La Unica

La Unica

 Falls Church, Virginia, USA

La Unica (Spanish: "the one and only") is paving the way for Irish-Latin music the world over! They cross the bounds of time and nations with an energetic, unique brand of roots music, combining traditional Irish folk, a panoply of Latin influences, Rock, Funk--and a healthy dose of cowbell!


Based in Washington, DC and founded in 2009, La Unica is celebrating the April 2013 release of their debut, self-titled album.

La Unica's foundation in Irish and Latin music, while World-based, is so emblematic of the diverse, national American experience that to combine the two genres results in something completely familiar. It's not surprising that the band looks to a range of musicians for inspiration, including the Chieftains, Gipsy Kings, Santana, The Pogues, Ozomatli, the Cranberries, and Bela Fleck, to name a few.

Marked by their energetic live shows--which have earned notoriety from VA to New York City--La Unica makes the traditional modern. La Unica makes Salsa Dancing to a Jig possible. And, most importantly, La Unica makes the Tin Whistle the coolest kid on the block.

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"La Unica" - Self-Released Debut Album (April 2013)