Laura Freeman

Laura Freeman


puddle splashing, rocket zooming, rainbow chasing fun. Big folks love the music, little folks love the participation and everyone gets to exercise their imagination muscles.


I had been singing and writing "grown up songs" for about 15 years. I met a bunch of kids in New Orleans and started playing with them and realised that family music is where it's at. Inspired, I wrote an entire album of songs before playing my first kid show, which was terrifying. I was touring with a band called the "Road Dog Divas" at the time and started doing my kid shows on the children's stage of several festivals - Vancouver Folk Fest and New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Fest to name a couple. I now live in Austin, Texas and perform regularly in schools and libraries throughout the state. I've just produced my second children's album -Color Wheel Cartwheel. It has a song for every color in the rainbow. The colors are spoken in 9 different languages and there is a host of fine musicians - mainly friends of mine from the rich New Orleans music scene. I want to get folks singing together it's good medicine and a lot of fun.


Color Wheel Cartwheel release date Sept 2005 - this is my latest CD - it's being played on XM satellite radio

Laura Freeman - A Baker's Dozen release 2002. Fruit Boogie - a cut from this CD was choosen for "Shake it up! with fruits and veggies" a CD put out by the Los Angeles public schools to promote healthy eating habits and exercise.

Laura Freeman's Greatest Hits from her 20's and 30's - this is a fun grown up CD I did in 2000

Set List

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes is a great way to open a set and get the kinks out - sing it like a robot
Coffee Dance - it starts slow and gets crazy fast
Onion Creek Farm - we all go visit the farm
Yellow - an ode to yellow every one plays the imaginary trumpet
Old Mother Hubbard - it's a dog song
Compost Heap - a love song to the stuff that makes plants so happy
You can make music out of Just about anything - Jam Song
Fruit Boogie - how many fruits can you think of and would you marry a razzberry?
Ethel Shocket - let's blast off and visit every planet in the solar system
Turn off the T.V. - it's a waltz, ask your mom to dance
Flower Dance - turn everyone into a giant flower garden and croon to the moon

I do a 45 minute set and will stick around and share my ukulele with kids after the show or maybe start marching around the room or turn everyone into monsters and sing the old favorite "My Brother's a Monster (and I'm a monster too)" or have a dance party to the purple