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The best kept secret in music


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Debut CD "Launching Sweety" released September 24th, 2004!


Feeling a bit camera shy


First, the big announcement. Launching Sweety will be playing the famed Cavern Club in Liverpool, England on September 9th, 10th, and 11th of 2005! With that bit of bragging finished...

Don't ask us where the name came don't want to know. Of course, a lot of people have their own ideas of what Launching Sweety means. Some say it means breaking up with a girlfriend, or heading for the sweet life of fame and fortune, or lewd forms of self abuse! One person even suggested that it had something to do with a female human cannonball. In fact, we decided to use that as the concept for our debut album cover, and with each album we'll suggest another possible meaning for the name. In the meantime, whatever it means to you is fine with us as long as you remember it.

The band was formed in November of 2000 and is based in Surrey, BC. We've played the "showcase" circuit, but after playing half hour sets to empty clubs at 12 each weeknight for no money we decided to try something else. The so called "original scene" in Vancouver is a joke. So instead, we learned a ton of covers from bands who've influenced our own music and began playing the pub circuit. Now we play practically every weekend, two nights at a time, to rooms full of people. We still play just as many of our own songs, throwing them in between the hits that inspired about peer pressure! But our tunes hold their own and are appreciated every bit as much as the classics. We were raised on classic rock; from The Beatles to Aerosmith to R.E.M., The Stones, and S.R.V.…you name it, all the greats! That's the kind of music we like, the stuff with real staying power. Not just one hit wonders or gimmick laden crap that goes stale by the time you bring it home from the record store. Ours are songs with memorable melodies, insightful lyrics, and well placed harmonies carried over creative chord progressions and seasoned, well disciplined musicianship (pardon the ego trip...we were on a roll).

In a way our music is sort of like brand new "classics", and yes, there's a market for it. It's for all of the people out there in their 20's and up, sitting at home listening to their old albums because they can't stand the stuff coming out today, and who live with the dim reality that they may never again enjoy a current artist. Music today is nothing more than treat-of-the-week garbage that exists only on the surface and isn't any deeper than a contrived image. We're not worried about image, we have no gimmicks, we just want to make music that means something. Our music has substance, it's real. There's nothing fake about it, these things really happened.

We released our debut album on September 24th, 2004. It's full of straight ahead, honest rock and roll. It's produced to sound the way the band actually sounds. No studio wizardry, no special effects, and not a lot of overdubs that make a 4 piece band sound like a rock orchestra. It's so disappointing to go see a band that put out a great sounding album only to find that they can't reproduce that sound on stage. When you listen to our album you get a pretty good idea of how we sound live and that's how we wanted it. It's back to basics. You can pick up a copy of the album at any of our upcoming shows; we're constantly playing and are booked right up to the end of 2005. Our complete show schedule can be found on our website at We're hoping to find a way to make the CD available for sale on-line...keep watching the site for details.

Looking forward, we just want to get our music out there, build on our following and just keep making music and putting out albums. Representation would be great and we'd jump at the chance to play in some of the larger venues and to open for some bigger named acts. We'd love a record deal but we'd also be happy just knowing that there are people out there enjoying our music.

This is what we do; this is what we want to do, so this is what we're going to do.

Spread the word.