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Laura Hickli

Calgary, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | SELF

Calgary, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2007
Solo Folk Ambient


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"Laura Hickli Releases New Video "Play Your Magic""

It takes a true artist to honestly open their heart up in a vulnerable way, to create an emotional time capsule of sound that echoes of a time long gone, and then to offer that beautiful piece of art to the world to criticize or embrace. For Calgary, Canada’s multi-talented and highly praised Laura Hickli, walking such an honest path is second nature. Time and time again, this ambient folk/dark acoustic songstress releases music worth listening to. Armed with one of the most beautiful voices around, Laura Hickli is gaining a lot of positive attention for her unique brand of music.

Working with the award-winning director Doug Cook, Hickli evokes a true sense of compassion and deep introspection in the music video for her song “Midnight.” Within the opening moments of the song, you can tell that you are about to experience something both professional and profound. In what has become Hickli’s signature sound, the grand piano pairs beautifully alongside her smooth and haunting voice. The video itself captures the fragile emotions that we sometimes carry in secret and the strength found in those thoughts. Cook masterfully harnesses the solitary and dreamlike feel of the song, while Hickli pushes herself to the emotional edges of her own acting abilities. Channeling the beautiful creative force that exists between two professional artists focused on the same outcome, “Midnight” is a video you will want to share and watch over and over again.

The newest video released by the Laura Hickli camp is “Play Your Magic,” and much like “Midnight,” it’s an emotionally charged song that dares to bare it all. Originally written in high school (2010) for a love interest at the time, the song has finally gotten the proper attention it deserves: a re-recording of the track, and an accompanying video. Here, the song gains another level of depth, as Laura asked the love interest of the past, Richard Charter, to direct the video; I don’t need to tell you how dedicated an artist has to be to even consider that full-circle decision. Inspired by Charter’s particular style (8mm film clips with old school filters), Laura had no doubt that he was the only one to make this gorgeous video, and she was absolutely correct in her instincts. The video reenacts their high school friendship, and the song captures a beautiful nostalgic feeling. I have no doubt many will find themselves lost in their own thoughts while this song plays in the background.

Hickli has released many great songs over the years, songs that have been loved by many and have created a true bond between herself and her fans. Both “Midnight” and “Play Your Magic” are only two pieces of a very complicated and creative puzzle. The music alone is enough to capture the heart of the listener, but accompanied with a video that fully embraces the song’s meaning, the incredible power of art and how it can move us when shared is undeniable.
If you are a fan of new music that dares to open up the emotional mind, or a listener that cannot get enough of a beautiful voice, then look no further than Laura Hickli and her powerful songwriting skills.
Laura Hickli can be found on Facebook, YouTube, and SoundCloud. - POPWRAPPED

"Video Premiere: Laura Hickli "Midnight""

BeatRoute is proud to present this exclusive stream of dark folk musician Laura Hickli’s debut music video. Created and filmed by Calgary filmmaker Doug Cook, “Midnight” tells the story of disheartened young woman consumed by the profound feelings of loss and regret. She roams around a lonely, scorched chamber, haunted by her mistakes. While tormented by her memories, a robotic intravenous apparatus guides and pulls her away from the darkness, towards the hope of a brighter tomorrow. “Midnight” is set in a cold and dark futuristic galaxy. The sombre tone of the video matches Hickli’s raw vocal and piano-driven music.

CALGARY — Hickli is an emerging folk musician from Calgary, Alberta who is working on her debut full-length with local producer Sasha Laskow (of Perfect Fifth). A trained pianist, Hickli has been making music since childhood; she got her start in the Calgary music scene as the keyboardist for metal act Orphan Hammer. It was during that time that Hickli was introduced to filmmaker Doug Cook, a music video director who has completed videos for Jung People, Mortillery, Chuck Schuldiner’s post-Death band Control Denied, Exit Strategy, ATOMIS and many more. They met during the video shoot for Orphan Hammer’s “Pyrrhic Victory Part One,” keeping track of one another ever since. Years later, with the help of a large crew, they’ve created “Midnight.” Sonically and visually, it’s a vast change from her previous musical output, but one that was a long time coming.

“This is the stuff I’ve always been interested in,” says Hickli, who came to the downtown BeatRoute office with Cook to discuss the video. “My brother was the guitarist for Orphan Hammer… so when he said ‘we need a keyboardist,’ it helped me expand my skills. It also brought a darker side to my music… I spent two years in metal; I was also in Streets of Pestilence. But two years of that really helped bring out the anger.”

Those who noted the strong emotionality embedded in the simple, dark and beautiful song were not mistaken.

“Honestly at the time [I wrote ‘Midnight’], I was just incredibly hopeless,” says Hickli candidly. “I had been homeless for almost two months, and we had just moved into our new house, there was a lot of family strife, and a lot of friends and relationships were breaking up. Everyone wanted to be there for me at the time. I ignored their help, I should have accepted it. And to this day, it’s still a problem. I don’t know how this music came out, because I was in such a state that I don’t think I should have been able to do anything.”

She continues, “That’s why this song is so powerful to me, because it proved to me that music is bigger than you, it’s bigger than all of us. It’s a force of nature.”

Cook was drawn to the project due to the aforementioned emotionality and was equally eager to conceptualize a complex storyline.

“There was a lot of metaphor,” he begins. “When I first sat down and thought about “Midnight” the song, in my brain, I saw loneliness. She said music was therapy; that’s where the intravenous machine came in, that was following her around. I saw something feeding her, and her image on that machine is how she used to feel. There is a lot of visual things going on in my head when she was talking about it. I visualized her in a room, that was all burnt, and her life was ashes.”

He continues, “In the last moment, there is a sense of hope, the sunlight that comes in. I visualized that as, even in the darkest days, when you’re going through problems in life… there is always a sense of hope that is shining somewhere. You’ve got to chase it. In the video, it’s there for two seconds and fades away, but at the very end the machine plugs itself back in and the light flickers, and she has a little smile on her face at the end, which is perfect. I don’t think I directed her to do that, she was lying on the ground and she had this little tiny smile that you can barely see, but it’s a sense of moving forward.”

“The video is my interpretation of what she was going through,” he concludes. - Beatroute

"Sodhivine makes the 'Sunrise' with Laura Hickli"

One of Calgary’s “only DJs to don a turban,” 19-year-old Naanak Sodhi, better known as Sodhivine, premieres his prog house original, “Sunrise.” The young DJ’s solo track features Laura Hickli on vocals, a songstress who enhances an already catchy melody of synths and drum lines with upbeat, high pitched lyrics to carry on the morning in a melodic fashion. Sodhivine is giving away his first big break for free, making a splash in the electronic music world with some good morning music that’ll jumpstart your day with just the right amount of energy. - Dancing Astronaut

"Introducing Laura Hickli on Artist Spotlight 08/2016"

This up and coming singer/songwriter from Calgary, Canada has moved many listeners by her incredibly intimate and powerful music. Regarded by many as a true artist that does not shy away from digging deep within, to find that vulnerable space, to bring it to the surface, and then shine a light on it for all to see. Laura Hickli, time and time again, showcases her vast musical knowledge and natural talent for songwriting. Known for her dark atmospheric sound, Laura Hickli produces a unique dark-folk, Ambient Acoustic, sound.

A hard working musician that not only creates powerfully emotional music, Laura Hickli understands the importance of making sure that every part of her music is treated with the same professionalism and deep emotional impact as the music she makes. Teaming up with the award winning director Doug Cook, for her incredibly powerful music video for the song “Midnight”, Both Laura and Doug received many official accolades including BEST MUSIC VIDEO 2015 (Edmonton Short Film Festival), AWARD OF MERIT 2015 (BEST SHORTS COMPETITION), BEST DIRECTOR Nomination 2015 (AMPIA), BEST MUSIC VIDEO Nomination 2015 (AMPIA), to go along with their many praises from music listeners worldwide.


Releasing her newest single “Play Your Magic (FLOWSTATE)”, Laura Hickli once again offers up a music video that captures the true emotion of her beautiful songs. Her ethereal vocal style pairs amazingly well with her emotional piano playing; combined with personal lyrics directly from the heart, “Play Your Magic” is a must listen for any music listener looking for music worth listening to.



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Midnight - Laura Hickli
Play Your Magic - Laura Hickli

Unreleased Singles Include:

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You're No Friend
One Reality
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Float Away
Running in the Dark
Frozen Lake
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Are You Feeling Nervous?
I Can't Even Say Your Name
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Mr. Butterfly
Play House
Don't Block the Light
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Say Hello
We Will Pretend
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Long Distance, One Day Romance



Laura Hickli, 22, is a dark folk singer-songwriter from Calgary, Alberta. Specializing in piano and classical guitar, Hickli's hymnal influenced style, intimate lyrics, and dynamic, soulful vocals are renowned to draw a wide range of emotion. Hickli has been performing and composing since eight years old. Hickli is self-recording her first CD, "FLOWSTATE" while her music video, "Midnight" directed by Doug Cook, holds Best Music Video in the 2015 Edmonton Short Film Festival, Award of Merit 2015 (Best Shorts Competition) and Best Music Video Nomination 2015 (AMPIA.) Her unique, emotional style in songwriting, and genuine showmanship has brought attention from several venues, and press in Canada and USA, while her songs frequent the airwaves in Winnipeg (CKUW 95.5 fm.)