Laura Jorgensen

Laura Jorgensen

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Laura Jorgensen combines a wide variety of musical influences with a love for storytelling, social and environmental issues, mythology, and the creative use of language. Add backing from an eclectic band, and the result has been described as mesmerizing, ethereal, souful, and captivating.


Laura Jorgensen is a fairytale princess... that is, if fairytale princesses can play accordion and sing about trees, apocalyptic worlds, and- of course- love. Classically trained during her upbringing in Seattle and now studying contemporary and world folk music at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Laura combines a wide variety of musical influences with a love for storytelling. For her, inspiration stems from history, mythology, social and environmental issues, and the creative use of language, and these elements collide to form lyrics that are both pleasing and compelling. Add backing from an eclectic band of fellow Berklee students, and the result has been described as mesmerizing, ethereal, souful, and captivating.

Laura has been compared to the likes of Joanna Newsom, Beirut, Kate Bush, Sufjan Stevens, and Regina Spektor. She released her first full-length album, Feathered Arms, in July 2010 and it is available for stream, download, and physical order at, where 10% of proceeds are donated to support Bulgarian "warehouse" orphanages.



Written By: Laura Jorgensen

from across the hall, your skinny arms are waving
and when i fall, i go down hard but struggling
still, the muted sound of trumpet finds me in the dark

when the wind blows round as it comes off the ocean
or the sun beats down on shoulders of the broken
will we realize the wonder of staring into space?

hollowly we drown in cracking leaves of brown
till shaking free again, we sit down with our pens
and bleed ink
bleed ink

i picked a petal out my sleeve this morning
in my hand it fell to pieces without warning
if the spring has come then why do the flowers wither still?

tomorrow we'll be found in cracking leaves of brown
till breaking free from pens we find ourselves again
and bleed ink
bleed ink

Heart of Clay

Written By: Laura Jorgensen

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Heart of Clay
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from Feathered Arms by Laura Jorgensen


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you went out to the desert and you dug a little hole
you found a spot where the sand was soft and moldable
you took it in your hands and you made a little shape
you put it in my chest with the intent of making it ache
but you did not consider what the consequence would be
for a heart of clay cannot have a key

and my heart is made of clay
my heart is made of clay

you took me to the city and you thought that i would stay
how didn't you know that my soul was gone, far away?
this concrete forest fence can't keep the desert from my mind
and one night while you're sleeping i'll blow out oh so quiet
for you did not consider what the consequence would be
a body of sand is always trying to leave

and my body is clay and sand
my body was made
my heart is clay and can only brittle and break

when i reach where i came from
i will wait till the rain comes
and melt into the land

through the wind and thunder
you will never cease to wander
searching for me
but the one you seek to find will remain in your mind
for clay will i be

The Most Beautiful Fear

Written By: Laura Jorgensen

losing sense of time, i try to control my thoughts
but still my mind is floating away
i'm stepping out of line, i know i shouldn't say this
but i think that it's a sign that all things bloom in may

so hey, what do you say about a kiss?
and are you quite sure that after this
the spinning won't stop?
and we won't fall off into space?

waiting for a glimpse of what's coming my way
afraid that i'll miss a chance to convey
the things you make me feel- the giddiness, that lightheaded dismay
or that a pinch will force me awake

so hey, what do you say about a kiss?
and are you quite sure that after this
the star won't collide?
the moon won't rise alone?

oooh, the moment comes and goes

so hey, i don't know what to say about that kiss
except that i'm sure that after this
the world will still turn
the stars will keep burning
and lovers will yearn for what we've found

Pulling Strings

Written By: Laura Jorgensen

pulling strings across the country
unraveling a year or two
if we could reach across the state lines
well then we wouldn't have to

i pack my box to cross the state lines
i lift my eyes to the empty room
i pack my bags to cross the country
i lift my head to say adieu

my ball of yarn is getting small now
there's not much left to pull away
what will i do, when it's all gone now?
i guess i'll just have to stay


Written By: Laura Jorgensen

let's fly south, dear, for the winter
life will be warmer there
here you can't speak above a whisper
but we must not despair
things are complicated, i know
but let's just lift our heads and go
leave behind this worn out wind
for breezier, balmy air
i won't wait till all my days are gone
cause i've known what i wanted all along
birds will fly and we'll just follow them
leave behind this broken world of men

you say we don't have wings, well you're wrong
for i have seen your feathered arms
no, you can't fool me though you're tricky
don't think that i won't believe that we can kiss the tops of the trees
they're getting taller every day, stretching to the sky
now the floods are coming in
and the water's getting higher and higher
higher and higher

open the skylight cause it's time
and though we've never touched, your hand tickles mine
and i'm so tired of trying

in these last moments where minutes exist,
we're running out of time
from now on we'll no longer reminisce
we'll just live and die
to the mountains! to the high ground!
we were chosen to survive!


Feathered Arms (2010)

the wings and the waters (2009)- no longer available