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Letting Go - released in 2003
Latest release 2005: Warm Invitation - "This cd is awesome- so jazzy, well-produced and Laura's voice is beautiful." Suzie Thomas 95.9fm 'The Light' Ohio contemporary christian music radio station. Streaming airplay on XM Satellite Radio channel 52, radio airplay on 95.9FM



With upbeat praise songs like 'More' and 'Peace of mind' and lyrics that expose vulnerabilities such as those in 'I wish' and 'How am I supposed to know', Laura's newest cd, WARM INVITATION, reflects a period of desperation, revelation, and celebration.

" I'm confident that God will have something to say to each person who listens to this CD. He spoke so clearly to me from the first written word."

God's impression on Laura began at an early age, though at the time she didn't fully recognize it, "I can see in hindsight that there were many times God was there in some way, but at the time it seemed that He was in an unreachable place."

Laura was 13 when she wrote her first song. As she continued to write, many of her lyrics reflected the difficulties she faced. " I struggled in part because of abuses I had suffered, as well as the hardships caused by my parent's divorce when I was 5. My father deserted our family and disowned me. That created an emotional turmoil hard to overcome".

At 16 Laura's life changed. "I gave my life to Jesus, and it was then that I began to experience a love I had never known, a true father's love, an acceptance of who I was." Laura's songwriting focus became God centered. " I wanted to give Him the glory, to share with others about who He was in the way He had meant me to, using the talents He gave me."

Over many years Laura has had the opportunity to share her music in many venues in the US as well as internationally. She has written over 100 songs and has released 7 self-produced CD's, but the lyrics on the studio produced WARM INVITATION express a spiritual maturity not evident on her earlier compilations. "I remember feeling down quite often while growing up. Even after becoming a Christian I struggled with feelings of sadness and anger. After seeing the death of my mother, I began a downward spiral that continued for the next several years. Emotions and thoughts became overwhelming. Two years ago, after the most difficult year I had yet faced, my will had run out. I felt I had reached the point of too much to bear."

The lyrics of the song 'How am I supposed to know' reflect Laura's desperation;
[...I'm locked inside this prison, too much writing on the walls, too hard to make sense of it. Is this a life long sentence, will I ever mean what I really want to say, I'm locked away in my mind...] (from the CD Warm Invitation)

" It was in my desperation that I FULLY SURRENDERED to Jesus, giving Him everything. I gave Him things I had held back, things I was afraid to let go of, things He revealed to me at that moment. It was then, through God-directed intervention, that I sought help. I was diagnosed with clinical depression and with dystymia (long term depression). I recognized my spiritual need, the need to totally surrender. God began to strip me of all that I had been to begin the healing of creating me to be who He intended me to be. Along with that, the treatment for my depression gave me the ability to begin to think clearly and rationally. I was then able to, with help, work toward an emotional healing by dealing with the past events that had kept me in an emotional prison."

[Be gracious, Father, put me together. I've been shattered, put me together. You never fail me, put me together. I trust in You, put me together...]
('You Never Fail Me' from Warm Invitation).

" I am His creation, His daughter, one who has been given a love that has been proved by the sacrifice of a sinless man, a cherished son. My love for Jesus grows deeper every day."

The God inspired songs of WARM INVITATION reflect life experiences and a relationship that has become deeper and more intimate. The masterfully arranged music tells a story as much as the lyrics do. Rich in expression and texture, songs are brought to life as they are sung with truth and passion. Musicians from countries such as Denmark, England and the US, bring a unique flavor. The contributions of several amazingly talented professional musicians, well known and admired by their peers, along with the addition of Christian artists, experienced and successful, all combine to create a sound that is fresh with lyrical substance.