Laura A and The Bad Grades

Laura A and The Bad Grades


Laura A and The Bad Grades' original music consists of rock rhythms, folky lyrics, and are topped with soulful vocals. Sprinkle some jazz harmonics in there and you've got a unique blend of 60's rock inspired groovin' music!


Where begins? Laura Azzarello, the songwriter and vocalist for Laura A and the Bad Grades's musical infatuation first brewed inside the walls of a children's hospital. Laura spent a significant amount of time as a child there due to a reoccuring brain malfomation. While ma and pa tried to keep Laura's spirits up with books, movies, games, and stuffed animals, Laura was frowning on the inside, and longed to be outside running around with the other kids her age.

One magical night, Laura was flipping channels on tv and stumbled across Elvis's "Double Trouble". She sat there mesmorized by his charisma and how natural it was for him to channel his emotions into his music.
She identified with Elvis, she knew at that moment she needed music to play the same kind of role in her life. She needed to have a release for all the emotion she was overwhelmed with. She was saved by Elvis.

Everything made sense after that. Laura suddenly had a life full of ambition. She spent her free time studying up on her dad's record collection. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Smokey Robinson- all the artists that, to this day remain her greatest influences. She began writing and recording songs with her multi talented father, performing on stages, and later chased her dreams to Berklee College of Music.

In 2005, a penniless college grad decided to take a plunge and move alone to a more affordable music center- Nashville, TN. Laura soon crossed paths with accredited guitar journalist Andy Ellis. With Laura's soulful voice, and Andy's 60's-70's rock influenced guitar the two have created a sound thatÂ’s fresh and unexpected, yet strangely familiar, like a half-remembered dream.


Laura A and the Bad Grades- self titled EP

Set List

Sets last approx. 60 min. , includes various covers by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Tom Waits, and The Left Bank.