Laura Bates and Brandon Foote

Laura Bates and Brandon Foote


Laura Bates and Brandon Foote's sound is timeless, rootsy and lush, with soaring harmonies, piano, mandolin and guitars harkening back to the olden days with new vision.


Laura Bates and Brandon Foote's sound is timeless, rootsy and lush, with soaring harmonies, piano, mandolin and guitars harkening back to the olden days with new vision. Bates and Foote look and sound like they could've just stepped off the stage of the Grand Ole Opry, or perhaps even further back, to the dance halls of the civil war era-Always digging deeper and moving forward.

With their unique blend of old-time, folk, bluegrass and country, Laura and Brandon have graced coffee shops, bookstores, pubs, and festivals with traditional favorites and original songs. Booking their act as “Guitar, Mandolin, and Two Voices”, their sound is refreshingly simple and strives for authenticity, with nods to the Carter Family, the Monroe Brothers, and Tim and Mollie O'Brien.

Their debut album, Jubilee was released in April 2007 on Earthwork Music showcasing a handful of fine microphones and a cast of talented friends. With reflective and poignant songwriting, Jubilee presents gospel tinged Michigan roots music at its best.

In this day of overproduced, synthetic music, it is albums like "Jubilee" that refresh and fill our plates with the honest simplicity of a Sunday morning.
-Progressive Torch and Twang
WDBM E. Lansing


All Will Be Well

Written By: Laura Bates 2007

All Will Be Well
words and music by laura bates

It’s time to lift the backdrop, baby, time to drop the show
and face the brutal consequence of seeds we did not sow
it’s time to tell the truth about the things we have at stake
and the fragile thread in each of us we fear is going to break

We sojourn through a world where there are cynics at each hand
who say that love is nothing more than just ‘to have or to be had’
they say that life is just a wicked round of ‘to play or to be played’
and the little hope I’m clinging to is just an opiate I’ve made...

what can I say
what can I say
things would point that way
but I feel this love, like I have been made
like things will be okay

So here upon the broken ground let’s stand up tall and look
and hear our doubts just echo back inside the glance we took
maybe one timid step into the dark would obliterate the fear
maybe the quaking mountain under us is what has brought us here... what has brought us near

and that would be a comfort if we let ourselves believe
but instead we let the madness in it drive us to our knees
til we can melt the broken pieces of our faith in one more cast...
yeah, it’s hanging on for one more day, knowing this also shall pass...

And we will be fine, we will be fine
we will be alright
we have been loved, we have been made
things will be okay
we have been found, we have been found
we have been called out
out of the dark, into the light
and one day we’ll shine bright
sister of mine, sister of mine
one day you’ll shine bright..

And all will be well
all will be well
all manner of things will be well


Jubilee, Earthwork Music 2007

Set List

A mix of traditional favorites and original tunes...

Oh My Little Darlin'
All Will Be Well
Am I the Gent
The Lonesome Whippoorwill
In the Pines
Say Darlin' Say
Hard Times Come Again No More
Angel Down
Backwoods Baxter Chapel
3 Brothers Waltz
Shadow of the Pines
Cannonball Blues
Sitting Alone in the Moonlight
Gary Owen
De Cleft
Every Grain of Sand
Lonely Girls
Windmill Country
Leelanau Hills
Plains of Kingston Lake
Western Country
Prettiest Little Gal in the County
Breaking Up Christmas
I've Endured
I'll Meet You in the Sunrise
How Can You Refuse Him Now
Victory Garden
Northern Home
Catfish John
I Believed in You Darlin'