Laura Jane Vincent

Laura Jane Vincent

 Glendon, North Carolina, USA

Percussion heavy guitar and acoustic heavy drums, pushing behind a single story telling voice...


Laura Jane Vincent is a professional performer, multi instrumentalist, singer and songwriter. She is the most recent winner of the 2017 Triad Music Festival Songwriter Stand-off competition. She writes personal ballads of strength, loss, and triumph and features folk tales of those who should know better but just simply can't help themselves. Her original, soothing but powerful sound comes from years of tutelage by her father and various other professional songwriters, classical musicians, and indie artists that she has surrounded herself with her whole life. She performs hundreds of concerts and shows every year, traveling the northeast and south. Always expanding her routes, she's a constant touring force, longing to share her original music with any and all who will listen. After living and learning in several music scenes (including years in charleston, sc, asheville, nc, and the Piedmont triad of nc), she now lives in southeastern rural North Carolina in a 200 year old farmhouse with her bandmate and drummer husband, Dave Tippetts, and a general assortment of fuzzy misfit animals. 

Her first full length album, "...for a sweetheart from the south" was recorded and mixed at world famous Echo Mountain Recording Studios in 2013 and is available on CD and limited edition colored vinyl through her website, iTunes, and at any of her live shows. From clubs to coffee shops, art galleries to festivals, and everywhere in between, she'll be playing soon in a town near you...



Written By: Laura Jane Vincent

It doesn't happen often we don't all get to be so safe and so love by any other means
Make it so much easier than I've ever known now we know a place we call home
Things like this don't happen it can't ever be so simple and so settled on me

A kiss is just a kiss known by many other names so don't waste my heart on any games
But when all my reservations crack and fall away and there's nothing left for even me to say
In this world of upsets, hate and shame, there's no love lost from all we've gained

Maybe you're a dreamer but you made all my dreams come true
I'm not perfect but I'm perfect for you
I would die right here in your two arms if I had my say you know I wouldn't want to go another way
No I wouldn't want it any other way

And I don't put much faith in god or love or many other things
But honey, you made a believer outta me
Oh honey you made a believe outta me


...for a sweetheart from the south - 2013
Ashley Ave Demos EP - 2008
Summer Demos EP - 2004
8th Floor Sessions - 2002