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North Hollywood, California, United States

North Hollywood, California, United States
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By T. Hendrickson

Laura Hall is such an unassuming musician that when you start to pay attention, her talent hits you like a freight train. Her follow-up effort to "A Woman of Faith" is a powerhouse, a collection of ballads and anthems that slips from genre to genre with perfect ease and expertise. In an industry that bemoans creative range in an artist with wails of "How do we classify this?" you can simply file this one under great music.

A few standouts: "When We Worship You" -- reminiscent of Al Jarreau with its cool melodic intervals and smooth groove; "Awake" -- an homage to the great folk tradition with pristine harmonies and minimal musical accompaniment; "You Are" -- a gospel goose-bump event; "Love Believes" -- gorgeous lyrics with a jazz sensibility that nearly compels one to order a martini; "My Way" -- a rollicking country romp that features guitarist Linda Taylor shredding on her Tele in a nod to the Nashville boys; "What's God Like?" -- performed by Hall's daughter, Ruthie, with the charm and simplicity of a child (making it that much more profound); and "The Moment" -- an awesome rock anthem that calls to mind an ELO/Boston jam session.

As a lyricist, Hall is unabashedly inspired, cut-to-the-chase, and never sappy -- a tall order for music in the religious/spiritual vein. No less competent as a vocalist and interpreter of styles, her supple instrument is filled with conviction.

The production overall is seamless and tasteful, with perhaps one slightly overblown approach in "God is Bigger than Me", a 60's style pop groove that might have benefited from a more scaled-down take.

"All in God's Good Time" is, as the title suggests, the perfect confluence of time, place and inspiration. A must-buy.

"A woman of faith,
a woman of hope
A woman who loves with all her heart, but still knows how to let go
A woman who understands that God's the one who gives her all of her strength
Let her see, a woman of faith"
- Laura Hall

If you're in the mood for a little inspirational Christian music you might want to try this CD by Laura Hall, best known for her improvisational genius on the TV show "Whose Line is it Anyway?"

Laura provided musical support for the entire run of the show's US version, and also Season 10 of the UK version, and continues to perform at churches and religious events across the United States.

This album consists of original material by the multi-talented performer, who draws from a wealth of personal experience while at the same time embracing her faith. The twelve songs (plus a bonus track) will be particularly meaningful to women, and especially mothers everywhere, and touches on real issues that affect us all.

The album starts with the jazzy title track, and then slows the pace down for the inspiring "Lord Only Knows", where she sings "No matter what you or I do / No matter how we come unglued / Spring will come and we will be renewed". This is followed by "Tell Me" with its beautiful and simple melody, and then comes the rousing "We Build This House" with a gospel choir.

Next comes every busy mother's story in "The Little Things"; the positive outlook of "You're the Shepherd"; the appreciation of everyday miracles in "Hymn of Thanks", and my personal favorite "Hold On".

Closing off the album are "This is my Dream"; the plaintive "Take This Burden"; "This Son of Mine"; "Here I Am" (great piano work) and the bonus track "Pray for Peace", an ensemble piece with the choir.

Recommended for anyone who embraces the Christian faith and enjoys the great music that comes with the package.

Amanda Richards, July 20, 2008
-, Amanda Richards


All in God's Good Time (2008 - Contemporary Christian)
A Woman of Faith (2006 - Contemporary Christian)
Dream on Sister (2006 - Contemporary Christian )
A Church with a Vision (2003 - Gospel Choir)
Tell Me a Story 1 (2006 - Children's)
Tell Me a Story 2 (2007 - Children's)
I See a Tiger (1997 - Children's)
Come Join the Parade (1997 - Children's)



Laura Hall is probably best known as the improvisational pianist on television’s WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY. But she is also a talented singer/songwriter and composer.

Laura has two cds of original Contemporary Christian music, ALL IN GOD’S GOOD TIME and A WOMAN OF FAITH. She has a great band, featuring stellar playing from Linda Taylor, the guitarist from WHOSE LINE.

Laura’s music is both personal and universal, thought provoking and full of emotion. She explores the challenges and joys of living in faith in modern times. Laura is an eclectic song writer, drawing from a variety of styles. She is most often compared to Carole King, Emmylou Harris, and Linda Ronstadt.

Laura has toured throughout California and around the country performing at churches, concerts, and regional events. She feels blessed to have been a featured performer at the National Women’s Quadrennial for Disciples of Christ and United Church of Christ, as well as at the Disciples of Christ General Assembly in 2007. Laura has also been featured on the compilation cds, DREAM ON SISTER and A CHURCH WITH A VISION.

Laura also has two cds of original music for children, I SEE A TIGER and COME JOIN THE PARADE. She composed the music for the TELL ME A STORY series of cds, a collection of timeless folktales from around the world. She also wrote the music for a series of children’s videos, THE WHEELS ON THE BUS, starring Roger Daltrey.

Laura has written music for several films, including the award winning documentary, SWIMMING IN AUSCHWITZ, and the indie short, ANATOMY OF A BREAKUP. She has also composed music for many original stage shows, including PATTY PATTY BANG BANG, winner of an LA Weekly Award for Best New Musical, and the Jeff Award winning Second City revue, CHANNEL THIS.

To find out more, visit Laura’s website,