Laugh Track

Laugh Track

 Austin, Texas, USA

Laugh Track is composed of two individuals. With a variety of instruments and guest musicians, Laugh Track is a unique blend of minimal processed sounds and complex layering. The band is not limited to a particular style, instead using multiple styles and influences to convey an emotional narrative.


Laugh Track, comprising of individuals Jeff Storms and Alex Curet, formed the musical group from the ashes of their first band, Island Nation. Playing music for a year and a half, the four-member Island Nation began playing shows at several venues in Austin, TX, particularly at Red Eyed Fly and, their most beloved stage, Applebees.

It was during this time that the creative energy of the group exploded, and this was reflected by recording sessions at Million Dollar Sounds studios in south Austin.

Unfortunately, academic obligations and other commitments led to two of the members moving away, thus ending the Island Nation act before the EP of six songs could be completed.

Presently, Alex and Jeff are living in Austin, TX, and continue making music. For the past year, they have been self-recording a full length album using advanced recording and performance software and guest musicians. The 11 song album, titled "Everything You Wished For is Real", is targeted for release in mid-November.


-Everything You Wished For is Real: LP. Targeted release: November 2010.