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"DeLallo Gets Back to Performing"


By Sean Spillane

Stamford's Laura DeLallo, a Norwalk native, has spent the past year working on her second album, but she'll get back to performing Saturday night at 9 at the Acoustic Cafe in Bridgeport.
DeLallo, who made her mark on the local scene with the band Hieroglyph, produced and wrote all of the songs on the new record, called 'What Do I Know?' She got some help mixing and mastering the disc from Norwalk resident Phil Magnotti, a two-time Grammy Award winner.
DeLallo plans to release 'What Do I Know?' in mid-March. - Connecticut Post

"CD Review"


Laura DeLallo is an engaging singer/songwriter based in Connecticut who writes tunes that tell interesting, even funny at times, stories – backed by catchy acoustic guitar licks and a tight rhythm section. DeLallo’s disc, What Do I Know showcases her soulful voice while highlighting tasteful hints of blues and reggae influences. “When I Fall Again” is a smash that evokes memories of the Gin Blossoms at their hook-laden best. The lyrics for “More Than Just a Friend” will deeply resonate with anyone who has ever developed romantic feelings for someone that started out as a platonic friend.

Fans of Sheryl Crow and John Mayer – another Connecticut native, will enjoy DeLallo’s latest effort. Laura is a lyric writing force to be reckoned with. Buy the CD. Listen to the CD. Read the lyrics. Try to put it down. I doubt you’ll succeed.

Review by Joseph Italiano - SKOPE Magazine/Online

"Rock, Paper, Women"

By Brita Brundage


It's one thing to play in an original band and deal with booking, web updates, promotion and trucking around equipment (not to mention playing and writing!) yourself. Some musicians take it one step further and actually organize events, fostering a collaborative energy, sharing the load and providing more diversity for the audience. Not surprisingly, as genetics would have it, women are renowned for bringing together other female artists to share the elusive spotlight. Laura DeLallo, the lead singer and guitarist of Hieroglyph, is one such woman. She not only takes folk to the next level, producing songs with pop-rock drive and gritty undertones, but she's organized an event, Women Who Rock!," with like-minded femme rockers Saffron and The Parting Gift for Aug. 2 at The Roxy in Norwalk. Below, DeLallo explains how the great musical collaboration evolved.

Fairfield Weekly: Why a "Women Who Rock" show?

Laura DeLallo: At the bars and coffee shops around here, there are a lot of women who "folk" (which is cool, I do that too acoustically) and a lot who "cover," but few who "rock" with original music. I wanted to gather those who do and get us out there.

FW: Did you choose the groups who are performing with you? What can you tell me about them?

LD: I chose them.....I know Kim from the Parting Gift in a random way. We both tried out for this horrible band in Long Island several years ago (we didn't know how bad they were 'til we got there!). Then we played GLOSS (Glorious Ladies of Stamford series) last summer. She has a great voice and I like her dark and powerful stuff...

FW: Have you been to/played the Roxy before? What do you think of it?

LD: I haven't played there and haven't been there since it was The Globe. I saw a band called Mock Turtle Soup play there six years ago. I'm looking forward to trying something sorta new. I know it's a big place with big sound from what I remember, so it should be very cool...

- Fairfield County Weekly

"SoNo Arts Celebration"


Fronted by Laura DeLallo, Hieroglyph plays with electricity, turning out original numbers that are well-written and well-crafted. DeLallo is the group's songwriter, guitarist, and singer, and her voicec has real distinctness--from rough and gritty to high and sweet, she falls squarely in between rock and pop. Her band seems to follow her cues, playing with force when the moment is right, or just keeping a tight balance. With Johnny Eurell doing back-up vocals and a little burning lead guitar, Joe Sirico on bass, and Chris Calabrese on drums, the group has found their niche in one another and it shows. Hieroglyph plays catchy, fun songs that make it OK to let go and dance. They've got a new CD out called The Whole Truth to prove it. - Fairfield County Weekly

"Pay to Play: Scapeland Wish and Hieroglyph Perform Benefit"

By Amanda Ernst


...Ramirez's band and another local group, Hieroglyph, will perform a benefit concert Saturday in Stamford's Cove Island Park. Money from the show will go to the Mayor's Youth Recreation Initiative, aprogram that allows pricate individuals,companiesand corporations to sponsor children who want to particiapte but cannot afford to....
Not long after taking on the task of putting together the benefit concert, Ramirezlearned how much work it would take. First, he recruited Hierglyph to open the show.
"Hieroglyph played before us at the Oyster Festival last year," Ramirez says. When I heard them, I thought they were the one band I would like to play a show with."
"I was excited to play with Scapeland Wish and even more excited when Josh told me the purpose of the show," says Laura DeLallo, lead singer and founder of Hieroglyph. "Sports were a big part of my life growing up, so I was happy to be involved in the cause."
Hieroglyph, an alternative rock band based in Norwalk, has what Ramirez calls a bluesy, laid-back sound.
"We play fun music that is uplifitng, that people of all ages can enjoy," DeLallo says....
- The Stamford Advocate

"Women to Rock the Roxy"

By Joelle Blaskey


This Saturday starting at 9 p.m. some of Fairfield County's premier women rockers will take center stage at The Roxy. The Norwalk venue (formerly the Globe) will host the area's first Women Who Rock concert. Organized by Norwalk native, vocalist and guitarist Laura DeLallo, Saturday's show will feature the band Hieroglyph, which DeLallo fronts, as well as the all-woman band Saffron.
Saffron bassist Liz Clampett is looking forward to playing alongside other local women rockers especially since "a lot of places aren't enthused about girl bands." Saffron is comprised of Clampett, her twin sister, singer and guitarist Anne, and drummer and vocalist Sun Srinivasan. Along with DeLallo, Hieroglyph's members are bass player Joe Sirico, lead guitarist John Eurell, and drummer and percussionist Chris Calabrese.
Both bands are veterans of the local club circuit. Saffron has been playing together since their high school days in Glastonbury and the 3-year-old Hieroglyph plays shows all over the tri-state area at a frenetic pace. Influenced by Ani DiFranco, Led Zeppelin, Tool, Prince, Queen, Alice in Chains, the Rolling Stones, Elvis Costello and even Van Halen, Hieroglyph's music is original and passionate. DeLallo, who once toured as a solo act, has crafted intelligent, earthy, and honest songs showcasing both her extraordinary voice as well as the talent of her band... - The Hour

"Hieroglyph at Oyster Fest"

By Brita Brundage


Laura DeLallo and her new group Hieroglyph had everyone from toddlers to hippie chicks getting rowdy at last weekend's Oysterfest. Her acoustic guitar strumming offers up folk-rock with a heavy emphasis on the rock. Backed by John Eurell on lead electric guitar, Joe Sirico on bass and Chris Calabrese on drums, the group delivers really solid original numbers, each one more engaging than the last. While the topics, from relationships to life's problems, may get serious, DeLallo's vocal delivery is the group's strength. Alternating between husky and sweetly high, DeLallo keeps the audience leaning forward, listening, attentive. Gaining momentum through the area clubs, Hieroglyph seems destined for serious recognition... - The Fairfield County Weekly

"Embracing the Music"

By Jamie DeLoma


Since she was a little girl, Laura DeLallo enjoyed listening to music and performing her own songs for anyone who would listen.

Tonight the Norwalk native will celebrate the release of her second CD, “What Do I Know?” a year to the day after she started working on it.

“It will be a night to get everyone together and have a chance to have fun with us,” DeLallo said. “We will hang out, take pictures, perform, chat… It’s a whole big event.”

The evening at Rowley’s will kick off when the Laura DeLallo Band takes the stage shortly after 9 p.m. for a two-hour set.

Steve Werner, 42, of Trumbull, plays bass in DeLallo’s band. “Her lyrics are wonderful. They are deep, introspective lyrics that kind of catch you,” Werner said.

Playing with DeLallo and Werner are John Eurell on guitar, Chris Calabrese on drums, and Suzen Carson providing backing vocals and playing percussion.

“They are all very talented. They are all experts at what they do,” DeLallo said.

Two-time Grammy award winner Phil Magnotti spent four days mixing the album and putting the finishing touches on it.

“She is a very good songwriter,” the Norwalk resident said. “A lot of the songs were hooky and catchy.”

He compared the band’s sound to Hootie and the Blowfish.

“If I had to compare the new album to somebody, I would say it was like John Mayer at his funkier moments,” DeLallo said. “At other times, it sounds like a blend of Sheryl Crow and Dave Matthews.”

Werner said DeLallo’s songs are written with fervor.

“She’s extremely driven and passionate about her music,” he said. “It’s really hard for original bands to make it, but I have 100 percent confidence that Laura’s music will be taken to where it has to go.”

In addition to composing 11 of the 12 songs on “What Do I Know,?” DeLallo designed the album’s artwork, plays guitar, and is the band’s lead vocalist.
- Stamford Advocate

"Second Sets: New music from two local artists"

By Patrick Verel


Tis the season for sophomore efforts. Emily Asen and Laura DeLallo, from Fairfield and Stamford, respectively, both recently followed up their debuts with new recordings. Asen, a 19 year old recent graduate from New York University, released the six-song EP Avalanche in February, while DeLallo, the 30 year old former frontwoman of Hieroglyph, hosted a CD release party 2 weeks ago at Rowley’s Tavern in Norwalk for What Do I Know? a dozen songs she’s been working on since her solo debut was released in 2002.
Asen and DeLallos’ music styles have little in common (Asen’s the folksy one; DeLallo’s bluesier), but both pay homage to the matron saint of D.I.Y Ani DiFranco. Asen used her experience of interning for a record label in New York to start her own label, Violet Maiden Records. Likewise, DeLallo has a robust new website that went live just a few days before her release party.
Of course, it’s one thing to have your act online; you still have to have the chops. DeLallo, who says she was listening to a lot of reggae during the year it took to record What Do I Know, is confident her fans will find the tunes on it more polished.
“They’re definitely all shorter and catchier,” she says. “My hooks on the last one were there, but they were kinda buried. I wanted to punch up the good parts this time.”
She says she’s especially proud of “Wait For Love,” because her band, many of whom played with her in Hieroglyph, lent creative interpretations to the framework she came up with.
“There are a lot of harmonies and vocal tracks that we came up with on the spot,” she says.
In a nod to a fan favorite, she also allowed herself one cover, a robust version of “Kiss” by Prince.
“I thought everyone would get tired of it at some point, but I can’t play a show without playing that song,” she says, laughing….
- Fairfield County Weekly


What Do I Know (LP 2007)
The Whole Truth (LP 2002)
Hieroglyph (EP 2000)



Laura DeLallo has been rousing crowds from the Northeast to the Midwest with her passionate voice and steady string play for over 8 years.

'What Do I Know?', Laura's second CD, hit iTunes and other digital outlets in late March 2007. Reminiscent of fellow Connecticut native John Mayer's works, Laura's soulful influences shine through the album's folk-rock core. Two-time Grammy winner Phil Magnotti mixed and mastered the CD that is receiving a national and international thumb's up. Phoenix 98 FM in London and KOTO in Telluride, CO chose Laura’s disc as Album of the Week.

Several songs off 'What Do I Know?' can be heard on more than 100 Internet and terrestrial radio stations in the U.S. and abroad such as WPKN Bridgeport CT, KUSU Utah, WUPJ Pittsburgh, WMKY Kentucky, Radio Incontro Italy, and PBS 106.7 Melbourne Australia. Laura's cover of Prince's "Kiss" is charting in Belgium.

Recently, the Music Independence Summit Connection chose the song "More Than Just a Friend" to appear on their compilation CD, Let Me Be Heard. The compilation features signed and unsigned artists from around the world. It will be distributed to MISC industry partners and sold worldwide.

Laura hooked up with the album’s drummer, Chris Calabrese, and guitarist, John Eurell back in 2001. They recorded an album as Hieroglyph and achieved a modicum of local success. Bassist Steve Werner and backing vocalist/percussionist Suzen Carson of The Susans joined shortly before production of the new CD, but the fivesome developed an undeniable chemistry in a flash.

Laura and the band have played venues large and small from Laura’s hometown of Norwalk, CT to Columbus, OH including the SoNo Arts Celebration—CT, Columbus Pride Festival—OH, and the Village Underground—NYC. DeLallo and her band are kicking off a regional fall tour that will begin in Cincinnati, OH at the Midpoint Music Festival in September. Laura also organized the Fairfield County Women Who Rock! Festival in 2003 and continues to work with local artists to ignite the music scene in southwestern Connecticut.