Laura Harley

Laura Harley


Laura Harley soothes the wounds of modern life.


Laura Harley burst onto the Minneapolis music scene at the tender age of 18. As the front woman of indie pioneers Sliver, Laura dazzled even the most jaded audiences with her unforgettable voice. Over two national tours Laura garnered critical acclaim and propelled Sliver up the CMJ charts.

In the midst of her success with Sliver, Laura made a spiritual pilgrimage to the Baha'i­ World Center in Haifa, Israel. She left that war-torn land deeply humbled and longing to write songs with deeper spiritual meaning - to create music for a world on the brink.

When she returned to the states Laura parted ways with Sliver on good terms. She started her solo career with a leap of faith that turned into a year-long emotional and spiritual search. Shuttling between studios in Vancouver and New York, Laura wrote scores of songs and thousands of measures in her search for a new sound and message.

On her self-titled debut album, Laura combines electronica, alternative rock, and pop while exploring themes of search, struggle, hope, and courage. The result is a collection of songs rich in melody and meaning - music that soothes the wounds of modern life.



Written By: Laura Harley

Sometimes its hard to feel safe anywhere

When we walk by, they whisper and stare

We overhear their slurs and laughter
I take your hand, we walk on together

Fears and lies, tears and scars
They can't keep us apart

Last night you told me how tired you feel

The wounds keep coming; there's no time to heal

You've had to shut down; make your own shield

And as you speak, your sadness I feel

Fears and lies, tears and scars
They can't keep us apart

When I look into your eyes
The world falls away
There are no lies
There's only light

I see light in your eyes
And it shines so bright
I see light in your eyes


2006 - Laura Harley Eponymous LP

Set List

Laura plays a 50 min Acoustic set of original material.
1) Calling
2) Send Me A Sign
3) Run Away
4) Another Day
5) Blue Deep
6) She's Got You
7) End of A Dream
8) Falling Down
9) Out of Hiding

Laura plays a 50 min Electric set of original material.
1) 9th Night
2) Breathe It In
3) Here Before You
4) One Last Time
5) Shine
6) Sing Out Loud
7) Stars Light
8) To The Sea
9) Whisper
10) Champion
11) Noone But You