Laura Blackley

Laura Blackley


"Gritty and pretty, like sweet Southern Comfort after a breakup..."


"You can't get nothing good out of your art if it don't sting a little bit..." While Laura Blackley's philosophy might sound painful, it describes her to a tee--country heartbreak mixed with bourbon-soaked blues and backwater gospel soul. "I've played every juke joint and beer hall in the Southeast that's worth playing," Blackley claims. "And I won't be squeezing down into them outfits like Britney anytime soon. But I will be delivering honest, genuine songs about murder, love, ghosts and demons..."


"Liquid Courage"

Written By: Laura Blackley (c) Mama's Pride Music

I've got a bad attitude
I don't owe nothing to you
And if courage was liquid
Well I'd be the bravest fool

I'd be the bravest fool
To ever cry on a barstool
Recalling every treason
Watching every demon drown

You are a language that I can't speak
Or maybe I just can't understand
Why the truth still stings like poison
When you get your honesty
From a can

I'd be the bravest fool
To ever cry on a barstool
Recalling every treason
Watching every demon drown

I say I'm sorry every day
It's the pill I choke on to keep me sane
Still if sorry came in a bottle
I'd drink it down most every day

I'd be the bravest fool...


Written By: Laura Blackley (c) 2005 Mama's Pride Music

Lavinia-Leigh, Lavinia-Lie
Stepped out on this pier,
Said it's a good day to die
Told the crowd of onlookers
'if you've got a message for hell,
bring it to me, it'll do just as well'

Lavinia-Leigh, Lavinia-Lie
was never the Charleston
high-society type
She was hated by women,
scorned by the men
She was a tragic beauty, no money and no friends

Lavinia stood by that no-good drunken man
Through every one of his murderous plans
for reasons I still can't quite
oh-- Lavinia-Leigh

Lavinia-Leigh, Lavinia-Lie
I hear Satan's a-coming, and it's your train to ride
A white wedding gown, her cheeks red with rouge
In defiant silence, she placed her head in the noose

Lavinia-Leigh, Lavinia-Lie
Still haunts this prison, where she sat, waiting to die
The walls they still echo with the sadness of her cries
And there's a stench in the air, like death and denial


Inside her heart, will always be a mystery
You won't find any answers in what they tell you on them streets
But a woman's heart has always been a complicated thing,
And maybe that's just the way, she would have wanted it to be....

Oh-- Lavinia-Leigh
Oh, Lavinia-Leigh

"Never Been Wrong"

Written By: Laura Blackley, (c) Mama's Pride Music

You are as sweet as vinegar pie
You are as salty as the dripping August night
And you just love to make me apologize
And tell you how it's going to be different this time

You make me wish I was an island sometimes
A woman who's heart may as well be bone
One thing's for sure it's hard to pick a fight, with somebody who has never been wrong

Yeah, you've never been,
wrong, not a day in your life

You can be my trigger, you can be my fuse
Crack me wide open just to watch me spew
Leave me lying on the pavement, broken and used
You call it being in love, I call it enjoying the view

I tell myself I'm gonna leave it alone
Take what little I have left and then just move on
It's a sad little joke--I
used to think I was strong, but I was
So wrong...



2005- "Liquid Courage"
2002- "When a Woman..."
2000- "Intentions of Mine" (out of print)

Set List

Anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, mostly originals... example:
Yo Kitchen (orig)
Sweeten Yo Stew (orig)
Bonnie Parker's Ballad (orig)
Lavinia (orig)
Cocaine Again (orig)
Never Been Wrong (orig)
So Lonesome I Could Cry (Hank Williams)
Codependents' Blues (orig)
Deep River Lament (orig)
Ghost of Frankey Silver (orig)
Hurts Me To...(orig)
Best of Me (orig)
Lines Around Your Eyes (Lucinda Williams)
Helen's Bridge (orig)
Eric Rudolph's Eyes (orig)
Lay Them Hands (orig)
Goodnight, Irene (Lead Belly)