "Long Busride from Capital City (TFC Records 1988).
"The first album sounded more emo or indie rock; we were trying for a sound like Superchunk or Fugazi," said the Laughing Stock guitarist. "Now our sound is more like the Replacements and Big Star. We're more thoughtful with our sound ... (we're) trying to broaden our dynamics by using a variety of tempos."
"Fading Scars" begins with a laugh, then takes you into a tune expressing frustration with missionaries and their salesman mentality, "Never Met A Missionary (Who Wasn't Right)." Energetic beats, wailing guitar and distorted bass topped with raw, candid vocals ensure that songs such as "Six Cold Ones and Right-Wing Politics" and remixes of "Phased Out" and "Write You Off" (both featured on the "Things" CD-EP) prove to be solid punk songs with provoking, poetic lyrics. In "Beerdrinker's Lament," a personal favorite, Laughing Stock truly accomplish a task by capturing the mood that often accompanies the bittersweet end of a dwindling night of drinking, the perfect soundtrack for the coming dawn.
The true core of the album lies in the quite appropriate title, "Fading Scars." Many songs reflect the past few years in the life of Laughing Stock as expressed primarily by songwriter Richard Guerrero. Several songs reflect the aftershock of the tragic and unexplained death of Richard's daughter, Hannah, just shy of three years old, including "Everything You Left Behind," a faster paced song that includes a deeply heartfelt guitar melody reminiscent of the Beatles. "My Favorite Day in March (Hannah's Song)" varies from a few softly-played piano notes to angry strained vocals and drum fills that recall the band's hardcore roots.
Many of the songs on "Fading Scars" showcase the vocal power of Gerald Alvarez and the direction of Laughing Stock as he takes the helm of primary songwriter, a change mostly due to location since Richard is the only member currently living in Corpus Christi.
"Gerald is a confrontational singer," said Richard about his bandmate and friend of nearly 20 years. "He refuses to be ignored -- (that's) the worst thing for a band."
As Gerald emerges as chief songwriter, "This World Sucks, You're the Newest Reason" is an indication of the direction that the band is going to take. His strong vocals and lyrics command this bass-driven song from the beginning. "His style is straightforward, no-holds barred," Richard said. "Gerald still writes lyrics that are personal and emotive."
"Fading Scars" shows Laughing Stock's abilities to play music that ranges from aggressive to tender without losing its edge or being too sappy, a problem often plaguing bands associated with emo. Powerful songs such as "When It's My Turn" incorporate elements of distorted guitar and bass with a nice acoustic melody backed by the sweet vocals of guest singer Sali Lynch. The simple tune is completed by a well thoughtout timing and overall feel that initially reminded me of Fugazi and that is now stuck in my head (a good thing).
- FYI Magazine (Corpus Christi, Texas)


“Happenstance Chronology" 3- song vinyl EP (1997)
“Long Bus Ride to Capitol City" 14-song CD (1997)
One track, "International Punk Rock Box Set" (2001)
Three exclusive tracks for “All Over the Map” international compilation CD (2002)
Enhanced 5-track CD-EP “Things Left Behind” (2003)
“Fading Scars” 13-song CD (2005)



Power, movement and melody. That has been the mantra of the Austin-based posthardcore unit LAUGHING STOCK from day one and this basic philosophy stills guides the band eleven years running.

Taking its cues from modern pioneers like Cursive, Fugazi, Hot Water Music and Jawbreaker as well as legends The Damned, The Saints and hardcore innovators like Black Flag, LAUGHING STOCK has refined its razor-wired, hardboiled rock into a sharply focused permutation all its own.

With punk roots that go back to 1987, LAUGHING STOCK still embraces a D.I.Y. attitude: the band releases the majority of its songs on its own label, TFC Recordings, and books the majority of its gigs with hardcore and punk-rock bands.

LAUGHING STOCK gigs regularly and has played to audiences in Austin, Denton, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, College Station and San Angelo as well as the great city of New Orleans. The band has even gigged as far away as New Haven, Ct., and Springfield, Mass.

LAUGHING STOCK has been played on radio stations far and wide from KCCT 1150 AM in Corpus Christi to CFLX 95.5 FM in Quebec to WBGU 88.1 FM in Bowling Green, Ohio. The band has made playlists in Brazil and Europe and has been played a number of podcasts. Don’t forget to stop by LAUGHING STOCK’s pages at Pure Volume, and Myspace.