Laughing Stock

Laughing Stock


Austin posthardcore band that aims to walk that fine line between discord and melody. For nearly eleven years now, brooding songs for the bitter class.


Power, movement and melody. That has been the mantra of the Austin-based posthardcore unit LAUGHING STOCK from day one and this basic philosophy stills guides the band eleven years running.

Taking its cues from modern pioneers like Cursive, Fugazi, Hot Water Music and Jawbreaker as well as legends The Damned, The Saints and hardcore innovators like Black Flag, LAUGHING STOCK has refined its razor-wired, hardboiled rock into a sharply focused permutation all its own.

With punk roots that go back to 1987, LAUGHING STOCK still embraces a D.I.Y. attitude: the band releases the majority of its songs on its own label, TFC Recordings, and books the majority of its gigs with hardcore and punk-rock bands.

LAUGHING STOCK gigs regularly and has played to audiences in Austin, Denton, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, College Station and San Angelo as well as the great city of New Orleans. The band has even gigged as far away as New Haven, Ct., and Springfield, Mass.

LAUGHING STOCK has been played on radio stations far and wide from KCCT 1150 AM in Corpus Christi to CFLX 95.5 FM in Quebec to WBGU 88.1 FM in Bowling Green, Ohio. The band has made playlists in Brazil and Europe and has been played a number of podcasts. Don’t forget to stop by LAUGHING STOCK’s pages at Pure Volume, and Myspace.


My Favorite day in March

Written By: Richard Guerrero

Ever get that feeling? There's nothing new for you

Bottomed out at zero when the roof caves through

Burning out on wasted; hang my head in disgrace

One more shot at redemption; no room for failure in this race

Beat the odds and made my escape from a road only fools take

Didn't know if I'd make the last mile until I saw her smile

Ever get that feeling? There's nothing new for you

Bottomed out at zero when the roof caves through

Just thinking about you gets me by

Long Busride from Capital City

Written By: Richard Guerrero

I found a seat next to a stone faced woman

Who sat in silence oblivious to me.

She made no motion

She did not speak

In fact, she was quite unfriendly

I settled back into a work of fiction

As the world drifted by so effortlessly

The August sun still scorching

A cloudless sky

[And] then I heard her speak for the first time,

"I still love him," she whispered to me

She told me tales of what she suffered through

We cried together amid a group of strangers

It left me drained and unable to think.

"Do you think I did the right thing?"

I made no effort to change the subject

Though to be quite honest it was killing me

The endless trauma, her hopes for change

The same story recounted again and again...

She broke with the past some two hours later

A fresh clean start in a small Texas town

I wished her luck; she kissed my cheek

I waved goodbye and promptly fell asleep


“Happenstance Chronology" 3- song vinyl EP (1997)
“Long Bus Ride to Capitol City" 14-song CD (1997)
One track, "International Punk Rock Box Set" (2001)
Three exclusive tracks for “All Over the Map” international compilation CD (2002)
Enhanced 5-track CD-EP “Things Left Behind” (2003)
“Fading Scars” 13-song CD (2005)

Set List

Our latest setlist includes:

1. Blunt Trauma to the Senses

2. Long Busride from Capital City

3. Understanding

4. This World Sucks (You're Just the Newest Reason)

5. Everything You Left Behind

6. Noah’s Song

7. When It’s my Turn

8. Beer Drinker's Lament

9. Phased Out

10. Never Met a Missionary (Who Wasn't Right)

11. My Favorite Day in March

12. Trouble at a Christmas Kegger

(We have about 40 original songs in the Laughing Stock that we can perform; we don't usually do covers)